Summary 10

Daniel steps out of the elevator, walks over to Patricia and asks if she has a photograph of herself, a full view. He has a couple of friends that he would like for them to view it. He believes that this would be better than him describing her. He states that after they see her picture there will be no more words needed and she will be kept busy. Immediately, Patricia rises from her chair and tells him that she no longer has to put up with his humilitating her, because her life has changed. He asks if she has won the lottery. She says that it is something a lot better than the lottery. Her cellular telephone rings.

Nicolas is calling and Patricia gets excited (for Daniel’s benefit) and starts calling Nicolas “My Love” and “My Life”. Nicolas, not believing that she is speaking to him turns around (his at Betty’s house) to make sure that she is talking to him. Sandra and Mariana’s ears perk when they realize that she is speaking to Nicolas. Daniel has the same look that he always has, but it kind of reads as though he doesn’t quite believe her. Patricia makes plans with Nicolas for him to come to pick up at her place, but first, they will have drinks. Nicolas doesn’t catch on that something could be occurring so he is excited when Patricia is asking him out and readily accepts her invitation. After she has finished speaking to Nicolas, Daniel just shakes his head and walks off. Patricia notices that Sandra and Mariana are staring at her and she gives them one of her famous flinging of hair.


Nicolas is jumping up and down for joy. He gathers Patricia’s picture is his hand, kisses it and tells it that he is driving her crazy. He calls himself a champ. He then wonders where he is going to get the money for this evenings date.


Daniel enters and greets Marcela. He informs her that Roberto called to see how the business was doing. He tells him that he doesn’t know and he will also have to wait until the meeting. He goes on to tell Marcela that he will be speaking to Roberto after selling his portion of the company and he would like her to inform Armando of his plans. Marcela is not happy about his decision. However, Daniel goes on to tell her that this is what he wants, he doesn’t expect roses or fighting. He expects Armando to be happy about the news.

He asks Marcela if she has information in regards to the company where Betty’s boyfriend works and she tells him that the name is Terra Moda. He says the name as though he has heard of it. Marcela informs him that Armando has told her that it is a good company. He says that of course Armando would make that statement. He tells her not to worry that he will personally find out information about Terra Moda.

As Daniel approches the elevator to leave he tells Patricia to mail him her photograph. She walks over to him and tells him to forget it. She tells him that she does not need him or any of his friends. He makes a comment stating that any guy that she will date is poor and that she will have to sell herself in order to live. He tells her to take advantage of the opportunity because in two days she will be fired. She tells him that it will never happen. He once again tells her to mail a picture of her entire body wearing only undergarments.

Hugo and two of his models arrive at the same time as Marcela. Hugo tells her that he needs her to come by his office in order to do her last fitting. She tells that she is too busy and cannot do it today. He tells her that he is too busy with the new collection. He won’t hear of her not trying it on and people making comments about the dress at the wedding. He tells her that he doesn’t want people to get confused and think that Armando is not marrying Marcela, but instead someone that looks like Betty.

While Sophia is on the look out, Bertha is calling the restuarant to find out who was Patricia’s date. Unfortunately, Marcela walks by and Bertha has to hang up before she can even ask her question.


Marcela enters and starts questionning about his night out. After playing twenty questions she tells Armando that she knows that he is lying and that the man that he claims he was meeting was not even there. Armando asks who told her and wants to know what else she was told. He tells him how he was seen with Betty and that she was being very affectionate. Armando tells her not to start. She tells him not to tell her not to get jealous and she goes on to say that she is not jealous of that fool. He tells her to quite down because Betty is in her office. She tells him that she could care less. He tells her that she was lied to. He tells her that Betty acted respectful. Marcela tells him that she does not have a problem for Betty to accompany him to business events, but he doesn’t have any reason to take her to the places where they and their friends frequent. She tells him to put her in her place. Armando refuses to accept her claims and tells her why don’t they begin to fight like cats and dogs right when they are getting to launch the new collection and with the executive meeting a few days away. He tells her that his parents are arriving the next day.

Marcela tells him that she knows that his parents are arriving and admits that Daniel gave her the news. She goes on to tell him that Daniel plans to sell his part of the company. Armando becomes angry and says that he cannot sell. He reminds of their agreement not to split the company so that the two families will not lose control. Marcela tells him that he can sell and that does not mean that they will lose control of the company. Marcela tells him that this would be best for him. There would be no more fights and he could be president for as long as he wants. Armando believes that Daniel is planning something, but she assures him that he needs the money for a new project that he is launching.

Marcela then goes into the discussion about the wedding. She hands him an invitation, which he glances at quickly. She tells him that she understands that he does not have the time to worry about the wedding. She tells him that she will handle everything but with the new collection there will be a delay. She asks that he least accompany her to sign the contract for the new apartment, which he agrees to do so. She then tells him that she needs someone to deliver the invitations for her. She looks at her as though it’s a bother. She says fine that she will get someone else to do it for her. She gathers the invitations and walks into Betty’s office and ask that she hand them over to Freddy. Armando tells Marcela to leave Betty alone because she is busy working on the report for the meeting. Betty tells him that it is no trouble. As Marcela is leaving, Armando stops her and wants to know why Betty when she has Mariana and many others who can help. Marcela says that it’s to refresh Betty’s memory that her boss is engaged and that she can’t be affectionate with him in public. After Marcela leaves, Armando tells Betty that she doesn’t have to do it. Betty tells him that it is no bother. He tells her he knows what she must be thinking. On her way out, Betty tells him that he has no idea as to what she is thinking.


Patricia calls Nicolas and acts as though she is embarrassed about her earlier call. He tells her that she has no reason to feel that way. Betty passes her and Patricia tells him that she is feeling guilty, again, he tells her that he is not feeling builty so there is no need for her to feel that way. Mario approaches and when she sees him she begins to talk louder, sweeter and confirms their plans for the evening. Mario passes her without making a comment.


Mario walks in and is excited when he hears that news that Betty is working on the report. Armando tells him that it doesn’t matter if she fixes the report because they have alot more serious problems. He tells him about Daniel wanting to sell his portion of the company. Mario states that they don’t have the money to buy him out. He tells Armando to consult with Betty as to what they should do. Armando tells him that a more serious problem is his promise to Betty to cancel the wedding. Mario wants to know if she believed him. Armando tells him the story of Marcela turning over the invitations to Betty.


Betty is giving Freddy instructions on delivering the invitations. Freddy notices that none of them have been invited. Mariana says that it is the best thing since it would be difficult to come up with the money for a gift. They notice that Betty is not on the list. Betty says that the only list she is on is Marcela’s enemy list. As she walks away, she tells them that they cannot count on her being at that wedding.


Mario tells Armando that the most important thing is for Betty to believe that he plans on canceling the wedding in order for her to fix the report. Armando has a strange look on his face and Mario wants to know what is wrong. Armando admits that he can’t come to terms that he is getting married. Mario gets upset and tells him that he can’t cancel the wedding. Canceling the wedding would be the biggest mistake that he could make.

Betty walks in and tells Armando that she has given the invitations to Freddy. Armando apologizes and tells her how bad he feels. Betty replys that it was a pleasure to help him and walks into her office. Armando has a very anguished look on his face. Mario invites him out to lunch. Armando walks over to Betty’s office and tells her that he is going out to lunch. He tells her that he will see her later in the afternoon. She answers yes. He gives her a little smile and leaves. Betty says, with no one listening, that she hopes that he is happy in his marriage.


Sandra, Mariana and Aura Maria come running around the corner almost bumping into Mario and Armando. They ask if Bertha has had an opportunity to call the restaurant to find out who dined with Patricia. Bertha calls and finds out that she did dine at the restaurant, but forgets to ask the name of the guy.

Aura Maria takes the telephone away and tries to obtain the information. The gentleman certainly remembers Nicolas, but not his name. He goes to pull the check and tells Aura Maria that it was Nicolas. Aura Maria is in shock and cannot tell the rest of the Cuartel who it was. As the Cuartel is screaming at her, Patricia yells at them to tone it down. Aura Maria finally tells them that it was Nicolas.

Inesita joins the group and they tell her what they have discovered. Sandra is ready to kill Patricia. Inesita wants to know if they have told Betty. Not one of them has the heart to tell her. They would reather take care of Patricia themselves. Mariana reminds them that Betty has seemed depressed and she fears that this would kill her. Inesita tells them that they have to tell her because this is a matter between Betty and Nicolas.

The Cuartel decides that Sophia should be the one to give Betty the news. When Sophia wants to know why her, Sandra tells her that it is because she is the one that can say the most cruel things.


The Cuartel enters and when Betty says hello they turn around to leave. Sandra and Aura Maria stop them. Bertha asks if she is busy. Betty says yes, again they turn around to leave. Again, Sandra and Aura Maria stop them. Betty asks Sophia what is happening. Sophia asks Betty if she knows where boyfriend was last night. Betty says yes, at home. Sophia asks if she is sure. The Cuartel shakes their heads no. Betty answers yes. When she spoke to him he was under the blankets. Aura Maria says yes under the blankets, but with who. Bertha tells her to take what they are about to tell her calmly. Sophia spurts out that he was with Patricia. They explain to her how they know. Betty gets very angry. Betty asks that they not say anything to Patricia until she has an opportunity to speak to him. Aura Maria asks that Betty not dump him, because with him goes the money and the Mercedes. The Cuartel worry that if they leave her alone she will commit suicide. Betty tells them not to worry.


Don Hermes and Nicolas are discussing the money that Nicolas has just made by investing the petty cash. Betty calls to speak to Nicolas. Nicolas tells her to congratulate him because of the money that he made. Betty then says, “Tell me my boyfriend, where did you spend the money from petty cash”. Nicolas immediately begins to give explanations that they were items for the company. She wants to know if he is still carrying the checkbook. Betty wants to know if he has a receipt from the restuarant. Nicolas wants to know what is wrong with her, has she drunk something. Betty tells him that she knows that he went out with Patricia. (Armando and Mario walk in. They hear her yelling at Nicolas.) Betty tells him that she warned him to stay away from Patricia and now the whole company knows. He tells her that he is still being faithful to her that their date was something insignificant. Betty tells him that she knows that he took her in the Mercedes and that he paid with a check from Terra Moda. She tells him that they are going to have a serious talk that evening. The only thing that Nicolas asks is that he not have a fight with Patricia. He tells her that he will pay all the consequences. Betty tells him not to tell her what to do and she hangs up the phone.

Dona Julia wants to know what is wrong. Don Hermes wants to know if he lost money. He answers yes. Don Hermes says that Nicolas just said that he had made alot of money. Nicolas answers that what he did was last night and that it was bad. He turns in his resignation as manager of Terra Moda. Betty’s parents, espcially Don Hermes, think that it is a joke. Don Hermes says that at least the rrefrigerator is saved. They realize that this is not a joke.


Armando and Mario are discussing what they just heard. Armando is upset because Betty had told him that there was nothing between them. Betty walks out without realizing that they had returned. Armando asks if something is wrong and she answers no. After she leaves he gets upset because she answered that nothing was wrong. Mario tells him that he will need to speak to her. Mario tells him that he needs to be nice to her until she finishes the report.

