Episode 10

In Armando and Betty’s apartment building…

Betty goes down to the garage looking for Armando so they can go to work. Armando, who has hastily hidden Suji in the trash room, rushes over to Betty and asks her what she’s doing there. She asks what he ’s doing and he tells her he was throwing away some trash he found in the car… Armando tells Betty to wait for him upstairs, but she tells him to just get in the car so they can go. Armando shouts for the gate to be opened so they can leave. As Betty gets into the car she notices she’s lost the back to one of her pearl stud-type earrings, so she takes it out of her ear and puts it in a little change-dish sort of thing between the seats so she won’t lose it while she looks for the back. Armando gets into the car, sees the earring and, thinking it’s Suji’s, starts to panic. Outside the garage gate, we see Don Hermes, Doña Julia, Camila, and some girl I don’t know who is holding Camila [Beth: maybe the nanny?]. When Betty is looking the other way, Armando hastily grabs the earring and tosses it out his window. Just then Betty turns back and notices it’s missing. She asks Armando where her earring is. Armando tells her he hasn’t seen any earring. She tells him yes, she just put it right there so she wouldn’t lose it. Armando, who with every passing moment is digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole, cannot believe his bad luck. Betty says it was her grandmother’s earring and she has to find it - her mother will kill her if she finds out Betty’s lost it. Armando the Handsome Fool is on the rise!!

In the vestibule of Armando and Betty’s apartment building we see Suji asking the doorman for help since she doesn’t know where she is, she doesn’t have her purse, she doesn’t have any money and she has to leave. The doorman doesn’t want to help her, but Doña Julia enters the building and upon hearing what is going on, tells the doorman to help the lady. Suji calls EcoModa and asks to speak to Mario Calderón but he hasn’t gotten in yet. So she asks them (doorman & Julia) to get her a taxi and she takes off for EcoModa [Beth: and Doña Julia doesn’t think anything about this strange girl’s being in Betty and Armando’s building and calling Ecomoda??]. Back in Betty’s car, the poor Handsome Fool is whistling, trying to figure out what to do. The camera focuses on the floor in the back of the car where we can see Suji’s purse. Outside Betty and Armando’s apartment building, we see Doña Julia speaking with the doorman about what a strange girl that was - obviously she was drunk.

At EcoModa

Armando and Betty arrive at EcoModa and Armando parks the car in front. Wilson asks Betty what happened to the car… She tells him she didn’t crash it, that it was Armando who did that. Wilson remarks that it looks like the type of crash a woman would have. Just then Mario arrives and, seeing Betty, stays near his car so he doesn’t have to get near her. Betty tells Armando she’s going to go into the office; Armando stays to talk to Mario. All happy, Mario asks Armando how it went with Suji and Armando replies that she was drunk (Mario remarks that maybe that second bottle of whiskey hit her badly) [Beth: gee, you think??]. Armando decides to call the doorman at his apartment building to see if anyone saw Suji. When the doorman answers, Armando explains he’s Armando Mendoza from Apartment 502 and makes up a story about seeing a drunk woman in the parking garage. The doorman tells Armando the drunk woman took a taxi… Mario tells Armando to calm himself, nothing’s happened. Armando replies that he’s never going to forgive Mario for what happened the night before. How could Mario do such a thing as to take a woman to a hotel in his (Armando’s) car, crash the car, make Armando come to look for him, and on top of everything else pay for the “broken plates!!” Mario says he’ll repay Armando for everything. Armando tells him he’s also going to have to pay for some new pearl stud earrings for Beatriz Pinzón Solano de Mendoza. He explains what happened to the earrings but Mario doesn’t get it. Armando becomes desperate - he doesn’t know how to make Mario understand. He tells him the earrings have sentimental value because they were Betty’s dead grandmother’s. Mario says Betty’s grandmother must’ve been uglier than his own and if its about sentimental value, he’ll give her his own grandmother’s earrings. Armando says that if Betty should find out, he will pay with his life. Mario says there aren’t any witnesses, don’t worry. Armando says there were too witnesses - Gutiérrez was at the motel, and saw him and Gabriela when they arrived in the taxi. Mario asks what Gutiérrez was doing at the motel and Armando replies that he was “imitating the ex-Vice President of Commerce,” i.e., Mario.

