The cuartel leaves Betty’s office when Marcela enters it, thinking that Marcela is there to ask Betty to give the office to her brother Daniel. They start praying to all the saints they know in the hopes of being under their protection (funny).

Betty tells Marcela that she will have the report ready in 10 minutes.

Marcela: I didn’t come to get the report; you can do what you want with it. I just want to know what is going to happen with this company because I have a moral obligation to my father, to his memory, and to his legacy. The only thing I am interested in is that this company survives, but once again it seems we are in crisis. Mario Calderon resigns, you resign, and now Armando resigns and is leaving the country today. My brother is asking for the presidency and that scares me because I don’t know what he’ll to do with this company. Just when we were almost solvent this happens! Think about it Beatriz, (her voice is slow and deliberate) because I have to admit that you and Armando make a very good team.

Betty: Please don’t ask me to change my mind. I have very powerful reasons to leave.

Marcela: I am not asking you to change your mind; I am only asking you to listen to a story.

They both sit down and Marcela takes a deep breath.

Marcela: This is a story where unbeknownst to you, you were the protagonist…………. a story that happened during a period of time, well, when you left EcoModa and returned from Cartagena. It started when you gave me the black bag with all of Armando’s keepsakes. That letter was as surprising and painful to you as to me, so much so that I lost control. I was offended at your lack of scruples and at the affair he (Armando) had had with you, because it was clear to me that it had all been a game as Mario’s letter had stated, that that was all it had been. When I confronted him he told me something I could not believe, (flashback to scene where Marcela confronts Armando and asks him if he’s still in love with Betty) something that was difficult for me to fathom; he was totally and completely in love with you, that in the midst of this game he had been trapped and fallen in love with you and that he was willing to confront everyone and everything for you, but you were no longer there. You had left in great pain and he didn’t even know where to find you. At that moment he became crazed, and his behavior became suicidal (flashback to scene in the bar where Armando is beaten up). The only thing he wanted was to be punished and die…………so much so, that I had to drag him out of a bar where they almost beat him to death. I took him home, (she stops and her voice becomes sad as in though in pain) cleaned him up, mended him, and thought that I could get him back. But it was all in vain; he slept next to me, but he was with you. At that moment I understood that I had lost him a long time ago. Ever since he had been with “that” woman he wanted nothing more to do with me, so I became obsessed with finding her, but I never imagined that the woman who had taken him from me was you (Marcela’s face is filled with pain and she is weeping softly).

Betty: (hesitantly and very softly) Dona Marcela, me????

Marcela: I don’t want to know your version of the events; I only want you to know mine. I knew he was living through something important in a clandestine manner. Whenever I found out he had another woman, he always came back to me and things would remain the same and we would continue together. But when “this” woman came into the picture, everything changed drastically between the two of us……he never again touched me (Marcela gets up and moves to the sofa). Later on he confided to me that not only had he not been with me, he had not been with any other woman after he had been with you.

Betty: (embarrassed) Please Dona Marcela, it’s not necessary to go into details, it’s the best for both of us.

Marcela: It’s not easy for me to tell you these things Beatriz, but if I’ve taken the trouble to do so, I may as well tell you the whole story. You need to know everything because I was the only one present to tell you the part of Armando’s story you don’t know about.

Marcela: It took a lot for me to realize that I had lost Armando to you. The night we broke up he was very clear, he told me that when he had been with you, he had already stopped loving me a long time before, and that the only woman he loved was you. Even then, I had the hope to get him back because I knew that you would never forgive him because of what he had done to you; but I also knew that if you knew this part of the story there was a chance you might forgive him. I had the hope of getting him back up to the last moment: until two hours ago when I asked him to let you go and to become the president of EcoModa again. He told me that he couldn’t do it, that he had to leave and that he understood that to you he was your “maleficio” (translation from Spanish: harm caused as through witchcraft, a curse, or spell) a karma; he said the same thing to his Margarita. He’s leaving to forget you Beatriz; He is destroyed. I love Armando Mendoza, but I also understand that love can’t be selfish, that loving someone means looking out for his welfare, with or without me. That’s why I am telling you all this. You’ll have to see what you do……….

Marcela gets up to leave.

Betty: Dona Marcela, I am truly sorry that both of you weren’t able to work things out. I swear to you that I kept my promise; I didn’t allow temptation to get the better of me and I turned him down every time he sought me out.

Marcela: I know it, otherwise I would have never told you the truth.

Betty: Dona Marcela, thank you.

Marcela: Don’t thank me, show me, do something for the company, do something for him…………

Marcela walks out of the office.

The cuartel is like hens in a coop. They are all upset and nervous and talking about resigning. Daniel asks Patty for the status report of the company and she walks toward the cuartel. Patty starts clapping her hands in that all familiar way of hers as if to hurry Sofia up. Sofia explains to Daniel that the report is ready but that she is waiting for Betty to finish her meeting so that she can go over it with him. Patty yanks the report from Sofia’s hands and gives it to Daniel who thinks Patty has been very efficient.

Patty has her usual funny exchange with the cuartel and tells them that they better shape up or she will have Wilson playing soccer with them (using them as the balls). Marcela walks toward her office and is intercepted by Patricia but she doesn’t tell her anything, and says she doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Armando (with a very sad albeit handsome face) is on his way out and the cuartel stops him and tries to convince him to stay. They tell him that Daniel will be the president, which would be catastrophic. Armando asks them to speak to Betty and to convince her to stay; Daniel won’t be a match for her. Armando tells the cuartel to remember he loves them. Freddy talks to Armando with his usual humor next the elevator. Freddy is indignant that Armando didn’t tell him he was resigning. Armando asks him to take care of Aura Maria and to get back together with her and marry her. Freddy tells him he’d go back with her and have ten children if Armando stays. Freddy tells Armando that how can he be the best man if he’s not there. Armando tells him he’ll call and if he’s getting married to Aura Maria, he’ll be sure to be there. He tells Freddy that he (Freddy) was the best president EcoModa had (Hahaha). As the elevator doors close, Armando tells them he’ll miss them.

Inesita says that the only one who can stop Don Armando is Betty. They all run toward Betty’s office and tell her that Armando has left EcoModa. Betty asks them, “Where to?”

The Cuartel is continuing their conversation with Betty and Inesita has just finished telling Betty that they do not know where Armando has gone, but that he said he was going far away. Sandra asks Betty if she is sure that she wants to let him go. Betty replies that she doesn’t know, she’s very confused. Bertha wants to know if her confusion is due to whatever Marcela said to her. The Cuartel asks Betty to tell them about the conversation. Betty, in tears, informs them that Marcela told her about Armando’s intimate life. A story that she did not know.