Betty tells the cuartel that she spoke with Nícolas. She tells them that he admitted going out with the Peliteñida. Mario exits Armando’s office in a slinky fashion, seeing the women gossiping and overhearing the tenor of the conversation and tries to overhear even more. The women advise Betty to punish Nícolas for his transgression—Aura Maria’s advise is that she demand the car and dump him. Betty and the others tell her to forget that. They discuss her plans for the evening and that the Peliteñida had made a date with him for tonight. Armando too quietly emerges from his office and notes the huddled women chattering away and gives them the evil eye. He asks Betty to come into his office and she tells him she’s coming. He continues to look at the other women for a second, arms crossed, and they pretend to be immediately very busy.

In his office, Armando tells Betty that, sorry, he couldn’t help but overhear her conversation with Nícolas, it wasn’t his intention. “It seemed like quite an argument you were having.” Betty tries to minimize the importance but he continues, telling her that it seemed like she was quite angry. Betty apologizes, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were back.” He notes that and presses her further, “What was going on?” “We had a disagreement, a misunderstanding, that’s all,” says Betty. “You were furious, you were angry because he had gone out with Terra Moda money, in the car, with a woman…” “It was a misunderstanding, that’s all. If you’re concerned about the car, I’ll have it fetched here.” He tells her that it looked like more than that; it looked like she was jealous of Nícolas Mora. “Oh, it seemed so?” asked Betty pointedly. Her face is rigid with anger and trying hard not to reveal it. “No, it was just a matter of the money,” she tells him. “Now, I have to go arrange a payment with Banco Montreal.” She leaves and enters her office. She makes a face at him and makes a call home. She discovers, after speaking with her mother, that Nícolas has resigned. She asks if he has his cell phone (he does, apparently) and she tells her mother that she’ll try him later.

Nícolas is sadly wandering along a riverbank in a park. He’s talking to a photo of Pat tucked inside his overcoat. “Ah, mi amor, it was the most perfect night of my life… The clothes, the Mercedes Benz, my watch… and you by my side…” His cell phone rings and he hopes that it’s Pat but no, it’s Bet. He tells her to relax, that he’s left the car at her parents and he’ll repay her for everything he spent. She doesn’t have time for that now. She asks him how he could resign and he tells her that he knows that she needs an ethical manager—she can have his head if she wants it… She interrupts him and proceeds with her plan. Knowing Armando is next door listening in, she demands that Nícolas come pick her up that evening at 6, and he can forget about his other date that evening. “Tonight,” she says loudly, “We’ll speak with our hearts in our hands about this.” We see Armando looking grim in the next room, reading everything into it that she’d hoped. She proposes that they go out to dinner at Ile l’Noir, making sure that Armando hears every word. He sure does!

Pat is on the phone once again whinging to her papa about the money she needs to ransom her car. She’s oblivious to Sandra and Mariana as they return to their desks; they even walk behind her and mock-punch her. She hangs up and notices them back at their desks looking disgustedly at her. She snottily asks them what their problem is. Sandra mocks her perfume and Pat responds in kind. The elevator opens and Hugo and Cata and a bevy of models exit. Hugo is expounding on his concerns for the show and Cata is reassuring him that all will go well. Pat greets Hugo effusively and asks to speak with him. He comes closer, his forearms crossed (as if against a witch?). She starts, “I know that you haven’t chosen the last model for the show yet; how about me?” She touts herself as a model and poses. We see her as Hugo would looking at her from her feet up. He laughs wheezily. “Yes, me!” she insists. He tells her to forget about it. She continues, because, as she figures it, she’d be worth at least 5,000. “First,” he tells her, “I don’t discuss money with my models. Second, I’ve hired a model who’s classy and beautiful and best of all she’s only 20.” Pat is offended and tries to persuade him that a woman of a more mature beauty would credit the show. “Sure, If it were a funeral show!” he laughs. He tells her too look elsewhere for her accursed 5,000 and suggests she pray, if she knows how. Maybe to the saint of money? “Hmmm…,” she ponders, “Saint Nícolas… Mora?”

Sofia calls Efraín and pleasantly asks him if he remembers her. He snappily tells her not to joke, of course he does, and what does she want. “Why, the same as always.” She’s looking for her child support payment. He grumbles that she knows how the financial situation is and until they have the situation resolved about the house he’s not budging. She sweetly signs off mentioning that she hopes he’s taken his blood pressure medication. She tells Berta that she’d not going to stand by and give up half her house and money belonging to her children. She’s dialing her lawyer. “Hello?” She tells him that her ex has denied her her support again and she gives him permission to process the claim against him.

In his studio Hugo demands that all be ready for his rehearsal and hounds Inez over and over. She walks away telling him, “All will be ready Don Ego, er… I mean Don Hugo!” Cata chides Hugo for being so hard on Inez but he says that she can handle it; she’s like a truck, a 4x4 — or considering her size, an 8x8. He notes Jenny hanging around and suggests occupy herself. Jenny never learns; she asks him if she’s right that he won’t put her in this show. He sarcastically applauds her astuteness. She begs and whines for another try, because she’s taken classes on modeling and she doesn’t want to be a size model forever. He laughingly tells her that she should find a lawyer and have him sue the modeling schools for her money back. She whines further about how he’s taking away her dreams, that she wanted a career at Ecomoda. He more harshly tells her that she can have a career: she can replace Inez. He goes on about how no one is entitled to a job; they have to earn it, etc., and suggests she get onto el cheque for money. He leaves and she pouts further. “I’m going to call mi pupi and tell him how mean they are to me here!”

A short-skirted secretary enters Efraín’s office and he looks her over flirtatiously and calls her his “papachurritita”. She tells him that two men from the fiscal department are looking for him. They enter his office and one tells him that he’s 3 months behind in his support payments in accordance with the decision in family court. Efraín blusters and says he can work this out, can he make a call? He starts dialing in a panic. He calls Sofia and she sweetly asks what he wants. He’s practically wetting his pants and he tells her that they want to arrest him. “My hands are tied,” she tells him. “The only option is to pay me the 3 months support you owe us.” He whines that he doesn’t have the money to hand. He adds that if they find out that he’s been arrested they’ll fire him from his job and then he’ll definitely have no way to pay her. Sofia blithely suggests that it doesn’t matter whether he’s in jail or on the job because she doesn’t see money from him either way. How about calling that bandita? “Sofia! I’m the father of your children!” She wishes him well and hangs up, telling Berta that he has indeed been arrested. The two officials want him to come with him. He stalls, brushing off his coat and telling his secretary that it’s just a little matter and he’ll be in tomorrow. (Humph! you can hear her thinking…) As they’re heading out, the phone rings and it’s Jenny. He grabs the phone and before he can start his own sad tale of woe, Jenny starts her crybaby act, telling him that she’s bored and she wants to quit. He practically shrieks at her that she can’t do this. He explains that Sofia has had him arrested and they need her money. She starts to moan and wail and they’re both a picture of whining complaints. She promises to be by his side. The official pull him away before he can finish saying goodbye and he asks his secretary to do so. Humph! she just hangs up. Jenny, on the other end, is being called by Hugo but she rushes off—she has a problem to resolve.

Sofia is telling Mariana, Sandra, Berta and Aura Maria the details of the arrest when a hysterical Jenny rushes up and starts screaming at Sofia. She’s clad only in slacks, a scarf and a taped on strapless, backless, shelf bra. The women suggest that she leave Sofia alone but there’s no stopping this tirade. Freddy wanders up and asks what’s going on. Sandra says nothing and tries to shoo him away. He asks Jenny if she’s well and she screams full voice, “NOOO, I’m NOT!” Gutierrez exits his office to see what the clamor is all about. He immediately asks Sofia what she’s doing to Jenny but Sofia tells him that he has it all wrong: it’s Jenny who’s causing all the trouble. Jenny’s hysteria rises as she rants on and on about Efraín’s arrest and Sofia and in a moment of ultimate hysteria she whips of the scarf and throws it at Gutierrez. He warns her that he may have to caution her but she continues to say nasty things to Sofia. Aura Maria rushes to Sofia’s defense and says that for what Jenny is saying she should be sanctioned. Jenny turns on Aura Maria; Freddy turns on Jenny to defend Aura Maria. Gutierrez tells them all to calm down. Jenny shrieks at Sofia that she’s a bitter old woman, “I have my dignity!” With that Gutierrez has no choice but to caution her. She rips off the bra in her fury and continues her rant. “No, how could you? You’re going to leave me in the street!” Freddy steps forward to hand her her bra and scarf but Aura Maria tells him to forget about it. Gutierrez steps forward to hand them to her. She drapes the scarf over herself again, but she’s not stopping, and certainly not repentant. Hugo calls for her and asks if she’s going to continue her strip tease or if she’s going to get back to work. “I have a problem,” she tells him. “Just one?” he mockingly comments. “You’ll have a bigger one if you’re not here immediately.” She turns to whine to Gutierrez once again, “Please, I’m all alone in the world… Do what you can for me?” She throws off the scarf again and stands naked to the world. She notes their expressions and says she’s not stripping, she’s a professional model. Gutierrez assures her he’ll revoke the caution and she stalks off with a toss of her hair and boobs. “Very pretty!” comments Sofia. “If we did a strip, would you revoke our cautions?” “We have to be humble and forgiving,” says the mealy-mouthed Gutierrez, ducking back into his office. Aura Maria tells Freddy to close his mouth and stop drooling. He dreamily heads in the direction Jenny left in but Aura Maria pulls him back and sends him on his way. “Men! Fresco!” the women exchange shocked comments.

Its raining and Nícolas pulls up to pick up be. He calls to Wilson; he ask how he can help. Nícolas asks him to tell be that her novio is out front. “And hurry, it’s raining!”

Armando is packing up for the night. Mario sidles into the office and cautiously asks if he can pose a question. “And how are the figures for the budget?” Armando tells him that Betty is working on them now. “And what about that argument with Nícolas Mora? Did you clear that up?” Armando explains what Betty told him: that it was a misunderstanding, but it’s clear by his face he doesn’t believe it. “And imagine, they’re going to go out tonight to dinner, to Ile l’Noir, to have a heart-to-heart talk about their problems!” Mario doesn’t want Armando to let this happend; invite her out or something, he suggests. Armando tells him to forget it and Mario eggs him on by implying all the bad things that will happen if Armando spends the night with his arms crossed in his apartment. Armando tells him forcefully that he’s not going to stay with his arms crossed, “I’m not going home to my apartment. I’m going to finish this game. I’m tired of this and once and for all I’m going to clear all of this up!” They hear the phone ring in Betty’s office. She answers. It’s Wilson telling her Nícolas is downstairs. She responds so that the two men can overhear her. Mario broaches another topic. He wants to know whether Betty is jealous of Nícolas and the other woman. “And I heard her refer to her as the Peliteñida… could it be our Peliteñida?” Armando wonders if it could be too, but no, what are the odds that their Peliteñida would have anything to do with a type like Nícolas Mora?

Cata enters the office and Mario starts to flirt with her. He kisses the back of her neck several times, much affected by her perfume. “It’s not perfume,” she tells him. “It’s an essential oil that I use when I want to maintain good relations with an animal.” Mario leaves and Cata wants to give some paperwork to Armando. He doesn’t want to deal with it and wants to give it to Marcela but she’s so busy with the wedding plans. Cata acknowledges the truth of this: she’s handling so many details she sympathizes with her. She pointedly mentions that marriage is something entered into by two and with all Marcela is doing by herself it doesn’t seem that way. She enters Betty’s office and asks her to resolve a few important issues by tomorrow. Betty promises that she will tomorrow, but tonight she has a date with her novio. She has a big smile on her face for Armando’s benefit who’s entered the office doorway behind Cata. He wishes Betty a good evening and leaves. Cata looks at Betty and smiles. She notes, “I see that you’re using the white candle for relaxing; it appears to be working. It seems like you’re leaving on a luna de miel with your novio!” Betty tells her that when she stares at the flames she does indeed see things more clearly; after the crisis come better things. Cata warns her that it’s only looking at the white candle that brings relaxation: when you focus on the flame, the anger persists. She wishes Betty a good evening and leaves. Betty blows out the candle. (See, our Betty is security conscious after all! And, it appears that the candle is going down as well.)