Kenneth is talking with Gutiérrez as Gabriela arrives. Kenneth explains to Gabriela that Gutiérrez is going to take care of hiring a secretary for the two of them (Kenneth and Gabriela). Gabriela, who after the night before is wise to Gutiérrez’s games, looks at him angrily and tells him that since the secretary will be an employee of Fashion Group, and Fashion Group will be paying her salary, she and Kenneth will have the final say on who is hired. She then asks what happened to the offices for her and Kenneth, and Gutiérrez explains that although they’re not ready yet, they can still see them.

Betty arrives on the second floor and tells the Cartel about the accident Armando had. Then she says that once they know the story, the subject is closed. Gabriela overhears Betty talking about the accident. Bertha asks if there were witnesses and Betty tells them that Armando was with Mario and Gabriela. Gabriela gets a terribly worried look on her face. Kenneth is surprised that no-one’s told him anything. Mario and Armando arrive on the second floor and Gabriela explains there weren’t any problems as a result of the accident. Betty replies that the important thing is, Armando and Gabriela weren’t hurt [Beth: note she doesn’t include Mario - LOL!!]. She then asks Gabriela, Gutiérrez, and Kenneth to accompany her to her office. Mario remarks to Armando that Betty doesn’t seem to be very happy that he’s (Mario’s) alive. Armando replies that nobody ’s pleased that Mario’s alive. Armando and Mario head for Armando’s office and Sandra detains them to tell Mario that Suji called for him. He tells her he doesn’t want to know from Suji and to tell her he’s left. Armando, sarcastically, tells her to say Mario went to the island of Java.

In Betty’s office, she offers her help to Gabriela and Kenneth; she wants to assure them they will hire a secretary and chauffeur for them. Gutiérrez says that he has it all under control and Gabriela asks him if he’s subjected the chauffeur to the same test to which he subjected the secretary he wants to hire… Kenneth tells Betty he’d like to take a tour of the factory to familiarize himself with the employees. Betty says she wants to do something so that Gabriela and Kenneth know everyone. They are just heading off to look at their new offices when Gabriela asks to speak to Betty alone. Gabriela, who is obviously a sensible woman, remarks to Betty how badly she feels about what happened to the car. She says it bothers her that she was involved in this matter with Armando, that Armando was very uncomfortable about everything that happened. Betty tells her not to worry, it was an accident. Before leaving, Gabriela points out to Betty that she’s missing an earring, and Betty replies that she lost it.

Aura María runs into Gutiérrez and Kenneth in the hall… Kenneth and Aura María greet each other very warmly. Kenneth remarks that they haven’t greeted each other (??) and he’s been thinking about her. Just then, Freddy arrives, takes in the little scene, and starts greeting everyone. Aura María ignores him, but finally asks him coolly, “How are you, sir?” then excuses herself to leave. Freddy remarks to himself that she wouldn’t have treated him like that if he’d spoken to her in English and starts to say [in heavily-accented English], “What is this? This is the chair. This is the window…” [poor Freddy!!]