Daniel, with reports in hand, yells for Patricia. Patricia comes out of a back room and begins her play for him. Patricia gets into position, hikes up her very short black skirt, bends her leg and begins to pull up her hose at the very top part of her thigh.

Patricia - Yes, tell me Daniel.

Daniel turns around and catches the show that is being put on for his benefit and asks that she inform Betty that he needs to speak to her. He gives her one of his fake smiles while he is eyeing her up and down. Patricia swings towards him.

Patricia - Of course, Daniel.

At the time that Daniel returns to the conference room and Patricia is trying to call Betty, Betty and the Cuartel exit from Betty’s office. Inesita is telling Betty that she knew that Armando was in love with her and gives her a hug. Bertha tells her that she needs to call Armando because when a man who falls in love with an ugly woman, and one as ugly as Betty was, you cannot let him get away. It is obvious that Betty does not care too much for Bertha’s remarks.

Patricia notices the Cuartel and rapidly approaches them.

Patricia - Listen, Betty. Don’t you realize that Doctor Valencia is waiting for you.

Since Patricia talked to Betty in a disrespectful manner, Sandra orders her to show more respect towards Betty. Patricia tells them that she is getting tired of them and reminds Betty that new President is waiting for her. After she leaves, Sofia tells Betty about the incident where Patricia took the reports out of her hands and handed them over to Daniel. Betty tells them that it is best that she go see what he wants. Sandra asks what about Armando. Betty says that she will first go see Daniel.

Betty enters the conference room and Daniel informs her that he has assumed the president’s role until the Executive Committee formally meets to appoint him as President. As far as her resignation is concerned, he will accept it. He asks her to sit. Betty offers to bring him up-to-date on all of the Company’s business, however, Daniel is only interested in hearing about the status dealing with the creditors and the banks. Betty tells him that all of that information is in the reports. But, she would like to know why he is only interested in that end of the business. Daniel believes that as soon as those two hear about her resignation they will panic and demand full payment. He would like to hold a meeting with them in order to come to an agreement.

Betty, looking a bit surprised, wants to know what kind of an agreement. Daniel gives her a look as though saying, “You know what I mean”. Betty reminds him that the Company is recovering well and she does not feel that it is necessary to meet with the creditors. Unless he is planning to turn over the Company to them. Daniel tells her that they will tear them into pieces upon hearing that she is leaving. He would prefer to negotiate and salvage what he can of the Company. Betty tells him that what he wants to do is liquidate the Company and take what he can.

Betty - This is what you have wanted from the beginning, isn’t it?

Daniel tells her that the Company will dissolve. Whatever family ties there were ended when Armando and Marcela ended.

Daniel - Roberto only wants to rest and Armando is not good for anything.

Betty angrily gets up and informs Daniel that he is wrong.

Betty - Armando is of great value and I am going to prove to you that you are wrong. I am not going to allow you to dissolve Eco Moda. Remember that it is still under my rule.

Daniel reminds her that she has resigned and asks that she leave them in peace. Betty walking towards her office informs him that she will not allow him to cause a panic with the banks.

Betty - Enjoy your few minutes as President!

Betty informs the Cuartel of Daniel’s plan. Sofia tells her that she can’t fight Daniel alone. The Cuartel agrees. Sandra says that Dona Margarita has left and the only other person is Marcela.

Sandra - Of course, there is Don Armando. That is, if he hasn’t boarded a flight and left.

Betty asks Sandra to try to reach him on his cellular telephone. Sandra reaches him and after finding out that he is in production she asks that he wait until she gets there. As the Cuartel is waiting at the elevator, Patricia tries to figure out what is going on. Freddy arrives and decides to join them. After they leave, Patricia looks confused.

Guiterrez and Armando are down in production where they have gathered the workers to tell them of Armando’s departure. The workers are shocked at his departure. While Armando is speaking, the Cuartel arrives.

Back on the executive floor, Don Hermes arrives and greets Patricia. Patricia greets him without looking at him. Don Hermes asks if Betty is around and Patricia informs him that she went to production. When Don Hermes asks for directions, Patricia answers him without looking at him and in a manner that lets him know that he is bothering her.

Don Hermes - In any case, thank you Miss Platinum.

As he walks away he laughs and Patricia looks up and says to herself that he is another that will be leaving and snaps her fingers. She mocks his laugh.

Armando is telling production how as a child he had dreamed of being President of the Company. He continues to say how he had obtained it as well as the nightmare of losing it. The Cuartel looks on sadly. He tells them that he stayed because both the Company and the workers are his life. He tells him that he has come to the decision to resign and leave. The works mourn with shock. He tells them that it is something that he has to do. He tells them that he is going to a far away country, but that he would be happier to stay with them.

Nicolas is coming out of his office calling for Sofia. When he realizes that the Cuartel is not around he wonders what has happened to the witches. He notices Patricia coming around the corner and hurriedly steps back into his office far enough so that he is not seen by Patricia. Patricia looks around to make sure that no one is around and enters the conference room. Nicolas, who did notice, steps out of his office.

Patricia - Daniel, I was asking myself if you needed anything?

Daniel - It could be. (Looking her over)

Patricia - K-K-K, very good. Tell me, do you need me to work on a report. Remember that I have six semesters of finance from San Marino. Daniel is shaking his head up and down, looking her over with his mouth open. Patricia continues, “I could be your right-hand assistant. Of course, if you improve my economic condition.”

Nicolas has reached the doors to the conference room and is listening to the conversation.

Daniel - I would be delighted for you to be my assistant. My right-hand. I can promise you that I can improve your economic condition. (Our regular seduction music begins.)

Patricia - Really Daniel. I always knew it. We would make a great team. Tell me what is it that you need.

Daniel - Sex.

Nicolas is surprised by his request.

Patricia asks Daniel not to begin again. She tells him that she is talking about work. Daniel says that he is also talking about work. He begins to touch and smell her hair. Patricia tells him that he is offending her. Daniel tells her that her perfume is exciting him and also the manner in which she arranged her hose. Daniel has put his head down to her neck and is running his hand up the same thigh in which she adjusted her hose.

Patricia is objecting, but not very strong. She is telling him that someone could catch them and that this was not the type of relationship that she expected. During this conversation, Nicolas is still outside listening with his hands in his pockets and a very sad look on his face.

