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Jorge Enrique Abello was born in Santa Fe de Bogota on 28 February 1968. His parents are Alberto Abello and Heidi Moreno; he is the youngest of five children. Jorge remembers that when he was 8 years old, he was chosen to appear in a theatre piece for school. He made his debut in Miringa y Mironga, la gata candonga”, one Rafael Pombo’s works.

It can be saidwith full assurance that Jorge Enrique Abello knows completely about television media. As a person in social commumications, whose emphasis is in the production of television for education, he has worked as a director for institutional videos and musicals, as the head of publications for a television broadcasting station, as a productions assistant, as a camera director and as an actor.

After having completed a seminar in cinematography at the Universidad Nacional, one about moving pictures carried out by Giuseppe Ferrara and fulfilling theatre work with Adelaida Nieto, Bellin Marchllac, Patricia Maldonado, Jorge Emilio Salazar and Ernestl Galindo for a duration of ten years, Jorge Enrique started his acting career.

His first appearance in the world of television was in 1992 as one of the casts of the series Esperame al final. As recognition of his success with that role his next work was as the leading actor of a series called Caballos de fuego(nominated for Best New Actor in Premios TV y Novelas), and after that in las Ejecutivas in 1995.

Between 1996 and 1997, he was shooting the telenovela, La Viuda de Blanco, where he played the role of Dimas Pantoya. In Un Mundo para Julius(1998), he played Alvaro Moreno whereas in El mujer in el espejo(1998), he was Camilo Linares.

In 1998, he received two nominations for best supporting actor for his work in Perro Amor, in which he brought to life Diego Tamayo, an ambitious but low ethical journalist.

He also made on various videos for the Simon Bolivar and Catalina India awards. Among his many works behind the camera include directing the musical Persiana Americana and he was also the underwater camera director of Mi Unica Verdad(with director Pepe Sanchez).

Parallel to his acting career, Jorge Enrique continued to work on television productions. he detailed and elaborate presentation of the series Amores como el nuestro. Next, he made De Pies a Cabeza and the video for actor-singer Marcelo Cezan’s Uma en un millon.

When his work with Perro Amor was nearly finished, Jorge Enrique was chosen to star in the telenovla, Yo soy Betty, la fea, where he played Armando Mendoza,the attractive president of Ecomoda. Soon and with the great success of that telenovela, Jorge Enrique reprised his role as Armando Mendoza in its spin off, EcoModa which was airred in many coutries in America and Europe.

Jorge Enrique Abello’s lastest telenovela is called La Costena y el Cachaco where he stars opposite Amada Rosa Perez. Various scenes of this telenovela was shot in the following cities: Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Bogota; and its story centers on the romance between two people of very different backgrounds and up bringings: the conservative cachaco who comes from the inland the cool and extrover costena.

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Jorge Enrique Abello is currently a regular columnist for the Colombian edition of Rolling Stone magazine.