Pat is on the phone with Marcela trying to beg for a ride home but to no avail. Mario heads to the elevator but steps back to ask Sandra a delicate question, “Who is the Peliteñida?” Sandra points to Pat. Noting Mario by the elevator, Pat sees a ride home on the hoof and dashes up to him as sexily as she can. With a toss of her hair she asks if he could give her a ride home to her apartment. He coldly tells her he has an appointment that will take her the opposite direction. She pleads that she’ll have to go find a bank and get some money to take a taxi and he wouldn’t want her to run into any danger, would he? He’s not falling into this ploy. He pulls some “emergency” money out of his wallet and hands it to her. She pretends to be offended that he would give her money, but he tells her that it’s not a gift, it’s a loan so she shouldn’t be offended. She asks why he’s so cold to her, “Can you forget what was between us?” He laughs this off, “What was between us was so perfect…” He doesn’t want to spoil the memory by picking up where they left off. Armando calls out to him, “Still here, Calderón?” They head to the elevator together and Mario tells him that the Peliteñida is the name for Patricia, but they still aren’t sure it’s one and the same as was out with Nícolas. Aura Maria exits the elevator and Mario looks after her admiringly. Pat takes the money and calls Wilson and has him get her a taxi.

Sofia is telling Betty about how Efraín was arrested. She tells her and the others that it hurt her to have to do it: he is after all the father of her children. They remind Betty that Nícolas is waiting for her and Aura Maria chides her for going out on a date looking the way she does. Betty says, “Well, this is the way I am.” However, the cuartel members aren’t having this. She’s got to “arreglar” herself for her date so that he won’t have eyes for any other beau-stealing woman. Pat hears this last comment from Sandra and is alarmed to think that Nícolas could be going out on a date with Betty when he has a date with her for the same evening. She wonders if he’s cheating on her.

In today’s episode Nicolas is waiting for his girlfriend Betty to come down. But at the same time Betty and Patty arrive Its the funnniest thing Nicolas scrunges down into the seat hiding from both of his ladies not wanting for them to see him. He says to himself that if they see him they are going to eat him alive. In the meantime Betty asks Wilson where her boyfriend is at, because she sees the car but not the driver and Wilson explains that he was there a minute ago and at the same time gets close to the car and spots nicolas and screams “Here he is!!” Nicolas is like “oh hi betty hi patty!!” Patty is waiting for a taxi and Wilson tells her that the taxi is waiting for her in the corner and she scrreams " why in the corner, go call him to come here!!” Poor wilson he has to put up with so much :P

Betty and Nicolas are heading to Le Noir and are not aware that they are being followed by Don Armando Mendoza. He will stop at nothing. They arrive at Le Noir and Nicolas opens the door for Betty and asks the valet guy to park his car and that he will leave the tip with the waiter inside. The valet guy says that he remembers him and that last time he didn’t leave him a tip. Nicolas is like the waiter inside didn’t give it to you? But I think the guy knew better. Nicolas is talking to himself saying how it could be that he was going to go in with Betty. That his reputation would be ruined, one day going in to Le Noir with Patty and the next with betty. :( Betty is telling him to hurry up and he says go ahead I’ll be right there and she notices why he is hesitating and tells him off that she can’t beleave that he is ashamed to go in with her to hurry up and stop acting silly. Nicolas is very comical coming in and kind of slouching down as if trying to hide in his own clothes( like if he were the catch of the day!! to be acting that way around Betty!!) Anyways when they finally arrive inside the waiter asks them if they have a resevation and Nicolas is like, “we don’t need a reservation. Don’t you know who I am? I am Nicolas Mora, gerente de Terramoda” and whips out one of his business cards and the waiter of course remembers him and says that he already has a card from last time ( who can remember the funny episode of Nicolas asking for los dos huevitos :P ) Betty jumps in and tell the waiter that she is the personal assistant of the president of Ecomoda and then finally he gives them a table thanks to Betty.

Outisde Le Noir: Armando arrives and asks the valet guy to park his car by the curve but somewhere where they can see him because he doesn’t want anyone to see that he is there. He goes in and asks for a whiskey and sits by the bar and the show begins. He also requested for no one to know he was there.

Betty is talking to Nicolas trying to find out what has happened, where he spent the money on and why he did it. She tells Nicolas that he can not give his resignation that if he leaves the company she will never forgive him, because she needs him to help her and that is he leaves it might be worse than what she felt when she found out the truth about her love affair with Armando or the same. Betty spots Don Armando across the bar but is not sure if it is him. She excuses herself and walks out to the front of the restaurant. Armando is trying to hide from her and bends down trying to hide as she passes by where he was sitting at, and reaches the waiter and she asks him if Don Armando Mendoza was there that she thought she saw him. Armando is sweating it, hoping the waiter won’t give him in and then the waiter says that no he is not there. But Betty being as smart as she is she walks out and asks the valet guy where Don Armando’s car is and the valet guy is like ah ah and Betty is like, “Don’t worry. I know that he is here. We are together but he assed me to get some papers from the car.” The valet guy tells her that his car is by the curve and that he just didn’t want anybody to see him there. She is like “I know but the car is too far away I will just tell him to come get them himself”. With that she goes back inside ready to play her part in the romantic velada with her boyfriend nicolas. HEHEHE

She goes inside and tells Nicolas that her boss is there and Nicolas was just about to turn when she grabs his face and kind of caresses it, telling him not to turn his head because she didn’t know specifically where Armando was. Betty starts telling Nicolas that he must promise her that he won’t leave, that she needs him, that Terra Moda needs him and with that she says whispering " deme sus manos” Nicolas is like what?? que me de las manos idiota!! ( give me your hands idiot!") He does and she expresses to him how happy she is that he won’t leave her and then he catches on with the game the make your boss jealous with your boyfriend game. Betty asks Nico to give her a hug, he is like right here right now, and she is give me a hug boyfriend of mine. Armando in the meantime is spying on them and is dying of jealousy from what he is witnessing. Betty and Nicolas toast and interwhine their hands while they drink the wine. Betty pretends to be a little tipsy and friendly with Nicolas all for Armando’s eyes to see. And she tells Nicolas that they need to go.

Nico- where??

Betty- where couples go when they make up and they can be alone.

With that they ask for the check and they get up Betty asks Nicolas to walk with her together in a very couple manner. They walk out and again Nicolas lies to the valet guy and tells him that he left him the tip witht he waiter inside. They are driving on and Betty wants to know what is going on between him and Patty. Betty doesn’t understand why Nicolas is interested in a woman who is only interesed for the material things that he seems to have. Nicolas admits that he knows that Patty is only with him because she thinks he has a money and that even then he still enjoys being with a woman like her because she is pretty and all. And to remember that when will he have another chance to go out with some one like her NEVER! She tells him that she doesn’t want for him toget hurt and he says that it is impossible because he knows the real reasons that he is also using her. Betty understands him and tells him to take her to her house so that he could go out with Patsy Pat. Then Nicolas notices that Armando is following them, Betty asks for Nicolas to open the door and walk side by side when they arrive in front of her house. She knows that Armando is watching closely. Betty makes Nicolas promise that he will never keep anything from her again. He promises and is happy that his girlfriend is giving him permission to date the other woman. Betty and Nico KISS but not in the mouth of course. Armando who is watching from the corner can not tell where the kisses are landing and he is furious…… Nicolas leaves and then comes Armando screeching his tires and screaming: “BEATRIZ PINZON SOLANO pare ahi asi la queria agarrar!!!!!” Betty is like " Don Armando que hace aqui????”

Armando exits his car in front of Betty’s house … he is extremely angry.

Armando - I came to see with my own eyes what I’ve suspected for a long time, Beatriz!

Betty (playing dumb) - What did you see, don Armando?

Armando (striding angrily up to where Betty is standing, by her front door) - Everything! I saw everything, damn it!!! I saw you together at Le Noir, drinking wine happily, holding hands, you were caressing each other, damn it, you were even hugging!!!! How can you do this to me?!?!?!?!? Why me?!?!?!?

Betty - Please, calm down, doctor, you’re going to wake up everyone.

Armando - Of course, “calm down, doctor, please calm down!” (hits the wall with the palm of his hand). Why are you doing this to me, Beatriz? Can’t you see? I’ve always told you that I suspected that there was something between you, that something was happening between the two of you, but you’ve always denied it! You’re driving me crazy!!!!! I’m desperate, understand me, I’m desperate!!!! Why are you still denying it if I saw you?!?!?!?

Betty - One moment, doctor, but what have I done?

Armando - What do you mean? You and that guy were hugging, you were holding hands, you were caressing, you were … (shakes the rails in front of the window) … kissing!!!!

Betty - But not on the lips.

Armando - Well, I don’t know where the kisses were, but you kissed.

Betty - Doctor, they were not on the lips, they were on the cheek. And let me tell you something, Nicolás and I know each other very well, we’re very good friends.

Armando (sarcastically) - But of course you must be super good friends!

Betty - We’ve known each other since we were kids.

Armando (even more sarcastically) - But what a coincidence, how you know each other so well, right?

Betty - Doctor, as you heard in the office today, we had an argument.

Armando - God, do you think I’m dumb or what???? Of course I know you had an argument, but why? Tell me why?!?!? Because of a woman, because of a “peliteñida”! (Daring Betty) Deny it, deny it, Betty.

Betty - No, no, no … just a moment, doctor. I was worried because I was under the impression that Terra Moda’s money was involved but that was not the case, it’s all been cleared up. Whenever you want, I can show you the company’s books.

Armando - No, I know perfectly well that the company’s books are in excellent hands, in the hands of Nicolás Mora. And of course you went to clear up everything today, in the midst of hugs, of caresses and … KISSES!!!!!!!

Betty - Doctor, we reconciled. Our friendship was in danger, and, yes, since we love and trust one another so much, we held hands, we hugged, and kissed … but on the cheek.

Armando - Yes, of course, Beatriz, what tender friends … what tenderness. My heart broke at witnessing such tenderness!!!!

Betty - Listen, doctor, don’t you think that it’s not your place to come and ask for explanations? To come here to my house to see what I’m doing with my friend? When you spend all day at the office kissing Doña Marcela? When you spend almost every night at her apartment and not precisely sleeping? So really, doctor, it’s not your place to ask for explanations, good night.

Armando (pulling on the rails in front of the window again) - I haven’t touched Marcela again. Beatriz, since you and I were together, I haven’t touched Marcela nor any other woman. (In a defeated tone) And that is my problem, that is my problem, that’s what’s eating me up inside, (emphatically) I can only be with you.

Betty - You don’t have to try to make me happy by telling me that, doctor. I know the rules of this relationship very well, don’t lie to me. And now if you’ll let me, I must go in, I have to go to bed so I can get up early tomorrow morning and finish the balance. (Turns around to leave).

Armando (grabbing Betty and making her stay) - No! I swear to you by that which is most sacred to me, that which is most sacred in my life … and that is you … that what I’m telling you is true.