Aura Maria goes into Betty’s office to explain what needs to be done to fix the car. Betty asks her to look for the insurance policy and to ask Freddy to take the car to the insurance adjuster, but not until after he’s taken everything out of the car and put it in a bag. And if they find the earring, to put it in the bag as well; Wilson should bring the bag to her. Outside the office, we see Gutiérrez explain to the rest of the Cartel, Kenneth and Gabriela that Kenneth and Gabriela’s secretary will be at the desk that used to be Blondie-Barbie’s [Patricia’s] and that Gabriela will be using Marcela’s old office. Kenneth will be given an office closer to the production plant. Inesita approaches and tells Gutiérrez that a friend of her daughter’s, who used to live in Canada, is going to come in to interview for the secretarial post and she would be really good for the job since she’s bilingual. Gutiérrez is horrified at the idea he might play favorites in the hiring process [Merci: of course, since he’s already “interviewed” Miss Ramírez in the motel…!]. Gutiérrez, Kenneth and Gabriela leave and Aura María wonders what witch they’ll have put in as their companion. They are all in agreement in their hope that it won’t be another Patricia. Just then, the elevator doors open and out walks Nicolás, who is quick to overhear his beloved blonde’s name and asks what’s up with Patricia Fernández [Beth: i thought he was looong over Patsy-Pat…?]. They tell him nothing, and explain about the interviews Gutiérrez is going to do. Nicolás decides he has to talk to Gutiérrez about this matter and asks Sofía to tell Gutiérrez so immediately. Sofía tells him she’ll go running right now, but when he’s down the hall she tells the Cartel she’ll go running right now - to sit down. Outside the door to his office, Nicolás opens his briefcase and takes out a framed photo of Patricia. He kisses it and swears he will never forget her! [Merci: I think we will soon have a visit from Blondie-Barbie to EcoModa!]

Armando and Mario are in Armando’s office when Gabriela enters, furious. She tells Armando that he has to tell Betty the truth IMMEDIATELY, that she’s very worried about what Betty will think of her if she learns what really happened. Mario tells her not to get upset, and Armando says there isn’t any problem [Merci: The Dynamic Duo back in action!]. Gabriela reminds them there were witnesses, and Armando tells her that Gutiérrez won’t say anything because he was there with an EcoModa employee. Gabriela replies that now Gutiérrez will use that as blackmail so he can put his little girlfriend to work as secretary. Armando states that Gutiérrez can forget about doing that… Gabriela continues to insist that Armando immediately tell Betty the truth. Just then, Aura María knocks at the door and enters to tell Armando she has the documents ready for the insurance adjuster and to remind him they also need to hand in the report the policeman made after the accident. Armando, so foolish, goes to hand the report to Aura María but Mario stops him - those documents clearly state that Mario is the one who crashed the car, not Armando. He says it’s would be best if Aura María would ask Freddy to come to Armando’s office so they can explain a few things to him. Aura María, a bit confused, leaves and Gabriela, who has been listening to this whole thing with growing fury, tells the two “geniuses” that now yet another person at EcoModa will find out what really happened - brilliant. Armando and Mario tells her that Freddy is a man and can be trusted. Gabriela is not at all convinced and insists, for the love of God, that Armando speak to Betty and tell her the truth. Armando replies that God won’t be around to protect him should he tell Betty what really happened. Mario tells her to have faith in him. Gabriela replies that that’s been her mistake all along - having faith in Mario.

Freddy emerges from the elevator with a group of women who apparently are coming to interview for the secretarial post. He leads them to some chairs and remarks upon their clothing, how nice they all look [Beth: they’re all dressed like they’re going to a club, not like they want to work in an office… even Patricia managed to look at least a token effort toward looking like she was working in an office!! barely a token effort, but an effort nonetheless]. It’s all to make Aura María jealous. She calls to him, addressing him as “Contreras,” and tells him to go to Armando’s office. He replies addressing her as “Fuentes,” and asking what “Armando” needs. She reminds him that’s " Don Armando” to him. Gabriela comes out of Armando’s office and asks where Kenneth and Gutiérrez are. Aura María address her as “Doña Garza” and says she thinks they’re in the showroom. Freddy makes some commentary and Aura María tells him to “be quiet, idiot;” then realizing she’s done this right in front of Gabriela, immediately begs her pardon for the little scene. Gabriela remarks that he well deserves it. Aura María asks “Doña Garza,” when she sees Gutiérrez, to please let him know that the candidates for the secretarial position are ready to be interviewed. Freddy busies himself organizing where and how all the girls will seat themselves, and remarks that maybe it would be a good thing to completely renovate the “old” secretarial staff. Sandra and Aura María are annoyed by the remarks [Merci: But, miraculously, no-one hits Freddy!].