Patricia continues with her protests while Daniel kisses her neck. While telling him that he has gone from work to personal she moans at his kisses, draws him closer and puts her arm around his neck. It is at this moment that Nicolas opens the doors to the conference room. They immediately stop and Patricia asks Nicolas why he opened the door in that manner. Nicolas apologizes and says that he did not realize that they were in there. He closes the door and leaves. Daniel arranges his tie and shakes his head at Patricia and tells her that her boyfriend is jealous. Patricia asks, “What boyfriend? What boyfriend?”

Nicolas is standing outside the conference room and hears Patricia tell Daniel that there is nothing between her and that guy. She comes out of the conference room and notices Nicolas standing there. Noticing that he is upset, she tells him not to think bad. She tells him that she and Daniel have known each other for a long time and were only playing.

Nicolas - Clearly, clearly, you were only playing. Give me my cellular and the keys to my car.

Patricia - What for?

Nicolas - What do you mean, what for? They’re mine. They are my car and my cellular. I don’t want to know another thing about you for the rest of my life.

Patricia - Nicolas, are you trying to make me believe that just because you leant me your cellular and car, you believed that there would be something between us?

In short, he answers yes. Patricia tells him that he is offending her and calls him a “desgraciado”. She goes to get the telephone and keys. She tells him that she will not allow him to treat her like a loose woman and that she has a future atEco Moda. On the hand, he and Betty are on their way out.

Nicolas - You know what? You are nothing but a photograph, a fraud. Only money, money. That is the only thing that moves you. You picture should have been stamped on a bill.

Patricia looks really hurt by his words and is left standing there after he leaves. Daniel comes out and tells her that she and Nicolas had a romantic conversation. Patricia comes to and tells him that Nicolas is crazy.

Patricia - Nicolas and Betty are on their way out. Those of us that are important are staying.

Daniel shakes his head in agreement and shuts the door of the conference room, leaving her outside.

Armando is telling production not to worry that they are being left with an excellent President and the best that the Company has ever had. He goes on to compliment Betty. He says that she is a marvelous professional, brilliant and a good human being. He goes on to say that she entered Eco Moda unjustly as an assistant and this was due to their lack of taking notice of her value, her capacity and hard work. He says that due to that she learned the Company and she scarified days and nights working there. She learned how Eco Moda worked and she learned it better than he.

Armando - She was my right-hand. She was my life.

Guiterrez informs Armando that Betty is there and he turns to look at her. Betty and Armando stare at each other.


As Armando is speaking, Gutierrez lets him know that Betty has entered Production. Armando continues his speech, without taking his eyes off Betty. He exalts her professional and personal virtues. Once he’s done, Betty climbs to the stage and says to all the employees:

Betty: First of all, I want to clarify that I am not going to continue at the head of EcoModa. This morning I gave my resignation letter to the board of directors.

We hear the voices of protest of all the employees, including the cuartel.

Betty: Of course, Dr. Mendoza already knows this, and I want to thank him for his words and his attempts to keep me in the presidency. I am hear to ask HIM to give up his idea of resigning, of leaving EcoModa. As he said so well, his dream since he was a child was to direct this business. This dream was completed; he had to retire because of an error in which I also participated. Since the first day I set foot here, I have admire Don Armando, I owe hime a lot. We both made mistakes on the road, because of a crazy …. , It took us to the abyss. However, I never stopped believing in Don Armando, as an executive or as the man who ought to be at the head of this company. I know that with a second opportunity he will be able to do better than anyone else could. (To Armando) Dr., this is your company, your patrimony, your future, yours and your family’s. I entered the company as a secretary, and I continue as one more employee. I do not accept your resignation Doctor. (as she tears up the letter)

Everyone applauds.

Armando: No!

Betty: Doctor, I beg you to stay here at your company.

Armando: No. The company still has many problems, problems that if Beatriz Pinzon can’t solve, no one can.

Betty: Dr. Valencia accepted my resignation and at this moment is thinking of setting up a meeting of all the creditors. I want to tell you Doctor, that Dr. Valencia wants to liquidate the company. Therefore you cannot leave EcoModa.

Everyone is in revolt. Freddy jumps up on the stage and tries to bring Betty and Armando together. Bertha goes to the stage and says that they do not want either Betty or Armando to leave. Sandra pleads with them not to leave them orphans. Sofia begs them to let go of their pride and to stay. All the employees yell at once: Stay, stay, stay, stay!!!

Armando: Look. I would stay at the side of this woman forever with pleasure. I would not let her escape from me. With her I grew; thanks to her today I am another person, although too late. I already told you that since I was I child I have dreamt of being the president of this company; today as a man, the only thing I dream of is to live at the side of this woman. But it is too late; I already told you; she doesn’t have space in her heart for me. I’m very sorry.

Don Hermes enters production, very interested in what is going on and not particularly happy.

Berta goes up to Betty and pinches her. ‘Say something!’

Everyone in production is yelling; ‘Say something, say something!’

Betty: I have already pardoned you, Doctor, once one afternoon by the sea and I have pardoned you a thousand and one times. All human beings make mistakes; we all blow it. That’s why pardon exists. I also made a mistake and I paid for it very hard. You also. Therfore this is not the moment for reproaches and for looking backwards. We have to look forward and see what we can do for them (the employees) and the company.

Freddy interrupts, puts their hands together (as if he were a priest at a wedding ceremony) and says: Dr. Armando Mendoza, do you agree to work at the side of Dra Beatriz Pinzon in good times and bad, until the company is finished?

Armando: I’ll work with her, as long as she continues being the president of this company.

Freddy to Betty: Dra. Beatriz Pinzon Solano, will you work at the side of Dr Armando Mendoza here in the company, in good times and bad until the the company no longer exists?

Betty: That is my heart’s desire

Freddy: ‘Then, I declare you president and vice president’ and tries to put Armando’s ID tag on but just stuffs it in his pocket. The music of Montaner’s ‘Besame’ is heard.

Armando: I love you Beatriz Pinzon

Betty: I also love you, Doctor

Hermes is not pleased, to say the least. He goes up to the stage, tugs on Betty’s jacket, and calls what he’s just heard and seen a spectacle. He tells her that they need to talk very seriously.

Armando says to Betty that they both need to talk to Don Hermes but that first they need to stop Daniel Valencia. Everyone surrounds them to hug and give kisses.


Armando and Betty arrive at the meeting room. Daniel is seated, very important looking…

Armando: Daniel Valencia, you are delirious if you think that you are going to be president of this company and dead if you think you are going to liquidate it.