Betty - Yes, of course, doctor. See you tomorrow. (Turns around again).

Armando (grabbing Betty by both arms and hugging her forcefully) - BEATRIZ!!!!!! Just one kiss, please, I just want one kiss …

Betty (fighting Armando off) - No, doctor, please calm down.

Armando - Just one kiss …

Betty (turning her face away) - No, doctor, no. You are very drunk, no, no …

Armando - BEATRIZ!!!

Don Hermes apparently hears the ruckus and comes outside to see what’s going on. Betty tells him that she was talking to Don Armando but he is just leaving. Don Hermes asks Armando if he was the one yelling and Armando tells him he was … singing! :o) Betty explains to Don Hermes that they were fighting over something insignificant and then says goodnight to Armando. Before Armando can leave, Don Hermes tells him that he does not care for the way he sings and Armando agrees that that he sings horribly … he starts to walk down the steps. When Hermes and Betty are alone, he loudly reminds Betty that he doesn’t like anyone yelling at her (hello???). Betty tells her father that Armando wasn’t yelling at her, and tells Armando, who is now standing by his car, goodnight again. Armando responds in kind and he gets into his car as Betty and Don Hermes enter the house. He says to himself, “Oh God, what’s happening to me? I’m acting out of my wits. I yelled at her too much. What’s happening to me????”. And he drives off.

Nicolás arrives at Patty’s apartment building in the Mercedes. He calls her from his cell phone and she invites him up for a glass of wine. Nicolás accepts and he puts talcum powder on his underarms (with his shirt on??) and drinks some cologne (yuck!) to get ready. Patricia takes out her last bottle of wine when Nicolás rings the doorbell. She sprays perfume on and proceeds to open the door and invite Nicolás in. Nicolás congratulates Patty on the apartment and she in turn tells him that she used to have a much bigger one when she was married, but she let her husband keep it (yeah, right!). Patricia hands Nicolás the bottle of wine and the corkscrew so that he may open the bottle and excuses herself for a moment. Nicolás tries unsuccessfully to open the bottle … I daresay he’s never used a corkscrew before! He finally gives up and puts the bottle down and decides to look in Patricia’s refrigerator for something to eat but he finds … nothing!!! It’s totally empty. In the meantime, from her bathroom, Patricia dials her home phone from her cell phone and when Nicolás tells her the phone is ringing, she yells out that she’ll be right there. When she picks up the phone in the living room, she holds a mock telephone conversation with her attorneys making believe that they will auction her car. Patricia desperately asks for more time to pay off what she owes and hangs up crying. Nicolás asks her what the matter is and Patricia answers that she’s got to come up with 6 million pesos by this weekend or they will auction off her car. Nicolás tells her he can help her out, that’s what friends are for. Patricia feigns indignation at the offer and tells Nicolás that she doesn’t like to muddle up friendships and their friendship is more important to her than any money or any car (geeez!!!) Patricia suggests that maybe he can ask some of his rich friends to help her out and Nicolás assures her that she can count on him and hugs Nicolás … who is surprised beyond belief at his luck. Then Patricia kisses Nicolás on the lips and, just like Jenny did a few weeks back with Freddy, acts like it was an impulse that she fully regrets. While Nicolás assures her that it’s not a problem, Patricia whines that she’s ashamed of herself. Nicolás suggests that she needs a night out, some fresh air. But Patricia tells him she’s really not feeling well and her conscience is bothering her (when did she develop a conscience?) … and tells Nicolás she will see him tomorrow. She goes over to the bed and lies down in a very suggestive position and asks Nicolás to call her tomorrow … she won’t feel well until her financial problems are resolved. Nicolás tells her not to worry, he will call her tomorrow, and leaves. As soon as he’s out, Patricia tells herself that she’s successfully avoided another night out with Nicolás and then hugs her wine bottle [for it successfully avoided getting opened :o)].

When Nicolás makes it downstairs, he’s going bonkers over the kiss - he can’t believe it happened and is jumping happily all over the place. We hear Betty’s voiceover as she’s writing in her diary: “I understood that Nicolás also has the right to dream, even if it’s a temporary dream like the one I lived with Don Armando. But with the difference that he full well knows what he’s doing and I trust his word. Because I need to trust someone. What’s coming in my life is not easy and I need to have my closest ally at my side. Now more than ever I’m sure that I must get away from Don Armando. He doesn’t want to stop the game and I can’t keep it up for much longer. His persistence weakens me, his kisses put me at the edge of a precipice, and his words tonight sounded so sincere.” With that, we go to Marcela’s apartment, where she’s on the phone with María Beatriz talking about the wedding. The bed is a mess … full of boxes. Armando walks in and dutifully lets himself be kissed on the cheek by Marcela while, with a frown on his forehead, he tries to take in the meaning of everything on the bed. He really looks disconcerted. Marcela gets off the phone and Armando asks her what all the boxes are. Marcela hands him a thank-you card, at which he looks like if it came from another planet. Then Armando notices some airline tickets on the bed and he asks Marcela what those are. She tells him they are for their honeymoon … in the Middle East. Armando just repeats dumbly, “The Middle East?” and Marcela explains that she wants to take him away for a long time. Then Armando notices that there are also clothes on the bed and Marcela explains that that is her trousseau and that she wants to make him happy when he sees her wear it. Armando just says, “Marcela, pleaaase …” And Marcela tells him, while he rubs his forehead and then his neck as if a headache were killing him, that all she wants is to give him time and that she knows that after the collection and the board meeting, all of his tensions will evaporate … except that of the other woman. As if trying to make himself believe this as well, Armando repeats that after the collection and the board meeting, a lot of his tensions will disappear. As Marcela walks away with some of the boxes that were on the bed, Armando picks up a thank-you note and stares at it, while we hear Betty’s voiceover: “He seemed so sincere, so honest, so tormented when he told me he had not made love to Doña Marcela again. If I didn’t know him and if I had not seen them in the office practically devouring each other, I would have fallen in his arms again. (Armando at this point lets go of the card, takes of his glasses and just looks totally lost - then we see Betty writing in her diary). I just ask heaven to keep me strong, I seem to be reaching the end of the tunnel where I can see the light.”

Morning has descended on Bogotá and Betty’s parents are having breakfast (well, actually Don Hermes is having breakfast while Doña Julia looks on). Betty comes in and tells Don Hermes that he needs too bring all of Terra Moda’s books up to date. Don Hermes tells her that all he’s got is one receipt for an exhorbitant amount from a restaurant and Betty tells him to deal with Nicolás regarding everything else. At that moment, Nicolás rings the doorbell, greets everyone in his usual manner [by asking to be fed, that is :o)], and Betty informs him that she will need a trial balance of Terra Moda’s accounts. She tells Nicolás that Don Armando may ask for that balance at any time and she wants to be ready to show it to him. Nicolás asks her if seeing them together last night at LeNoir scared him, but Betty responds that he is just worried about his company, though he’s pretending otherwise … he even put on a show of jealousy for her benefit last night. Betty changes the subject and asks Nicolás how everything went with Patricia last night and asks how much his outing cost Terra Moda. But Nicolás tells her that it didn’t cost a cent, Patricia asked him up to her apartment for a glass of wine. This makes Betty very suspicious and she reminds Nicolás that he promised never to lie to her again … did Patricia ask him for any money? Nicolás tells her that she’s desperate but that she didn’t ask him for any money (ooooh, Nicolás!!!) and recounts the incident of Patricia’s attorney calling about the car. This makes Betty even more suspicious and she asks Nicolás what he promised Patricia and Nicolás reiterates that she didn’t ask him for one single cent. Betty asks him to swear it and he does. Then Betty asks him what else happened and Nicolás tells her that she kissed him and he’s very excited. Betty is now really worried and tells Nicolás that the Peliteñida will do anything to get Nicolás. Nicolás asks if maybe Patricia has a sexual fantasy involving him, but Betty disavows him of that notion and tells him that what she has is an economic fantasy :o). She reminds Nicolás to keep his feet on the ground and to be very careful with that witch. Nicolás assures Betty that he knows what he’s in for (I’m not so sure that he does). Then it’s Nicolás’ turn to change the subject and he asks Betty why she needs the trial balance. Betty tells him that this is a time bomb and it will explode at any moment.

Also plotting that morning is Daniel, who is in his office talking on the phone to … Olarte!!! Remember him? The old vice-president of finance that got fired for messing up Betty’s computer with Patricia’s help? Apparently Daniel has asked him to research Terra Moda. Since Olarte seems not to have heard of the company, Daniel asks him to go to the Chamber of Commerce and ask for a certificate of good standing … he wants to know who its manager is and who is the owner of the capital.

Betty arrives at Eco Moda and El Cuartel questions her on the events of last night with Nicolás. Betty tries to get away with the excuse of having to work on the balance, but Mariana tells her that she need not worry because Doña Marcela called and told her that she and Don Armando were at the realtor’s this morning signing the contract for purchase of their apartment. A look of determination comes over Betty’s face as she hears and repeats this news. Aura María gets Betty back on track and reminds her to hurry up with the story before the bosses arrive or the Peliteñida comes out of the bathroom. Betty tells El Cuartel that she and Nicolás made up. El Cuartel is extremely happy to hear this … Nicolás confessed, adds Betty, that it was a weak moment but it will never happen again. Sofía advises Betty not to trust so blindly because men lie very easily. Betty says that she will believe him just as Patricia walks by and greets Betty with a big smile … which Betty returns with an ever bigger smile (extremely fake, of course). Just then, the elevator doors open and Armando and Marcela walk out - Marcela looks happy, Armando looks perturbed. Patricia walks right up to Marce and asks her how it went at the realtor’s and Marce tells her that the apartment is just divine … right, mi amor? (looking at Armando). Armando has become even more uncomfortable because he has noticed Betty looking on and quickly agrees with Marcela to finish that line of conversation. Marcela asks Patricia to come into her office so she can give her all of the details and Mario comes out of his office and asks Armando for a few minutes of his time. Betty and the rest of the girls walk away towards their respective desks.

Armando walks in dejectedly to Mario’s office:

Mario - Let’s see, Mr. President, I notice you look tired … to what do we owe that tragic face? What happened?

Armando - Betty overheard Marcela talking about the closing on the apartment.

Mario - Aaaaaaah …

Armando - We just came from the realtor’s.

Mario - But you had explained to Betty that you would follow all of the steps that lead to the wedding. She already knows all about it, so what’s bothering you? The strange thing is that you would invest money in something that won’t happen, but then you’ll come up with something, won’t you?

Armando - Come up with something?

Mario - Of course.

Armando - Calderón, it was absurd to sign that contract.

Mario - Let’s see … it was absurd because you didn’t like the apartment or because it doesn’t seem like a good deal?

Armando - It’s not that, it’s not that. I’m re-thinking whether I should marry Marcela. Yes, I want to stop my marriage, really, I don’t want to marry her, Calderón.

Mario (totally surprised) - Excuse me? Is it April Fool’s Day or where is the hidden camera? What am I hearing, by God?

Armando - Don’t be stupid, I’m serious.

Mario - Let’s see. Are you telling me you will cancel the wedding, which would unleash a storm, so you won’t look bad in the eyes of Betty?

Armando - It’s not because of Betty, it’s because of me.

Mario - Just a moment. Mr. President, let’s have a seat. What in the hell are you talking about?