Freddy enters Armando’s office, makes a remark that Armando doesn’t like and is told not to be impertinent - but right afterwards he asks him to be seated, and calls Freddy “picarón” [rascal]. The three men seat themselves on the sofa, Freddy squashed between Armando and Mario… Armando tells him they are going to have a little chat between men, between executives. Freddy can’t believe it! They are going to entrust him with a very important mission. Freddy asks who he has to kill and Mario replies that the question is rather whose life he is going to save. They explain that the one who actually crashed the car was Mario, not Armando, but that no-one can find out - especially not Betty. Freddy comments that he can already see the headline: Doña Betty kills Don Armando and pulverizes Dr. Calderón. Armando tells him he has to swear complete secrecy, that this is a pact between men. Freddy stands and asks permission to leave. Then he reads the report and realizes where it happened - near the motel. He remarks to Mario that he must have emerged very in love. Armando tells him to save his commentaries, and he and Mario both say “Shhhhhhhhh!” Before leaving, Freddy comments to Mario that the hotel has good Jacuzzis, and decent prices, but no saunas [Merci: For me, this was the best scene in the episode because of the acting of the three men and the things they said]. Mario quakes at the thought of what would’ve happened if Aura María had read the police report. Armando calls him “Dr. Papito.”

Freddy asks Aura María for the car’s paperwork and she very ungraciously tells him that Betty gave her instructions to take everything out of the car and ask Wilson to bring it all to her (Betty). Freddy asks if Betty said it in that tone, and Aura María tells him yes. Just then Miss Ramírez (the would-be secretary from the motel interview) arrives and tells “Saúl” [Gutiérrez] that she is ready for her interview. Since Kenneth and Gabriela are with him, Gutiérrez tells her she has to wait, just like everyone else, and then introduces them to everyone. When the others can’t hear, he tells her in an aside not to get him in trouble. She remarks, in the tone of one making an announcement, that she has broken up with her boyfriend. He asks her why and she replies that since he told her he was going to leave his wife… Gutiérrez says that was last night… Gutiérrez asks Bertha to send the first candidate in for the interview. Bertha and Sofía remark that it looks like Gutiérrez has already picked the new secretary. Jenny emerges from the showroom area and asks who all these women are. Sofía and Bertha ignore her, so Jenny remarks they must be deaf - appropriate to their age. Sofía acts as if she’s going to pounce on Jenny, but Bertha restrains her. Freddy heads for the elevator and Jenny asks him who all these women are. He explains, and Jenny gets mad since she wanted the post for herself. Freddy tells her she’ll have to show her resumé to Gutiérrez… He realizes that she is no longer wearing the engagement ring and, seeing this, Jenny immediately puts her hand in her pocket and takes out the ring. Aura María is watching all this and asks Freddy what he’s going to do with the ring - sell it? pawn it? He tells her that you never know who is going to end up with this ring [referring to all the women there who might be interested in a bachelor such as himself]. Freddy announces he is leaving, and Aura María answers, mockingly, what a shame he’s going!

Just then the elevator doors open; Don Hermes leaves and everyone greets him. Jenny is especially attentive and tells him that he’s getting handsomer every day, but he shouldn’t take it as an impertinence. Jenny leaves and we hear Don Hermes’ thoughts - ‘impertinence’ is just what he wants…