Daniel: Why don’t you just tkae your assistant out to a bar for a drink. Get drunk and then go to sleep.

Armando: You know, we might just do that, Valencia, once you are gone from here. But we are not going to permit you to be the president or for you to finish off EcoModa.

Daniel: Mendoza, I appreciate the sentimental vlaue of your words, but they lack truth. You were the president of this company; you worked hard (ha ha) but now you don’t have anything to do here; it’s my turn.

Armando: Oh Danny, you are crazy if you think you are going to name yourself president of EcoModa. Somehow I don’t think the board of directors will take kindly to your intention of liquidating the company. And if by a remote possibility they do contemplate this action, I will find myself under the painful obligation to have to remind everyone that Beatriz Pinzon is the owner of this company; then I will have to tell the lawyers and Beatriz to make the lien effective. You’ll be left without a penny.

Daniel: What a surprise, Mendoza. You prefer to leave the company in the hands of a complete stranger…

Armando: She will always be a stranger to you but for me she is the woman of my life.

Daniel: Congratulations, you’ve finally made a good business decision.

Armando: Look Valencia, Do you prefer to continue with your intentions of telling the next board meeting the idea of liquidating and I will make the embargo effective, or would you rather get out of here and leave us in peace to work.

Daniel: I hope to continue receiving my monthly check. (and to Betty) How much did you have to transform yourself for him to want to stay with you…(He leaves)

Armando: Until the very last moment, he had to be venemous Beatriz. But we’re not going to have problems about thjis. You know that I have always loved you, for a long time…

Betty: Si, Doctor

Armando: Don’t call me doctor, ok?

Betty: OK don Armando

Armando: Not that either. Call me Armando, nothing more, because if not, I’m going to have to start calling you Dra. Pinzon. OK, repeat after me… Armando, I love you’

Betty repeats after him, fumbles and laughs.

Armando; that laugh. How long it’s been since I’ve heard it.



The cuartel arrives from production, very very happy. This does not please Patricia one bit. She warns them that she will rat on them to Valencia, the new president of EcoModa. At that moment, he leaves the Meeting Room and goes to the elevator (that famous elevator). When Patricia realizes that Betty and Armando are staying, she begs Daniel to take her with him. His response? ‘Leave me alone, Pelitenida!” Patty has no other option that to swallow her words and go to her desk like a meek dove. The cuartel is in its glory.

Don Hermes comes out of the Presidencia to remind Betty that he needs to speak with her. Armando tell her that both of them will speak with Don Hermes, and they agree to tell their story to Don Hermes, except the part about the deception.

When Don Hermes sees both enter (Betty trips into Armando; he lovingly laughs and holds her up), he says he only wants to speak with her. Armando, surely and firmly says that he will speak with both because he (Armando) is crazy in love with Beatriz.

We rejoin our lovebirds in Betty’s office as Don Hermes questions Armando and Betty about their relationship. He wonders what happened with Armando and Marcela. Armando answers that the relationship had been over for a while (technically, but not really Armandito - little white lie there!). That by the time he fell in love with Betty there really wasn’t anything there with Marcela… Don Hermes is not very happy about the fact that Betty had not shared this bit of “news” with him. Can you imagine? Papa, says Betty, I’m having an affair with my boss!!!

A few months later - during which we HOPE Armando and Betty have been able to do more than kiss…

Armando and Betty are sitting on the sofa at Betty’s house and Armandito, matter of factly, tells Don Hermes that he and Betty are getting married. Don Hermes is completely blown away, while Doña Julia - who has one up on the old guy since she knows the WHOLE story - looks rather pleased! Don Hermes asks why, and Armando’s response has to be a classic which takes guts!! He responds that he’s tired of having to ask every time he wants to go out with Betty, having sofa dates (my mother said that this was EXACTLY how she and my dad had to carry out their engagement!), and that he was tired of sleeping alone (WOW!) and wanted to be with Betty forever. Don Hermes proceeds to ask where they plan to live, and offers his home as the perfect solution. Armando, close to having a heart attack at the prospect of, gulp, living with Don Hermes, thanks him profusely for the kind (NOT) offer and says that he’s going to sell his apartment and they will buy a house that Betty has fallen in love with. Don Hermes wants to know exactly how far they will live from them. JESUS, Don Hermes, leave them alone!!

Don Hermes is pretty much overcome with emotion and is tearing up, as is Julia. Betty tries to make light of it by saying that it’s just too much of a shock for him to think that Betty is getting married since they always thought she’d be a spinster. Don Hermes tells her to bite her tongue, that they never thought that. Then he tells Betty and Armando that he’s going to be in charge of organizing the wedding and paying for everything. Armando tells him that there’s no need, that he and Betty just want a small wedding, but there’s no convincing the old man. There are hugs all around as Don Hermes welcomes Armando to the family. Pobrecito, Armando - this father-in-law is going to be a pain in the butt!! He and Julia leave them alone to go discuss their plans. Betty and Armando kiss - but not before Betty makes sure the coast is clear (how SHWEET!!).

After surviving part 1 of the announcement, they have to go talk to Armando’s parents. Betty explains that she hadn’t seen Roberto and Margarita since she and Armando had reconciled (ouch, can you spell AWKWARD MOMENT COMING UP!?). Armando has told Betty that they are not asking for permission from his parents, just informing them about the marriage. They meet with Roberto and Margarita for drinks (they look so cute holding hands!). Betty tells Roberto that EcoModa is now free from the lien by TerraModa, to which Roberto responds that he’s going to make it official with the Junta and nominate Betty as permanent President. Betty thanks him and they sit. Armando orders champagne to “celebrate,” but makes it clear it is to celebrate their impending marriage. Queen M. asks if they’re sure about the decision, and both say yes, heck, yes. Betty says some very beautiful things about Armandito, and that she knows that she’s not perfect and knows that he actually fell in love with many of those imperfections. That she doesn’t know what the future holds, but that she will be a friend, lover, and partner to their son. I’m going to start crying now! Queen M., to Armando and Betty’s distress, will become the wedding planner from hell… Imagine, Hermes and this woman taking over. Betty and Armando should just get a priest and elope.

Betty narrates how Marcela and Patricia left EcoModa “forever.” Poor Marcela, looked like she was going to jail as Patty grabbed on to her on the elevator. Have we noticed that all the “not nice” characters (although after her heart-to-heart with Betty, Marcela redeemed herself) are last seen getting on the elevator???!!