Betty walks angrily into her office, closes the door and heads to her desk crying. She tells herself over and over that she knew it (that Armando would go through with the wedding) and calls herself a fool for holding out a glimmer of hope. She reaches in her desk drawer for matches and lights the white candle. At that exact moment, Cata walks in and reminds Betty that she needs the checks for the invoices she brought in yesterday. Betty asks her to give her 10 minutes and she will take care of everything. Cata tells her to take her time and, noticing the look on Betty’s face, remarks that the candle must not be working as well as in the beginning. Betty tells her that the crisis with her boyfriend still continues. Cata responds that she never takes any time for herself … she’s got the balance, the collection and the board meeting to worry about, but where is the time to think about herself? Betty explains to Cata that she has no time and that she can’t leave Don Armando alone. Cata suggests that she ask for vacation time right after the board meeting, but then she remembers that the wedding is this weekend and then Armando will be away on his honeymoon, so Betty can’t leave Eco Moda alone then. Shutters come over Betty’s face and she tells Cata that she doesn’t want to be here this weekend and much less during Don Armando’s honeymoon. When Cata questions the reasoning behind this, Betty tells her that her boyfriend’s birthday is this weekend and then their anniversary is coming up and that’s why she doesn’t want to be here … if she ever has to be away, it is this weekend (phew! close call!). Cata tells her that Armando won’t permit it, but Betty answers that if he doesn’t, she’ll take the time off anyway. After all, she’s sure that will be the happiest day of his life. Cata offers to ask on Betty’s behalf, but Betty tells her that she doesn’t want Don Armando to know that they’ve been talking about him and she makes it clear that it’s a work problem strictly between Don Armando and her. Cata tells her she’ll be back later for the checks. When she’s left alone, Betty starts to cry again, telling herself that she needs to get out of there. :o(

And in Mario’s office:

Mario - Tell me what this change is all about, what happened, what happened yesterday? What happened with Marcela? What happened with Betty? Did you explain things to her, did you clear everything up?

Armando - No, I didn’t have the chance, Calderón. I really don’t know what is going on between them. Yesterday I saw them at LeNoir.

Mario - At LeNoir?

Armando - Yes, they were drinking wine, holding hands, hugging …

Mario - Were they kissing?

Armando - I couldn’t tell, I couldn’t see well. But of course when he took her home, then I got the impression that they kissed.

Mario - Then you followed them home? That’s good, Mr. President, I thought you were going to catch them in the act at LeNoir and you were going to make a public scandal.

Armando - Of course I followed them home. And you know what, Calderón? They were so affectionate, so effusive, that I thought that guy was going to take her to heavens-knows-what-place, but no, Calderón, he took her home.

Mario - And there you attacked?

Armando - Of course I attacked, of course I did. I recriminated her actions. But she told me that there was nothing between them, that they were simply very good friends, that they had known each other since they were kids, and that’s why they were so affectionate and what was happening between them was a simple reconciliation.

Mario - Aaaaah, a reconciliation … so they had a fight?

Armando - Of course they had a fight. There had been a misunderstanding regarding Terra Moda’s money but it was now all cleared up and that’s why there were so happy, euphoric and content. In any case, that good-for-nothing is still driving my Mercedes Benz and he probably paid the restaurant bill with my money.

Mario - And he took your Betty. To sum it all up, Doctor Mendoza, that good-for-nothing is seducing your Betty with your money in your car … why don’t you lend them your apartment?

Armando (getting up and gesticulating angrily) - Stop it, stop it, Calderón, no more!!! Stop saying, my Betty, my Betty … no more!!!

Mario - And why? Isn’t she your Betty in any case? Did you lose her?

Armando - I don’t know … don’t torment me!!!

Mario - You’re tormenting your own self, don’t blame me. I haven’t done anything. And please, answer my question, did you lose her?

Armando (in despair) - I don’t know, I just don’t know. Last night, last night she didn’t even want to … kiss me.

Mario - Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, Doctor Mendoza, I don’t know. If I were you, I would start making reservations in a monastery. Let’s review the state of things: you start chasing a ‘fea’, making her fall in love with you, then you seduce her, then you stop making love to your fiancée, then the ‘fea’ cuts off her services, and our man stops going out with women, he disappears off the face of the earth, it is rumored that he is totally celibate, 0 kisses, 0 sex. The monastery, Doctor Mendoza, the monastery, or if not, then total confinement because you are going to become very dangerous. When we least expect it, you will jump on top of any model, yes sir.

Armando (menacingly) - Stop it, Calderón.

Mario - And that’s not the worst part. The story gets even more complicated. Our hero will be left without his bread or his cheese. The ‘fea’ turns him away and betrays him with the dunce of the neighborhood, with his money, and what does our genius do in retaliation? He is going to re-think his wedding with the owner of company and all of that because of the ‘fea’!!

Armando - I am not re-thinking it because of her.

Mario - Yes, you are re-thinking it because of her. For her you would give your life. You follow her everywhere and even put on public scandals. The only thing you don’t know is if she has anything with Nicolás Mora or not, but because of her you are re-thinking your wedding to Marcela … (now singing) because of her, because of her.

Armando - No, Calderón!! You don’t understand what I’m trying to say. Last night when I arrived at Marcela’s apartment she had all of the preparations for the wedding to show me. And you know what? I felt alien to all of it, I wasn’t excited. Calderón, look, you have to understand something. Marcela thinks of the wedding as a countdown, and when we get married, everything will be as it was before, we will be the same people we were, we will love each other like we did, but that is a lie!! You know why? Because I can’t marry a woman that I don’t desire and it’s been a long time since I’ve desired Marcela Valencia.

Mario - Correction. You stopped desiring her after you went to bed with the little monster.

Armando - Don’t confuse me. Do anything you want, Calderón, but don’t confuse me because I won’t let you.

Mario - No. You are confused because you won’t accept that Betty is changing your life. Please react! It’s incredible, she has changed your intimacy! Look at yourself in the mirror, you are skinny, with bags under your eyes, on the edge of a nervous breakdown …

In response, Armando pounds on Mario’s office door…

Mario and Armando are arguing in Armando’s office. Mario is telling Armando to get the situation under control, and Armando says that “he can’t”, he’s too stressed about everything that is going on. Armando says that of course he is at loose ends: everything is about to come to a head with the company, the board meetings is looming, he’s about to get married (and doesn’t want to), his parents will be here any minute and the company is in the hands of a crazy woman. Mario points out that on top of everything, he hasn’t had sex lately, Armando says, of course not, he has no desire for it because he is so stressed out!! Armando is standing, then sitting, turning this way and that while Mario watches all of his movement. Mario then offers ‘one final question’ If la fea would have made love to you when you offered, would you have been able to? Armando replies that Mario has “awakened” him - -no, he wouldn’t.

Mario then asks if Armando has determined whether Patty is “la Peletenida” and armando asks, throwing his hands up, when, when would I have had time to find that out!!

Mario asks if Armando has done the card of the day, and Armando says no, not yet. Mario holds up a card, and says for the poet to get to work. Mario continues to talk about how Armando must stay on track, and Armando becomes frustrated by Mario’s interruptions, telling him to be quiet, he can’t think. Mario keeps asking if he is finished, and finally he is. Mario asks to read it, and Armando says no, since Mario isn’t writing anymore, he doesn’t get to read it, it’s private. Just after Armando leaves with the card in his hand, Mario says to himself - President, don’t let la fea turn you around …

Flash to Marcy and Patty sitting in Marcy’s office, chattintg. Patty is telling Marcy that she thought Betty would be upset, that Betty would be all over her for going out with her boyfriend, but not a word. Patty then “lets it slip” that she kissed Nicholas. When Marcy freaks, Patty said it only happened once and it was an accident. Marcy replies that she must have provoked it. Marcy then asks what Patty is doing about her car, and Patty responds that she still hasn’t come up with the money. She then begins to beg and wheedle Marcy for the money, saying that it isn’t that much, Marcy can afford it. Marcy informs her that that is not the case at all, that all of her money went for the apartment, and all of the recent purchases, and who pays for the wedding? The family of the bride, but her sister is in south america, her brother disapproves, and her parents are (she points to the heavens), so who is paying for everything? Marcy is. Marcy is paying for everything. Marcy has no extra money at all. She doesn’t have an extra cent to give to Patsy-Pat.

Marcy then says she has to go, and gets up and walks toward the door, on her way out she asks when Patsy’s next meeting with Nicholas is, and Patsy says she doesn’t know, why? Marcy suggests that there “be no more accidental kisses.”

Yenny is in the hall talking to her pupuchurri - -saying how she misses him and everything, but she has been too too busy to visit, but she would be by soon. The baby talk continues for a moment, until Hugo calls for her and she has to hang up.

Armando comes in to Betty’s office, and they exchange pleasantries. He then offers Betty the card of the day. (this is a rough sketch, because my VCR was not working last night, so I couldn’t replay it). All of this distance between us; all of these nights when you cancelled our plans; missed kisses, missed lovemaking, etc., but soon we will be together, soon I will be with the woman who is the love of my life, who awakens me, it is only a few days more before we can be together.

She reads while he watches and waits, on pins and needles. He asks after she finishes if she is calmed by the letter, she says yes. As he begins to speak again, Marge shows up at the door of the office with a “look who’s here” and Margarita walks in! Armando jumps guiltily, gets up to kiss her on the cheek, and asks, why she didn’t let them know she was coming. Marcy and Margarita exit to let Armando wrap up, and Armando is begging Betty under his breath to help him out, to save him, his parents are here, the board meeting is just around the corner, please, please could she take care of the numbers (fix them). He leaves to go with Marcela and Margarita, and she thinks to herself, of course, pretty cards, pretty words, pretty illusions/dreams, all in exchange for the marked numbers. She then said “PIG” out loud.

Armando, Margarita and Marcy all walk and talk together to Hugo’s arena. Margarita answered that “your father was busy and Marcy has so much to do, so I came here. So how is it going” Bien, responded Armando.

While they are in the lobby, Patsy runs up to say hello to Margarita. Armando is picking on her, nastier than ever, mocking her financial status, the lack of car, etc., insulting in the extreme, especially for him. Patsy defends herself to Margarita, but Armando continues to mock her, talking abou t the things that everyone says about her, including the nickname, and when she doesn’t deny it, he knows he has found “Nico’s friend, la Peletenida”!!

Nico and Hermes are talking about money, and an extra $25 thousand floating around. Nico tells Hermes to pile it in with the rest except to set aside $3,000. Hermes says, what for - -Nico dances around about having lots of expenses. Hermes says – what expenses and Nico is evasive. Clearly he is thinking about Pasty Pat.

Hugo is practicing with the models on the runway, and Yenny is up there, until another model shows up who was away working another gig. Yenny gets booted off the stage and back to her role as a size model by a very happy Hugo.

Margarita and Marge run into Gutierrez and Berta, who are arguing about where Sofia is and how long she has been gone. Gutierrez says that Sofia has been gone much more than her hour, and that something must be done. When questioned by all, Berta insists that Sofia has gone to the drugstore.