Freddy and Wilson are going through the things in Betty and Armando’s car. Freddy asks Wilson if he’s found the earring yet, and Wilson says it isn’t anywhere to be found. Freddy finds Suji’s purse and they add it to the things in the bag. They get out of the car and Wilson remarks that a taxi driver who has already passed there several times is back again. The driver gets out of the cab and tries to get Suji out. She tells him she doesn’t live here, he should take her home. He replies that he already did that but she didn’t want to get out - she’s had him driving all over Bogotá. He finally gets her out of the cab and says she owes him 25,000 pesos. She tells him he’ll have to wait until she can find her purse. Suji is about to enter EcoModa when Wilson stops her to ask where she’s going. She replies she’s going to see Mario Calderón. Just then, two more girls arrive to interview for the secretarial position. Wilson shouts for Mariana to take the bag and Camila’s car seat to Betty because he can’t leave the door. Mariana doesn’t want to do it, but one of the girls offers to help carry everything.

Suji arrives on the second floor and Sandra asks her what she wants. She replies that she is Suji and she’s looking for Mario Calderón. Sandra tells her he went to Java. Suji thinks that’s strange since she just saw him the night before, they were together and her purse had ended up in Mario’s friend’s car. Gabriela comes out of Betty’s office with Betty and Kenneth and runs into Suji. She grabs her and scolds her for being drunk. Suji denies it. Betty and Kenneth are in the elevator impatiently waiting for Gabriela and she finally tells them to go ahead - she’ll catch up. Inesita greets her daughter’s friend and the other girl. Gabriela takes Suji as a present to Armando and Mario. Armando can’t believe that she’s there; Suji says she needs her purse. Armando says they’ll go look for the purse in the car, but she (Suji) has to leave. Mario reminds Armando that Freddy was going to take the car to the adjuster’s. Armando calls Wilson to ask if Freddy’s still there and is given the bad news that Freddy’s already left. Armando’s starting to lose what little control he had, and when Gabriela asks if Freddy has a cel so they can call him - everyone has a cel, right? - Mario and Armando have to tell her no, Freddy doesn’t. Suji states she can’t go any further without her purse. Mario tells Armando to call the insurance adjuster, that maybe Freddy’s already there. Armando is going to call but loses it and shouts that he doesn’t know the phone number.

Inesita is introducing her daughter’s friend and her friend (Natasha) around when Armando comes out of his office and demands that Aura María get him the insurance adjuster’s on the phone, NOW! Natasha asks who is the guy with the crafty face and they tell her he’s the Executive Vice President. Aura María puts Armando on the phone with the insurance adjuster’s and they tell him that Freddy hasn’t arrived yet. Armando asks them to have Freddy call the second he arrives. Then he tells Suji that he himself will bring her purse to her at her house, he’ll give her money for the taxi, he’ll give her money for the locksmith, whatever, but she has to leave EcoModa now. She stubbornly insists she can’t go anywhere without her purse. Just then Freddy calls and Armando finds out that the purse is in the bag with everything else that was in the car, and Wilson has it. Armando heads out running -flying!- to look for Wilson only to be given the most horrifying news of all - that Betty already has the bag. In keeping with tradition, Armando tells Wilson he’s (Wilson is) an idiot… Armando returns to the second floor and is headed for Betty’s office when she returns with Kenneth. She asks him where he’s going and he tells her he’s going to look for something in her office. Betty tells him they should all go there to talk. Armando wants to die. Gabriela grabs his arm and again demands he tell Betty the truth. Armando repeats that he can’t, that if Betty finds out what Mario did she’ll toss him out of there and hurt the deal. Gabriela gives him an ultimatum: Now or never. Armando enters the office and sees the bag sitting on Betty’s desk. Betty asks him what’s wrong as he, bag already in hand, goes to leave with it. He says that the cleaning lady left a bag of trash there and offers to take it away with him. Betty replies that it’s a bag full of things from the car and puts it back on her desk. She opens the bag and takes out the diaper bag, one of Camila’s toys, and then sees the purse. The episode ends as she asks whose is the purse…

Teasers for next week’s show… How will Pinocchio- i mean, Armando, get out of this mess? [Merci: Can it be that Gabriela will “help” by lying that it’s her purse…? We shall see…]