Nicolás is roaming EcoModa’s halls like a lost soul since his Patty left. He realizes that he needs to forget her, and Betty is trying hard to get him to notice other women. As he’s saying that he can’t, in walks the “new face of EcoModa,” and Nicolás’ mood picks up quite a bit. Nico needs Cata to have a talk with him…

We see Betty in Hugo’s old lair, being fitted for her wedding dress with Inesita and Bettina, the designer. In a voice over she says that Queen M. has taken over everything, including the dress… Armando arrives and says, hola mi amor (ahhhh), and Betty responds hola mi amor as well… However, he says that not all is wine and roses because an unexpected “guest” has arrived…Last time in Betty, Armando tells Ines and Betty that he has bad news ……someone came to visit ………


Betty is being fitted for her wedding dress by the designer Bettina and Inesita. Armando has just announced that there’s a surprise visitor and steps aside for the grand entrance of… … Hugo Lombardi! Hugo is accompanied by two male friends.

Hugo (his arms spread wide, sweeping in dramatically): Well, here I am! The magic has arrived, the magic has arrived, the color has arrived, life has arrived!!

Inesita – Aaaay, don Hugo!!!!

Hugo gives Inesita a big hug and a kiss … then he jokingly tells her that he brought her something from his vacation trip…an inflatable doll as a boyfriend. :o)

Hugo looks over to where Armando is standing next to Betty and notices Bettina Spitz, the designer (in real life, one of Colombia’s well known designers) and asks her if she’s his replacement at EcoModa. Betty chimes in that she is only at EcoModa to design her wedding dress. Upon hearing this, Hugo responds that rumors of the wedding had already reached him and tells Betty and Armando, in a tone dripping with sarcasm, that they are made for each other, like dirt to a nail. Betty and Armando exchange smiling looks … it seems the vacation hasn’t changed Hugo one bit!

Hugo tells Bettina to come and kiss him hello and thanks her for taking his job while he was away. Bettina asks Hugo about his boyfriend, “el checito su merced”, and Hugo states that checito dumped him, but in replacement, not only does he have one, but two marvelous specimens: Dago and Darío (their names, BTW, are the names of the writers of “Pedro el Escamoso”, Colombia’s newest novela hit) … and he introduces his male friends. Betty asks Hugo if he intends to definitely remain working as EcoModa’s designer, but Armando interrupts saying that he’s sure he’s only come for a visit. However, Hugo immediately straightens matters out and tells Armando that he’s staying and he’s not moving from Colombia because it’s his country and he’s very happy there. He only has two conditions for assuming again his designer role at EcoModa: he would like Dago and Darío to work with him. Betty doesn’t see a problem with this and agrees to Hugo’s demands

Hugo sits down at his old worktable and asks when the wedding will be, not because he wants to be invited – he clarifies – as he could never attend due to his loyalty to “Marge”. Hugo adds that Betty’s family must be dancing a jig on one foot from the happiness of knowing that the miracle they’d been waiting for had come true: the ‘fea’ caught a husband, and then continues to harass the happy couple by asking whether the best man and maid of honor will be Herman and Lilly Munster. During this snippy little speech, Armando puts his arm around Betty and draws her closer as if to protect her from Hugo’s digs.

Hugo calls his two new pets to come sit with him. They flutter over and fuss over him. He smacks their hands in a goofy way that makes Betty and Armando smile with amusement at his typical antics. As they exchange smiling glances, Hugo proceeds to ask Inesita to bring him a ‘valeriana’ to celebrate the happy occasion.

AT CASA PINZONAmid a pile of bids sent over by Margarita for the wedding plans she is arranging, Don Hermes and Nicolás are at the dining room table trying to tallying up the total cost. Each bill gives Nicolas opportunity to tease Hermes. Fabulous sums for liquor, food, and orchestra. Each number makes Hermes alternately grab his head or clutch his heart. Nico keeps suggesting goofy ways to save money. Like he’ll come to the party having eaten already. Like they can dispense with the musicians and get some CD’s. Better yet, just let Betty live with Armando without getting married and save the whole thing! Because it appears that there is no better way to impoverish yourself than to marry a rich man!! Hermes testily declares that no woman in his family has ever been involved in concubinage and it certainly isn’t going to start with his daughter!

When Nicolás adds in the last bill and tells Don Hermes that the sum comes to $16,600,000 pesos, Hermes loses it and says that there has to be another option other than such an expensive wedding. Doña Julia comes in to find out what’s going on. Hermes launches into an exasperated list of all the excessive expenses and is irked that there are 200 guests, of which only 20!! are from the Pinzon side. He complains that getting involved with Dona Margarita, the mother of the groom, is like getting involved with a “mad cow”, LOL. Julia rolls her eyes, asking him what he was thinking to offer to pay for everything. He retorts that he never imagined… never!… that such an excessive event would be proposed. Julia says the only thing to do is to talk to Betty and Armando about the problem.

BETTY AND ARMANDO ARRIVE AT THE PINZON HOMEBetty and Armando come in the front door (apparently after work). Betty calls out “Hello” and is answered by a call from the dining room. She starts to head in that direction, but Armando drags her playfully into the living room for a quick kiss before they have to be proper in front of conservative Hermes. But Hermes and Julia arrive from the back of the house to catch them at it, and they grin guiltily. Hermes asks them to sit down, that he needs to discuss the wedding with them. He mentions the great cost, the large number of guests, and asks them if they would consider something more simple. He suggests a much smaller wedding, something typical since they live in a typical country :o) Betty and Armando glance at each other, then Betty asks Hermes and Julia to give them a few minutes alone to talk it over.

Alone, Betty tells Armando she really would rather have a smaller wedding. It’s getting so big and she would just rather have the people they actually know and love around them at this personal event. Armando is mooning over her the whole time, barely paying attention. He’s kissing her hand and toying with a strand of her long hair. When she finishes, he tells her he agrees completely. If it were up to him, they’d run away and get married by the sea, but instead they can have a simple, intimate ceremony, just as Don Hermes would like. After a few more gooey looks and caresses, they call Hermes and Julia back and give them the good news. Hermes can breathe again!