Efrian is sitting alone in a dark jail cell that looks pretty gloomy and cold, but not as seedy as the ones you usually see on American TV. The guard says that he has a visitor, and he arises, anxiously, saying out loud how pleased he is that his girlfriend has finally managed to visit him. The guard opens the cell door and in walks Sofia with her hands full of packages. The guard says that they have 10 minutes, and leaves, locking the door behind her. She tells him that she has brought a pillow, an extra blanket, and some food, including some sandwiches. He mostly just looks at her, he can’t quite believe she is here. When he asks why she came, she mentions again all that she has brought. Then she turns to leave. He says that they have several minutes more, she could stay. She asks what they have to talk about, besides the lawyers, the money, and ½ of her house. He asks how are the children, and she says that they are fine, and they have no idea he is here, they only think that he is busy with work, as always. He asks how she is, and she says fine. He asks again why she came, and she says that she supposes the good memories overcame the bitterness and anger. It comes up that Yenny has not visited, and Sofia says that she must be very busy and it is difficult to get away from EcoModa right now with so much going on. She agrees. He says that she must be very busy too, did they give her special time off to come see him? She says no, she had to work around it. He quietly takes all of this in. She turns again to leave, and he invites her to sit down and eat a sandwich with him, and makes a place on the narrow bed. She agrees.

As they are sitting, he looks at the sandwich and says that it is his favorite. She says that she remembered. They continue to eat and she quiets, and he asks what she is thinking about. She says that the cell reminds her of their honeymoon. Our honeymoon, he replies, Sofia, you always were a strange one. She repeats, their honeymoon, because their bed was narrow and hard like this one. They visited a little village, and they had very no money, but it didn’t matter, because all they cared about was making each other happy. She talked about how much they had loved each other, and how it all came to end in this jail cell. Would he ever have guessed it? No, he replied, he never would have thought they would end like this. The guard comes to take her away, and she hands him most of the sandwich back, saying that he should save it for later. He says that things are as always, him finishing her sandwiches for her. She says that she hopes that the good memories will overcome all of the bad. He agrees, and she leaves.

Back at ecomoda, Armando, Marcy and Margarita are talking to Hugo about the wedding dress. He says it is ready and she should come for a fitting NOW. Marcy and Margarita walk away with him, but as Armando comes to go with them, Hugo says no way is he seeing the dress before the wedding. Armando stays to talk to the models as always, but following the customary kisses on the cheek, stands a reasonable distance and doesn’t have anyone on his arm.

Betty gets a call from Armando’s father, puts him on hold and goes to tell Armando, and walks in on him encircled by models. When he offers to explain that he wasn’t doing anything, she says he owes her no explanations, only that his father is on the phone, and he should take the call. He asks her to let his mother know where he is and goes to take the call.

Betty goes back and stares an Marcy in a beautiful wedding dress and veil (it really was stunning). Hugo asks what she is doing here and Marcy sneers as well, and she says she is only there to deliver the message to Margarita, but she can’t stop staring, or seem to move her feet to leave. Marcy says that of course she is not coming to the wedding, and betty says, no, she has an important engagement. Hugo is equally rude, and Betty flees.

Margarita asks Hugo and Marcy why they were so rude - - Hugo replies that he cannot be nice to anyone who leaves their house without checking the mirror. Marcy says that Betty hates her and wants Armando to marry any one but her. Margarita says, aghast, that betty can’t be in love with him. Marcy replies no, she has a rich boyfriend that she is constantly bragging about, but she helped Armando hide his mistress. Margarita says “Armando has a mistress?” !!


Marcela (staring at Margarita and in a weepy voice), “I don’t know if he still has her, but he did have one. She was very important to him. Beatrice helped him with that romance and that is why I detest her! I detest her!” Hugo appears and orders Marcela to take that look off of her face because she will ruin his dress. He yells at Inesita for the hangers that he had requested and the clothes for Maria Fernanda. Inesita tells him that he has not given her enough time. Margarita steps in and tells Inesita that she needs to rest because she looks pale. She asks if she’s been to the doctor. Inesita says that there is much work to be done and that she has not been allowed any time off. She mentions that she was promised a vacation (she stares at Hugo). Margarita inquiries as to where she plans on going. Inesita says no where. Dona Margarita wants to know about her family. Inesita replies that her children live far way. Dona Margarita, “Then you are all alone”. Inesita, “Yes, I have always lived alone and that is how I will die”. Hugo (with a grin) immediately stops Inesita and reminds her that he had introduced her to the porter of his building who is a divine old man and that she stood him up. Inesita tells that she has known love, enjoyed it and suffered it and that she too old for it and she asks him to stop talking about it. He tells then to bring the hangers. Dona Margarita stops him from speaking to her in that manner. With a grin, Hugo says that she is efficient, that “Quasimota”.


Armando is on the telephone speaking to his father. He tells him not to worry about the meeting that Catalina was at the airport coordinating the arrival of the international visitors. (Betty walks in, stops in front of his, and stares. Armando slows down his conversation and stares back. Betty hurriedly leaves for her office.) Armando tells him that he will go the apartment that evening and that they will speak then. (Betty is listening to his conversation with his friend.) Armando sends him a kiss and says that he is glad that he is here. (Armando hangs up and throws his head back showing that he is worried.)

Upon his ending his conversation with his father, Dona Margarita and Marcela enter. Margarita, “The wedding dress is spectacular. What do you plan on wearing, tails or smoking?” (Armando doesn’t know what to say. He puts his right hand against his temple as though he is thinking.) “I hadn’t thought about it. I don’t know”. Marcela steps in and says that she is in charge and says that he will be wearing “tails”. Marcela excuses herself saying that she has work to do. Margarita tells him that Marcela has informed her that almost everyone has confirmed that they will be attending. Marcela says that basically everything is the same between the showing of the new collection and the wedding, the guests, dinner, etc. The only difference is that they will be the center of attention. Margarita says that the best thing will be the honeymoon. It would allow him to rest and dedicate some time to Marcela. (During this conversation, Armando leans towards his desk with his hands entwined, a fake grin, shrugging his shoulders as if in agreement. Since he knows that Betty is listening he keeps looking in the direction of her office.) Marcela states that she has things to do and leaves.

Margarita sits down and says that the grand day is approaching. Armando wants to know what she is referring to, the new collection or the executive meeting. Margarita goes to say his marriage. She tells him that this is the most important event that she has been waiting for. She says that this is a desire that is becoming a reality for her and his father. She says that his marriage will show a significant change in his life. It will show that he is the president of a stable company that he has managed well. (Armando is shaking his head in a agreement with a worried look on his face.) She goes on to say that his marriage will signify that he is leading a normal life, he is an adult and is responsible. She continues to say that he is marrying a marvelous woman that loves him. (Betty is listening to the conversation. Armando continually looks in the direction of her office. Betty’s telephone rings.)

Betty answers her telephone, it’s Nicolas. “Hello Nicolas!” says Betty in her loud sweet voice for Armando’s benefit. (Armando rolls his head to the side. Troubled that it is Nicolas) “Very good thank you. How are you?”, she continues. Nicolas wants to know what is wrong, what has she been drinking. Betty ignores him. Nicolas tells her that she is making him nervous. Betty asks what time he plans on picking her up. Nicolas is shocked by her request.

Dona Margarita notices that something is wrong with Armando. He tells her that he is tense. Everything is happening at once, the collection, the meeting and the wedding. (He continually looks towards Betty’s office and noticeably disturbed that Nicolas will be picking her up. His wringing his hands and he is tense.)

She tells him that she has noticed that he is not interested in the conversation of the wedding. “Are you not sure about getting married”, she asks. Betty continues talking to Nicolas as though they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Dona Margarita asks that Armando close Betty’s door. Armando is glad to do so since he is very anguished over listening to Betty’s conversation with Nicolas. When Armando approaches Betty’s door she asks him to close her door. (Betty won’t make eye contact with him. His face shows anger.) He says, “But, of course”.


After the door is closed, Betty becomes teary-eyed and Nicolas asks her what is happening. He says that she is worrying him and he wants to know if she is going crazy. Nicolas is telling Don Hermes that Betty has gone crazy over him and that he may become his son-in-law. Don Hermes tells Nicolas that he is not going to the father-in-law of a bread maker. (Don Hermes laughs.) Nicolas tells him not to dismiss him so fast. He states that Betty would be lucky to get a guy like him.

Nicolas tells her that her father wants to know what to do with the money that they have invested in the United States. Betty tells him that she needs the balance tomorrow. Nicolas notices that she is not fine. He wants to know what is going on. Is she ill, he asks. Betty tells him to come pick her up after work and to hurry. She tells him that she is going crazy and that life is going out of her hands.


Armando tells his mother that he prefers not to discuss the wedding. It is not because he is not interested, but he rather talk about it at home. He has too many problems that he needs to solve at work. Margarita, “I hope that it is something else and not someone else”. She gets up and walks out.


Sophia is telling her story about her visit to Efrain to Bertha. She tells her that she thought that she hated him, but after seeing him she felt pity for him. Bertha can’t stand still and Sophia asks her what is wrong. Bertha apologizes, but she says that she needs to go to the bathroom, again. She says that the pregnancy makes her spends quite a bit of time in the bathroom. She says, “We can act as though this is a telenovela and we are taking a commercial break”. Sophia frustrated, comments that it is hard to have a conversation with her because her bathroom breaks are always interrupting.

After Bertha takes off for the bathroom, Hugo and Jenny come walking down the hall. Jenny with her whiny voice tells Hugo that she cannot stay to rehearse because she needs to go and visit her puppochurro. Hugo tells her that she needs to stay and help “Inesita Quasimota”. Jenny begs. Sophia chimes in and tells Jenny not to worry because she has already been to the jail to take him food, blankets, a pillow and a change of clothing. (Hugo is standing behind Jenny smiling.) “You!” , says Jenny. Sophia answers yes. “Why did you do that?”, Jenny asks. Sophia answers since it corresponded to Jenny to go and she didn’t she decided to go. Jenny says that all this has been a plan on Sophia’s part to win Efrain back. Sophia stops her and tells her that he is no longer her husband and he is Jenny’s lover and the father of Sophia’s children. (Hugo has moved to a spot behind Sophia and is grinning.) She goes on to tell Jenny that the day will come when she will leave Efrain for another, but will always be the father of her children. (Hugo is behind Sophia and puts his hands on her shoulders as if though a show of support.)


Hugo has returned to his workroom and is barking orders. He tells Inesita that Jenny has left them and that it will be up to them to complete the work. Inesita tells him that what Jenny has to do is very important. Hugo is inspecting the dress that Maria Fernanda is wearing and gets upset with Inesita because it is too big. Hugo, “Didn’t I tell you to fix this”. Inesita replies that he did, but he had her working on Marcela’s wedding dress and other projects that she has not had time. Hugo sends her for his measuring tape and blue thread. Hugo asks Maria Fernanda if she has had a fight with her boyfriend. He slaps her butt and tells her that the reason he asks is that she is thin.

Hugo is yelling at Inesita to hurry with the measuring tape and thread. Inesita is on her way with the items when she begins to complain that she is not feeling well. She puts her hand on her forehead. Hugo immediately rushes to her side and asks what is wrong. Inesita faints. Hugo gets scarred and yells to the models, who are already around Inesita, to do something and not be useless.


Sophia is telling Bertha what happened between her and Jenny. All of a sudden they hear Hugo yell Inesita’s name. Sophia and Bertha raise hurriedly to go to see what is happening. At the moment that Bertha gets up, she’s overcome with pain. Sophia tells her to sit down, Bertha refuses she wants to check on Inesita. Sophia promises to go check on her if she promises to sit back down.


Sophia rushes in and sees Inesita laying down and passed out. Hugo is a nervous wreck. Sophia asks what happened and Hugo tells her that he doesn’t know. He asks for them to bring water, call a doctor, get first-aid, or to call an ambulance.