AT AN OUTDOOR CAFÉ IN BOGOTABetty and Armando meet with Margarita and Roberto in the evening at an outdoor café. Armando, grasping Betty’s hand in a show of solidarity, informs his mother that they want to change the wedding plans to a very small and simple event. Margarita is distressed. It’s clear that she was happily geared up for a major social happening. She protests that she has already invited many important people, who have already responded that they will come, including heads of companies and even several government ministers! Well then, she’ll make some changes in the plans at the Country Club, and…

Armando interrupts her. No, mother. Not the Country Club. Not anything that has been planned so far. Margarita is dumbfounded! Well, what then? How will you be married - in a civil ceremony, or a Catholic one, and where? Armando says a Catholic ceremony, probably at a church here in Bogota. Margarita turns to Roberto for help, but he tells her he agrees with Armando. What?! You too?! she protests, realizing that she is beaten. Roberto tells her that it’s their son’s wedding, not theirs, and if Betty and Armando want to invite only friends and relatives, then they’ve got to go along with it. Margarita responds that she had only wanted to highlight this special moment in her son’s life, and unhappily gives in . Armando then asks his parents to be his witnesses and informs them that Nicolás Mora and Catalina Angel will be Betty’s witnesses.

After Roberto and Margarita agree about the wedding, Armando asks Roberto for a word in private. They go off to the side and Armando tells Roberto that he would like to give Betty a surprise at the wedding and that he has heard that Armando Manzanero (the famous Mexican song writer and singer) is in town … can Roberto contact his TV-producer friend who is a close associate of Manzanero’s in order to arrange a special favor? Roberto agrees to help.

AT THE RCN TV STUDIOSArmando enters the studio and is greeted by Roberto’s friend, who takes him up on the dais where Armando Manzanero and Olga Tañon (a famous singer) are preparing to participate in talk show. He introduces Armando to the two celebrities. Armando asks “Maestro” Manzanero if the mutual friend had talked to him about Armando’s request. Yes, yes. He begins to talk to Armando about what he has in mind… (we are left to be surprised too…)

AT THE ORTHODONTISTBetty, on the other hand, is at the orthodontist’s … she has gone with Cata to FINALLY get her braces off. While they wait, Cata asks Betty if Michel knows she’s getting married and Betty answers that she hasn’t seen him since the night that they were at the bar and Armando got Ricardo Montaner to serenade her, but he had become aware of the feelings she and Armando had for each other. Michel had later called and told her that he was going back to Cartagena and wished her the best of luck.

BETTY’S BEDROOM - DAY OF THE WEDDING!!It’s morning and Betty is dressed casually, sitting on her bed in her girlish room with the stuffed toys still nearby, writing in her diary… as we have seen her do so many times before. But now she looks like she has outgrown this little room. She is glowing, and quietly confident, in spite of writing that she hopes Armando will still love her as he did before all the changes she has been through. Before the “new” her! She smiles to herself, and we see the latest change…very straight, very pretty white teeth. No more braces!! The last of the “fea” has been left behind.

Doña Julia comes in and tells her that the hair-stylist has arrived to do her hair for the wedding. She asks Betty what she’s doing. Betty tells her she’s just finishing up her diary and she’ll be down in just a moment.

STREET IN FRONT OF CASA PINZONThe family Pinzon is leaving the house to go to the wedding. We see Don Hermes’ precious clunker of a car parked in front, all decked out with flowers for its role as bridal carriage. Hermes has on a nice dark suit, and Julia looks very pretty in a blue suit. Betty is lovely in a beautifully simple, long white gown with a matching shawl draped at her elbows. Her hair is done in a braid with small pink roses adorning it and she’s carrying a simple bouquet of pink roses with their long stems bound in white ribbon. As they come down the walkway towards the car, Julia is a little nervous about being on time, and Hermes tells her not to worry because Pinzon’s are always on time!

As they get in Hermes’ old car, Román and his gang cannot pass this opportunity to try to bother Betty and irritate Don Hermes and they start yelling the news throughout the neighborhood that the ‘fea local’ is getting married today.

Julia bends carefully into the back seat, and Betty folds her gown into the passender side as Hermes goes to start the car. It makes an rr-rr noise, but doesn’t start. Julia immediately gets more nervous, and Betty looks alarmed. Hermes says don’t get nervous, you’ll make me nervous! He tries again. Nothing. Uh oh! He says he had the whole car looked over to make sure it would be ready for the wedding. Just give it a minute. It’ll start. Betty’s rolling her eyes.

AT THE CHURCHEveryone is arriving. Aura Maria and Berta wonder if there will be a party after the ceremony. Berta comments: Well, if Betty’s dad planned this wedding, that means that there isn’t going to be one. Armando’s nerves have already made him a little irritable [that’s our Armi! :o)], and he fumes “For God’s sake, Berta, we just wanted something a little more intimate. We’ll arrange a party later!” Sophia comments that Nicolas is not bothering to wait for the party and points to him lurking just outside the wrought iron gates of the church taking nervous nips out of a pocket-sized bottle of liquor. Armando calls him over and asks him what he’s doing on his best friend’s wedding day. Nico answers that weddings upset him. Armando declines the swig Nico offers, as do the Cuartel. Nicolas scuttles away and Armando looks annoyed. The girls comment that Nicolas is drinking so that he can forget about his “Pelitinitis” (jejeje) - otherwise known as Patricia Fernandez “la Pelitinida”.

By now, Betty is obviously late, and Armando is pacing nervously in front of the church. Gutierrez takes him aside to offer his fussy congratulations. He goes to give Armando a hug, and Armando tersely cautions him not to crush the little corsage in his buttonhole. Next, Freddie snags him to ask if he’s excited about his honeymoon. Armando distractedly tells him that he is. Freddie asks where will they be going. Armando visibly gets a grip on his nerves in order to be polite and tells him that first they will go to a suite at a hotel in Bogota and then the next day they are leaving for a Carribean Cruise. Freddie says it’s an excellent choice to trade the chill of Bogota for the warm climes of the cruise and tells Armando that soon he will asks Aura Maria to marry him. Aura Maria hears this and asks WHEN will he ask her. He tells her that as soon as he makes more money than Armando (which probably is never). This starts a little argument which the entire Cuartel joins in on, prompting Freddy to throw up his hands and cry to Armando that he’s got the misfortune of a whole “cuartel of suegras” (gang of mothers-in-law!) Armando is backing up and nodding vaguely, but obviously completely re-claimed by his worries about his non-appearing bride.

STREET IN FRONT OF CASA PINZONBetty is now in the driver’s seat and Hermes is under the hood with his jacket off and his shirtsleeves rolled up. He tells Betty to try again. She bounces up and down as the old car goes rr-rr-rr-rr, but doesn’t start. Julia is beside herself with anxiety and says enough!…they’ve got to take Betty’s car instead. Betty reminds her that Nicolas has her car, and he’s at the church already. Hermes says never mind…the church is only a few blocks away and they will walk.

As they start off, the neighbors shout jokes and congratulations. A group of children come running down the street, and the last one is little Betty la Feita - an new version of the ugly little duckling that has now become our beautiful swan. As the other children run on, La Feita stops in the middle of the street to wave goodbye. Betty stops too, looking back at her with nostalgia and tenderness. The tides of past, present, and future swirl around them as they gaze across the street at one another, waving, their eyes glistening with emotion. Betty seems to be waving hope and courage to young Feita, and also waving goodbye, a final good bye to her past, a past “de una fea”. Hermes breaks the magical moment by dashing up and hurrying her along. They must get to the next begining…

AT THE CHURCHRoberto comes out to the church entryway where everyone is milling around in anxious confusion and asks what is happening. Cata is calling Betty’s house on her cell phone, but says Betty must be on her way because nobody is answering the phone. Hearing this, Margarita urges everyone to go inside and take their seats. She drags a reluctant Armando inside with her. Cata tells Nico where to find her in the pew to the left. Nico says he’ll catch up to her. He hangs back and when everyone has gone, he surreptitiously throws the cap to his liquor bottle away, puts a straw into the bottle and the bottle in his inner jacket pocket. Then he tests taking a quick sip from the straw while holding his lapel up as a screen. Satisfied, he enters the church.

Roberto is fidgeting in the front row. Gutierrez tells him to calm down, that the bride will arrive “when she arrives”. It will be OK. Berta takes the delay as an opportunity to sneak a mouthful of chips from a stash in her purse. Her seat-mate, Inesita, hears her munching and whirls around to reproach her. For God’s sake, Berta, you’re in church! Berta hurriedly re-stashes the chips and crosses herself as she chews.

Margarita is overcome by tension and gets up again and goes to Armando who is pacing in the aisle. They have a tense whispered battle..I’m, no, perfectly fine… dont worry, really… I’m not nervous… Margarita leaves him to pace again, followed back and forth by the little boy and girl who are ring bearers. Freddy rises from his pew as Armando passes by and tries to lighten him up by making a lame joke about Betty and telling time and… Armando gives him such a severe stare that he doesn’t even finish, and sits back down. Armando takes another turn, looks at his watch, waves his hand, looks at the kids following him, sighs.

STREETS OF BOGOTAThe Pinzon family is hurrying along. Betty in her long gown, clutching her bouquet, is trotting between her parents. They come flying around the corner by the church and as they dash into the churchyard, Betty does her typical little trip, catches herself, and keeps going. The camera holds on the gateway to the church and we see Roman and his gang doing a clownish wedding march past the entrance, and collapsing in giggles.

INSIDE THE CHURCHJust as Margarita, Roberto, and Armando are about to implode, Marianna sees the Pinzons arrive and jumps up to tell them…THE BRIDE HAS ARRIVED! Armando turns around and we see Betty, standing at the foot of the aisle with her parents. Betty and Armando’s eyes lock together as everyone scrambles for their seats. Their intimate gaze seems to make everything else disappear. The pianist begins the wedding march. Julia sets the little ring-bearers in motion. Don Hermes takes his daughter’s arm and slowly they begin to advance past the enthralled guests towards the waiting groom.

When they reach Armando, standing with his mother, Hermes is overcome with emotion. His voice starts to crack, and his eyes tear up. He has to stop for a second to compose himself. He tells Armando that he’s always seen his daughter as a precious treasure, the most sacred thing in his life, and he tells Armando to take good care of his daughter from here and on and forever. Armando turns to get a goodbye kiss from his mother, then steps forward to take Betty’s arm. The new couple gaze again into each other’s eyes and turn to approach the altar. Just as they take a step, Hermes touches Armando’s arm and leans forward to whisper to him his favorite moral warning… …“Remember, el diablo es puerco!” Armando’s face is a priceless picture of bewilderment at this odd saying! (which we have heard many times from Hermes, but apparently this is the first time Armando has heard it!)

As the couple approaches the altar, Hermes goes over to where Margarita and Roberto are sitting across the aisle and invite them to join him and Julia as one family, united. They cross the aisle and while Margarita sits next to Julia, Hermes and Roberto have a little “you go first…no, you go first” tussle about who will enter the pew next. Finally, Hermes goes first and as he sits he makes a whispered introduction between Julia and Roberto and Margarita.

The priest enters and stands on the dais in front of Armando and Betty. (He is the actual priest of that church, a well-known figure in Bogota with an energetic and informal style.) He announces that before the ceremony begins, the groom has arranged a surprise for his bride. Armando Manzanero and Olga Tanon come out (to gasps of amazement from the guests - and Armando looks very pleased with himself and with Betty’s wonderment) and perform the song “Somos Novios” (a very famous and beautiful song about a couple and what it means to be in relationship).

As they begin to sing, Hermes glances fondly at Julia, who smiles at him. Freddy and Aura Maria snuggle romantically in their pew, as if it were their own wedding. One of the local kids and his girlfriend have sneaked in and are dancing cheek to cheek in the background. Armando tenderly turns to Betty and takes her glasses off and puts them in his pocket so that she can wipe away her happy tears. We see Wilson removing the dancing kids as they protest. Nicolas, sitting next to Cata, is feeling the effects of his alcohol and looking a little sad. Marianna is singing along happily. Betty leans against Armando, who lovingly kisses the side of her face. Freddy, the would-be groom, kisses Aura Maria. Hermes and Julia give each other another sweet glance…and Julia even seems to get a little bashful at this tender moment. The song ends, and singers give the happy couple their best wishes, and Armando and Betty thank them for their performance.

With Armando and Betty standing before him, the priest begins the ceremony by reading from the Bible an excerpt from St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians that names the qualities of love. We see Roberto and Margarita, both with their hands raised to their chins and slightly frozen expressions, as though it’s finally sinking in that this marriage - so different from what they had dreamed for their son - is actually taking place!

During the reading from Corinthians, Armando and Betty are gazing up at the priest with rapt attention. The alcohol he’s been sipping is starting to get the better of Nicolas, who’s head sinks over onto Cata’s shoulder. She nudges him awake again. When the priest gets to the part about love being patient, we see Dona Julia (who we have seen be endlessly patient with Don Hermes) looking as though she’s ruefully thinking “That’s for sure!” As the reading continues, Armando and Betty seem to begin to glow. Julia is dabbing at her eyes with her handkerchief by now, and Dona Margarita pats her on the shoulder in sympathy. Back with the cuartel, Sophia is also getting weepy.