Sophia comes and tells Bertha that Inesita has suffered from a minor fainting spell. Bertha becomes anxious and is still suffering with pains. Sophia tells her to calm down Bertha asks if they shouldn’t take Inesita to a clinic. Sophia tells her to go home and that she will take care of Inesita. Bertha gets up to leave and is having trouble walking.

Hugo is yelling for Inesita’s water.


He is talking to Inesita and apologizes for calling her Quasimota, making her work so many hours, and being a tyrant. (When he says the word tyrant he looks up at the models as asking them to tell him that he is not a tyrant, which they do.) He asks if she can imagine what his life would be without her. He says if she dies now she won’t be able to enjoy her retirement. Sophia enters with the water. Hugo takes it away and tells her to leave. He asks if she can imagine how scarred Inesita would be if she were to wake up and see her standing there. Sophia ignores him. Hugo tells Sophia to go get some water and asks the models what happened to the doctor. The models tell him to calm down.


Mario enters and wants to know how the budget is going. Armando (with a drink in his hand) says for him to go in and ask Betty. He says that he is not up to going in and asking her. He says that he is going to sit down and wait for that damned budget. Mario asks if there has been another couple’s fight, more domestic problems. Armando says that no, Nicolas has called again and invited her out. He tells him that Betty is dying of emotion. Mario asks if he plans on following her. He says no that he can’t. Since his parents are in town he can’t go and he doesn’t want to leave his mother with the spies, Marcela and Patricia. Armando is just wanting the budget.


Mario goes in and asks if the budget ready. Betty tells him that the real budget will be ready tonight and she will make the changes tomorrow. Mario tells her that they only have 36 hours until the meeting.


Mario tells Armando that it is not ready. He says that Betty is acting differently and expresses his concern. Mario tells Armando that he needs to calm down and that he can’t leave nor let Betty leave until the budget is ready. Mario leaves. Betty’s telephone rings and Armando hears Betty asks Wilson to tell Nicolas that she will right down.


Armando walks into Betty’s office and asks if she has finished the budget. Betty tells him that it will have to be tomorrow. Armando says no, that it will she will have to stay that evening and finish it. Betty says that her ride has arrived and she needs to leave. Armando asks if she prefers to go home with that man instead of staying at work and finish the budget. Betty says that she is tried and would like to leave. Armando says no that all she wants to do is torment and drive him crazy. Betty tells him that he is mistaken. As she tries to leave Armando tells her no. He says that he is tired of this situation and that it is making him sick. He tells her that she is going to stay and finish the budget with him and then make the changes. (Armando’s voice is getting louder.) Betty tells him that it won’t be possible and asks him to calm down that someone will notice. He asks why would it matter to him if someone found out. He tells her that she has created this situation and she wants something grave to happen. (He is getting angrier and he roughly grabs her by the chin.) He tells her that it is already beginning He says that she wants him to go crazy. He tells her that this is the new Armando, the one that she has created, “The one that can yell at her if he chooses. The one that can kiss her. The one that can do with her what he likes.” He roughly grabs her begins to kiss her. Betty tries to push him off. Betty notices that Cata is standing at the door and witnessing the kiss. Cata hurriedly backs out and closes the door. Betty tells Armando that someone has opened the door. Armando wants to know who. Betty says that she does not know. Betty walks out of her office with Armando right at her heels. As she is approaching the door from Armando’s office to the hallway, Marcela, Patricia and Margarita enter. Betty says goodnight to them and they all reply, however, Marcela and Patricia block her way.


Aura Maria and Freddy are coming around the corner. Betty runs into them and asks if the have seen Dona Catalina. They answer no and Betty asks them what is wrong and they tell her the news regarding Inesita.


Margarita wants to know when he will be home. He says that he has work to finish. Margarita says that she will leave with Marcela. (Marcela notices the liquor.) Margarita asks Patricia if she will be joining them. Patricia answers that she cannot since she has a very important engagement. Margarita asks if it is with a boyfriend. Patricia answers that she is dating a young businessman, with many projects, with a solid company and has a lot of money. Margarita congratulates her and tells her that she hopes that he is the man of her life. Armando hopes so too so that he will take her away from there forever. Marcela asks Armando if he is drinking. He says that yes he is and that she knows that he is tense. They agree to see each other at the apartment. Armando asks if Daniel will be there to which she says no. She tells him that they will see him in the morning since he has asked Roberto to meet him at Eco Moda. Armando thinks to himself that at least it was not them who saw he and Betty kissing.


The doctor has finished checking on Inesita. Hugo asks if she should go to a hospital. The answer is no, but that she needs bed rest. Inesita has come to and says that there is much work to be done. Hugo tells her that if it has to be there will be no collection. Freddy volunteers to Inesita home on his motorcycle. Hugo gets angry and says no. Betty offers to take home in the Mercedes. Cata immediately turns to look at her. Hugo tells everyone that he is going to take her home. Aura Maria says that she is going to take care of Inesita. Hugo says that he will be the one taking her home and she will be going to his house. Inesita protests and he agrees to take her to her home with the condition that he is going to stay and take care of her. After Inesita is taken, Cata says good-bye to everyone. Betty stops her.

Betty tells Dona Catalina that she knows that she saw them. Catalina tells her that she did not see anything. As Betty tries to explain Cata interrupts and says that she did not see anything. Cata tells her that her problem is very serious. Betty asks if she understands why she wants to leave Eco Moda. Cata nods her head yes and tells her that she will have to leave. She tells her that she does not know what is happening, but she does know that she would not want to be in her place. Betty says that she doesn’t want to be in her own shoes. Cata asks if she would like to talk, but Betty tells her that her friend is downstairs waiting for her. Cata asks if it is her boyfriend or her friend. Betty tells her that she does not have a boyfriend and that they will speak tomorrow.


Mario is now in Armando’s office who has explained what happened between he and Betty. Mario tells him that he needs to calm down with Betty or there will be a great tragedy. Mario asks if he is crazy. What if he had been caught by his mother, Patricia or Marcela. Armando says that he knows that it wasn’t his mother, Marcela or Patricia. Armando tells him that they will have a bigger problem if Betty doesn’t fix the budget. Mario tells him to quit lying to him. Mario says that what is tormenting him more is what Betty is doing with Nicolas. He tells him that he doesn’t need a president who is full of jealousy. He says that he wants to see him tomorrow with his feet planted on the ground.


Olarte arrives to give Daniel information as to Terra Moda. He tells him that Betty is the owner, Nicolas the manager and the initial capital. When he tells him the office address Daniel notices that it is a home address. Daniel orders him to leave the information. As Olarte is leaving he extends his hand which Daniel ignores.


Nicolas is waiting for Betty. Betty tells him that this game has ended. She says that she is the one losing. She tells him about Cata seeing them kiss. She says that she is killing Armando and herself. She says that it is not just to make someone jealous who does not love her. She says that she is looking ridiculous. She has lost the cause. She says that she is not the same Betty. Everything that they are doing with the car, restaurants and money is not them. She says that she is playing with the family, the company and Armando. Nicolas tells her that she is trying to freeze his relationship with Patricia. She tells him no, but that he needs to end his relationship with her. She doesn’t want to be around when the wedding occurs. This will all end this weekend.


Armando walks in and acts as though he is speaking to Betty. He wants to know why she is doing this to him., where does she want to take him and why does she want to turn his life. He says that he doesn’t actually know what he feels for her. He says that she doesn’t answer him anymore. Talking to her is like talking to the empty chair that is in front of him. (Armando is still drinking.) As he leaves her office he tells the empty chair thank you.


Armando is leaving when he sees Cata passing by with clothing in her hands. He asks her what she is doing. She replies that she is helping Hugo with the collection. He tells her to leave it for Hugo and Inesita. She asks him if he has not heard that Inesita became ill. Immediately, Armando becomes concerned for Inesita. She assures him that she is fine.

Cata asks Armando if he has any serious problems, if there’s anything she can help him with. He tells her that presidents of large companies have problems besides those of the business and that those problems don’t always have a solution.

Nico takes Betty to see Inesita. She tells him she’ll hurry so that he has time to visit Patsy-Pat.

The cuartel is at Inesita’s house and Mariana and Sandra are taking turns doing Hugo’s bidding who is like a mother hen over Inesita.

Betty goes upstairs and everyone is near Inesita, very worried about her. Inesita wants Hugo to go home but he says that he will not leave her with the cuartel. He tells her that her husband may have left her, but that this new self-appointed husband will never abandon her!

Betty enters Inesita’s room and Hugo warns her not to kiss her as she may give her an “ugliness” virus. Hugo is mothering Inesita and caring for her. Armando calls Hugo on his cell phone and Hugo answers it sweetly thinking it I his boyfriend. He and Armando go into their usual funny exchange. Armando asks to speak to Inesita and asks her how she is doing. Inesita says that the cuartel is there caring for her. Armando asks then if Betty is also there. She tells him yes and he asks if she brought her boyfriend. Inesita tells him that Nico is in the car downstairs waiting for Betty. He wishes Inesita well and hangs up. Inesita tells Betty to invite Nico in but she says that he is too timid.

Nico is in his car talking to a photo of Patsy-Pat telling it that he will soon have to say goodbye to her.

Patsy-Pat is in her apartment talking to her dad telling him that she’s seeing the friend who will lend her the money to rescue her Mercedes Benz. She tells him she’ll get the money today. Patty sits down to eat and her stomach gurgles and she tells it to stop complaining that they are on a forced diet.

Nico continues talking to the photo of Patty telling it that he can’t give her the money because Betty is his best friend and that she’d kill him. But that if he had it his way, he’d gladly give it to her.

Freddy arrives with Inesita’s medicines and asks Dona Hugo how Inesita is doing? Hugo wants to make sure they have the right medications and goes off to get them ready for Inesita. Freddy asks Hugo if everyone is upstairs and Hugo tells him that no, that they are in the basement.

The cuartel are talking about Berta and how she got sick when she found out that Inesita fainted. They also mention that Berta’s husband is taking her to see a doctor.

Freddy greets everyone and tells Inesita that he has brought her medications and hands her an apple. Inesita tells the cuartel to stop standing around as if they were at her funeral and they get in bed with her. Hugo wants to know what everyone is doing in bed with Inesita, that they’ll suffocate her. Ines is happy to have company since no one has been in her house since her family left. Hugo sees the apple and confiscates it, asking Freddy if he’s a doctor now and knows what’s good for Inesita. Freddy eats the apple. The cuartel invite Hugo to get into the bed with them and Inesita. He says he never dreamt of being in bed with so many women, especially ugly ones! He gets in the bed! It’s very sweet. The girls tease Hugo by touching him.

Armando arrives at Inesita’s house. He’s on the phone with Marcela telling her he is going to visit Inesita and that he will be at his parents’ house afterward. She must have made a comment about his drinking because he asks her if she is going to prohibit his drinking. Armando rings the doorbell and Freddy answers. Armando asks where Betty is and Freddy asks if he wants Betty or Inesita. Armando says either and heads up the stairs, stumbling on his way up. When he enters Inesita’s room, the cuartel gets up to greet him. Inesita wants to know if she can offer him something to drink and he asks for a whiskey. Hugo asks him if he thinks he’s at an English pub or at Marge’s apartment and goes into one of his dissertations. Betty excuses herself and says goodnight. Armando also excuses himself and runs out after Betty.

Betty is trying to get into the car and Armando slams the door shut and asks if she’s in a hurry. Betty tells him that he’s drunk and that his family is waiting for him. He grabs her and tells her that she is leaving with him. Betty says, “Where to?” and Armando tells her that they’re going somewhere where they’ll be alone and they can talk. Betty tells him she’s not going anywhere with him. Armando wants to know if she prefers to leave with the “muelon” instead of with him. He is tugging on Betty and she is trying to get out of his grasp. Armando asks Betty to stop playing. He asks Betty if she loves him the same way that he loves her. He asks her to leave with him and leave Nico there. Betty tells Armando to leave her alone. Armando says that he won’t leave her alone, and if she wants to know why. He says that he adores and loves her. Nicolas gets out of the car and yells at Armando to let go of Betty. Armando calls Nicolas a dummy and tells him to be quiet that this is between he and Betty. Nicolas tells him that whatever involves Betty also involves him. Armando says, “Fine, come and get me.” Betty attempts to leave again. Armando screams that Betty is staying there with him.

Betty tries to leave one more time and Nico tells her to wait. He wants to know what Armando’s problem is with him. Armando screams that his problem with him is due to the fact that Nicolas is abusive, and that he’s fresh, because he’s driving a car that’s not his and that he’s spending a fortune that is also not his. That he, Armando, put the money into Terra Moda. He tells Nico to stop exploiting Betty. Betty asks Armando what he means. Armando states that he knows everything. Nicolas says that the car came from the sweat of his brow and Betty’s. That he and Betty worked hard. Nico says that Armando didn’t put anything in. Armando is indignant and says that he put in $80,000. Nico says that because of that Armando thinks he has earned his way to heaven. Nico asks Armando if he has forgotten where the money for Terra Moda came from (RagTela).

Armando tells Nico that it’s fine, to keep the money but to leave Betty alone. Betty tells Armando that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and that he’s drunk. Armando says that he does know. He knows that Nicolas is after her because of Terra Moda and the luxuries she affords him. Nicolas calls Armando a delinquent and tells him that he’s the one that is exploiting Betty. Nico continues yelling at Armando, making him angrier and angrier. Betty asks Nicolas to stop. Nicolas tells Armando that he won’t leave Betty there with him because she has someone to defend her. Armando says, “Oh we have a hero, you’re the hero with the black Mercedes, the general manager of Terra Moda.” “I’m terrified, what are you going to do to me?” Nicolas tells him that he’s going to tear him to pieces and takes his coat off. Armando snorts (?) and tells Betty to watch Nicolas tear him apart. He tells him to go ahead , to start, to tear him apart. Nicolas takes his glasses off and Armando calls him a blind man, and asks if Nico can see him. Nico gets in a sucker punch and hits Armando in the jaw. Betty screams. “No more, please, no more!” Armando hits Nicolas really hard over and over again. Betty continues to scream, asking them to help. The cuartel, Hugo, and Inesita hear the ruckus and Hugo runs downstairs to investigate. Hugo runs back and informs everyone that Armando is beating up Betty’s boyfriend. They all run downstairs to help and Hugo crawls into the waiting arms of Inesita. She comforts Hugo.

Armando is savagely beating Nicolas and Betty asks Freddy to help. Armando tells Freddy that if he intervenes, that he’ll kill him too. The girls are trying to get Freddy to go help and he says that if Don Armando doesn’t kill him, he’ll surely fire him. Freddy grabs Armando from behind and momentarily stops him. This gives Betty enough time to run in front of Nicolas to protect him. Armando tells Freddy to let go of him or he’ll fire him. Betty screams out “No More!” Armando screams at Nicolas to come, and tells Betty to move out of the way or he’ll move her himself. Betty slaps Armando’s face hard. Armando looks as though he is in total disbelief. Hugo has run downstairs and yells for them to tie up the beasts. He gives Armando a lecture about being the president of Eco Moda and starting a brawl. The cuartel goes back inside and Betty drives Nicolas home.

Armando looks terribly shaken and upset. He runs his fingers through his hair in desperation. He looks terribly distraught. His cell phone rings and it is Marcela. He informs her that he is not in the mood to see his parents. He is rude and belligerent with her. He screams at her and then asks her to make his excuses to his parents for him. He tells her that he knows he’s been drinking. He yells at her that he knows that he’s upset and excitable. He tells her to call him in 15 minutes if she wants to check up on him to make sure he’s going to his apartment. He then tells her to call the doorman if she doesn’t believe he’s going home alone. He hangs up.

He walks toward Inesita’s door as though he’s about to ring the bell and covers his face with his hands, visibly shaken. He looks as though he may cry. He whispers, “What have I done?” Then he speaks louder, almost yelling, “Damn it, what have I done?” He paces back and forth, agitated and in desperation repeats, “Jealousy, jealousy. “It’s jealousy!” He hides his face in his hands once more.

Betty is in the car with Nico. She tells him that Armando had an attack of jealousy, but that the truth came out. His concern was financial. He was concerned for Terra Moda and the money he thinks they’re spending. Betty says that since she hasn’t prepared the financial report for Armando, and hasn’t doctored it up, he gets drunk and follows her around. She wants to make sure that every penny in Terra Moda is accounted for. Nicolas tells Betty that Armando made a spectacle of himself with the fight. Betty says that she was the one who made a spectacle of herself. She slapped him! Betty tells Nicolas that she will never forgive Armando for this. Nicolas says that things won’t stay the way they are and that he’ll go to Eco Moda tomorrow to take care of Armando. Betty says he’s not to do anything. Betty says it’s over.

The cuartel wonders what could have happened to Armando to behave the way he did. They wonder if Nicolas provoked him. They talk about Nico and decide he’s not as great as Betty made him out to be. Inesita warns the cuartel not talk about this at work tomorrow. They are disappointed.

Betty asks Nicolas to have a detailed financial report of Terra Moda ready for her. She wants all monies accounted for. She asks him what he did with the $3000 he was going to invest. Nico coughs nervously and tells her that he hadn’t done anything yet. She says everything must be accounted for. Nico’s cell phone rings and it’s Patsy-Pat. Nico lies and tells her that he got into a fight with a group of guys who were envious of him. Patsy-Pat invites him to her apartment so that she can give him first aid.

Betty tells him to be careful with the story he told Patty because everyone at Eco Moda will know what happened between he and Armando Mendoza by morning.

Inesita talks to the cuartel about her family and how they have all left her. Hugo tells the cuartel that it is time for the company to leave. They bicker about who will care for Inesita that evening and Hugo wins. He doesn’t let the girls kiss him goodnight, but tries to kiss Freddy on his way out!! (funny).

Nicolas arrives at Patsy-Pats apartment……….to be continued!!

At Inesita’s room

Inesita asks “And where are you going to sleep,Don Hugo?” Don Hugo answers “What are you scared of me???? , I am the one who is supposed to be scared , maybe you could take advantage of me.” They both laugh and go to sleep.

Outside Patty’s Apartment in the Hall

Nicolas is talking to himself and saying how he is going to be with Patty and all . He hides the Terramoda checkbook under a plant that is ouside Patty’s apartment. He gargles some cologne or Scope whatever it is and knocks or rings (not sure). Patty lets him in and starts talking about what happened to him . Patty tells him to lay on the bed and Nicolas tells her surpised"in the bed?““Yes.“answers Patty.He sits down and she pushes him down and now he is laying there , she comes near him and tells him that she is going for some bandages,alchol and band aids to cure him. (there is a commercial so we see imeadtialy Patty coming back with everything) She comes in and asks him who hit him and he answers that he will tell her the truth since she is going to find out anyway. He tells her that he fought someone she knows, ARMANDO MENDOZA. Patty answers overly surprised (imagine tipical Patty)“That savage !!!!!look waht he did.” She starts curing him and Nicolas starts saying in how he beat him up and Patty answers but look at you. Patty says” You must be really hurt, does it hurt a lot.“Nicolas says well yeah it hurts.” Patty kisses him in the cheek and asks “does it still hurt.“Nicolas is al happy and tells her that he is feeling better. Patty asks how what his day , Nicolas answers “well in the stock market you know how it is .” Patty answers “Oh yes and me with this problem of my car.” She hugs him and pretends to cry he gets al guilty and tells her that he will make a loan to her . Patty hets really exited and aks him if he could give her the check today. He remembers what Netty told him. He answers he will but he does not have the check book right now. She answers “Don’t lie you always carry it.” She starts checking him everywhre, she does not find it she stands up and acts all embarased then she lays at the other side of the bed and says that she si so embarased for what she did that this night was not supposed be like that . She tells him to better leave. He promised he will help her . He leaves. Patty is laying in the bed and says “What? How could he not bring the checkbook, is it that he wants be to sleep with him, like I wass that easy.”

Next day at the secretrial hall

Armando comes in with Mario . Mario asks “what you want me to come so early.What happened to you.” Armando answers “I got in to a fight and I think I stuck a dagger in myself.“He is about to explain what happened when the elevator doors oen and Sodfia is talking about Armando . Armando notices and he turns around and says” goooood morning Sofia.“She turn around embarrased and starts pretending he was talking about a novela. Armando tells Mario that they should go in his office. Sofia starts hitting herself in the head she can’t believe he heard that. SHe asks Mariana and Sandra if they think he bought it . THey answer joking that oyeah. THEy talk about how they fear for Bettys job and they say they have to tell everyone that they will have a meeting about that.

At Mario’s office

Mario asks about what happened. Armando makes excuses about why he fought and Mario asks him if Betty would have gome with him will he sleep with her. Armando answers that if he had to he would. Mario knows he was there because of Betty and not the report as Armando says. Armando tells Mario how he felt good hitting “el muelon” Nicolas. And how he could not stop.Mario asks how did he stop and he answers taht Betty slapped him. Mario is totally surprised and says that that was to much , that he will prefer to lose the company than that, that he will kill her. Armando answers " Oh yeah and the Pinzón family will inherit the company , THat is wonderful.” Mari says “well ok not that , but now you are going to have to say sorry , ho ahead write her a letter.” He gives him a paper. Do you know how Inesita is. No he answers.

At Inesita’s room

Inesita and Hugo are sleeping and Inesita wakes up and stands up. Hugo does not feel who he was holding and starts asking about “his chesito” He starts screaming and he wakes up and he asks about who he sleeped with and he remembers Inesita and he starts Screaming for Inesita . Inesita comes in syas here I am . Hugo asks and where do you think you are going and she answers I am taking a shower. Hugo says “no, no you go back to sleep.” Inesita answers"I have to take a shower to feel better.” hugo says “okay but why don’t you take a shower with me .” Inesita says “Don hugo I never took a shower with my husband and now you want me to take it with my boss.” she laughs and Hugo tells her to take a shower but if she is going to pass out to scream.

At secreterial hall

Betty comes in and is atacked by el cuartel with questons. Betty says she does not want rumors and that they better sont say anything. Ek cuartek tells her taht they will have a meeting later.

Sofia is in the hone talking to Berta (you cant hear Berta). It appears that because of Inesita sickness Bert got sick to and she had to stay for the sake of her baby.

Armando comes out of Mario’s office and he sees Patty and tells her the usual of her being late.Patty asks with a smile what happened to him. He answers something I did not get sorry.

Marce comes in complaining about how Amando and Daniel did not attend a dinner where they were the guests of honor because he was drunk. Patty tells her that the real reason is that he got in a fight with Nicolás Mora. Marce answers “Bettys boyfriend.“Patty says “and mine.”

Betty’s office

Armando comes in with the letter of the day. He excuses himself for his behaviour the night before and tells her that what happened was because he was jealous of Nicolás.