Finishing with Corinthians, the priest has Armando and Betty sit down on the two chairs (decorated with ribbons and flowers) in front of the altar, and begins his sermon. If a couple wants to be happy, they must learn to love. Love accepts the other person, as he is! Love has the capacity to forgive. (Wilson, overcome with sentimentality, absent-mindedly puts his arm around Gutierrez, who jumps at the touch and brushes him off.) The love you have for each other must be faithful - you must not look on another as being more “divino” than your mate. (Sophia starts to cry on Berta’s shoulder - possibly thinking of her unfaithful ex-husband.) For love to endure you must be loving every day. (Margarita looks with concern at a still quietly sobbing Julia.) You must communicate fully. (Sophia is trying to pull herself together and is wiping her nose.) You must include spirituality in your life. To know the real transcendental values of things that is over and above what you can touch. (Nicolas starts to fall transcendentally asleep, once again nodding over against Cata, who this time has to shove harder to jolt him awake.) These are the three keys to happiness: to love, to communicate fully, and to be capable of transcendental values. This is what it is to be spiritual.

The priest now asks Armando and Betty to stand again in order to exchange vows. Betty looks over her shoulder at her parents. The Pinzon and Mendoza parents are the picture of gravity…as they all realize the moment is upon them to let go of their children. We see Don Hermes’ shocked and nearly grief-stricken face in closeup. Betty and Armando turn towards one another with shining faces. Armando begins, speaking with tender intensity…

I, Armando Mendoza, give myself to thee as your husband, and take thee as my wife. I promise to be faithful (we see Aura Maria nudge Freddy…see,see, faithful!!), to respect you, and to love you during all of my life. (Julia is sobbing again!)

Armando gazes with adoration at Betty as she repeats the same vow in a soft but clear voice…

I, Beatrice Pinzon-Solano, give myself to thee as your wife (Sophia starts dabbing at her eyes again), and take thee as my husband (Sandra gives a long dreamy sigh). I promise to be faithful, to respect you (Freddy gives Aura Maria an elbow… see,see, respect!), and to love you during all of my life.

The priest then instructs them that out of the profound feelings they have expressed from their hearts, the rings they will wear will forever symbolize their promises to each other. He tells Armando to always wear his ring and guard it on his finger… and Betty, the same for you. As Armando and Betty each place a ring on the other’s finger, Freddy and Aura Maria exchange rings in their back pew. The priest asks for everyone to observe a moment of silence for these two who have decided to unite their lives, and Freddy and Aura Maria take advantage of the moment to steal a kiss. Then the priest invites the groom and bride to kiss one another, and everyone starts to applaud for joy as they do.

We now see the scene as if from the entryway. Looking down the aisle, we see the priest blessing Armando and Betty. In the name of the vows you have completed today, and the love and fidelity you have pledged to one another…GO IN PEACE! The pianist begins a triumphant wedding march and Betty and Armando turn toward us, toward their family and friends, and all rush forward to embrace and congratulate them. Hermes gives his daughter a last bear hug before she is grabbed by her eager girlfriends. Armando is nearly pulled off his feet by an enthusiastic Sandra. He takes Betty’s hand and they begin to come toward us with everyone following behind bursting with happiness. They come toward us down the aisle with the changing light from the church windows seeming to accelerate them into the future…

HOTEL SUITEThe church aisle fades out, and now we are in a hotel room with Armando still coming towards us, but now carrying his precious Betty across the threshold. A porter is trying to keep up with the racing Armando, carrying the bags and offering to explain the amenities of the room. Armando is breathlessly saying “Never mind put out the light close the door GOODBYE!” He puts Betty down on the bed and as the camera moves with them it passes by a single candle burning in a glass container. Kneeling over her, Armando murmers with barely restrained passion “Dios mio, alone at last!!” Tenderly, he bends down to kiss her, but as his body begins to press towards hers Betty squirms a little and says “Momentico”…just a little moment. Armando, painfully interrupted, says What, what!. Betty: I have to go to the bathroom. How so? He complains. Shyly, Betty explains that her mother has packed a “baby doll” for her to wear on her wedding night. Armando can’t believe his ears. Um, dearest, he says, let’s do this. Let’s tell you mother that you put it on, and that I loved it! But (as he starts kissing her again) I can’t let you go from here now. Betty gives in and they put the light out as they fall back in an embrace.

The candle gleams in the darkness, and we hear the rustling of their clothing on the bed. Then… more squirmy noises from Betty and another “Momentico, momentico”. Armando’s voice is a little crazed by now. “What, what!” The lights go back on and Betty is sitting on the edge of the bed. Armando has managed to get her shawl tangled around him and is propped on one elbow with his eyes looking rather wild! A little apologetically, Betty says that she has to go to the bathroom because they must be protected. She doesn’t want to get pregnant right away what with all the work remaining at EcoModa. Armando sits up next to her and begins to sweet-talk her. Nothing is going to happen, mi amor. I am sure. Betty looks very uncertain and tries to say “But… Armando gives his best puppy-dog look and says “Have confidence in me”. Betty gives in as he kisses her. As he pulls her towards him he tells her to put out the light. Once again, the candle glows a long moment in the darkness… until…

Waaaahhhh!! The cry of a baby breaks the silence!!

HOSPITAL NURSERYThe darkness lifts as the same nurse we see in the credits lifting the blanket off of newborn Betty now lifts the blanket off of Betty’s newborn! As the “Soy Fea” theme song bursts out, Armando and Hermes lean over us and break into grins, saying Ahhh Goooo! They back out, and in come Margarita and Julia. Margarita immediately sees that we are… an ugly baby!… and quickly backs out of the way. Julia smiles at us as she is pushed aside by the next wave of visitors - the cuartel. Sophia’s smile freezes on her face, Marianna shakes her head, and Sandra actually raises her glasses to squint at us with her own disbelieving eyes. Freddy and Aura Maria and Inesita wave at us. Hermes is proudly pointing at himself, and Nicolas seconds the opinion by pointing at him too.

Everybody leaves and we cut to Betty and Armando looking down at us. (Always throwing in more layers of meaning, the little sign on the wall behind their heads says “Clinica Renaissance”!) Betty and Armando are leaning together with their heads touching, gazing down at their baby (us). Betty is looking serene and content, and Armando is smiling like an idiot. He sighs “Tan linda!” Betty pulls her head back and gives him a perplexed look (are you crazy?). He’s oblivious, mesmerized by his adored offspring. Then she leans happily back against him and they smile at us and coo together “Ahhh Gooo!”

**** THE END ****