Anita Guerrero is a beautiful and vibrant young Mexican woman that has just arrived in Los Aneles illegally to search for her aunt Consuelo, as this was the dying wish of the woman that raised her. What she doesn’t know is that Consuelo Guerrero is her true mother, who had already disowned Anita before birth for being conceived by rape. Consuelo now hides hebind a false identity and is married to a rich developer of Irish decent.

With her life seeing things from her heart. She is charming and happy young woman that is many times quick to react though this often results by landing her in comic situations. She is also quick to speak her mind, because her ideas seem to have a way of running together and all wanting to escape at once. So she tends to say more than she should when overtaken by enmotions. She is easily moved to tears, but also just as easily amused and overcome by a genuinely heartly laugh. Anita is as genuine in her temper.

Anita arrives in Miami where she will find her true love, Luis Eduardo Contreras, a successful engineer who will fall in love with her despite being married to a model named Ariana Dupond. His marriage to Ariana is disaster and Luis Eduardo feels terribly frustrated. Ariana is frivolous, insensitive and manipulative woman, who feels no shame in betraying her husband with his divorce so he can be with Anita, until he finds out that Ariana is expecting a child, though he doesn’t suspect that the child is actually not his, but Ramiro’s. Ariana desperately needs to get rid of the child, so she has an abortioin, but accuses Anita of having caused it. Eduardo is devastated by Anita’s supposed cruelty and reports her to the police.

As Anita tries to escape a car that is being driven by none other than her true mother hits her. Upon realizing that her destiny has brought her to face her past, Consuelo decides to protect the young woman without telling her who she really is. With time, Consuelo discovers that her daughter is a wonderful person, but cannot bring herself to reveal the truth. Anita is eventually caught by the police and brought to justice. While in jail, she discovers the truth about her past and begins to hate all of those that ever harmed her, including her mother. Anita is soon realeased and all charges against her are dropped, thanks to the intervention of her layer and admirer, Julio Cesar Alzugaral. Consuelo is also instrumental in her realease from jail, as is Luis Eduardo, who desperately tries to right the injustice he committed, once he learns the truth.

Ariana threatens to kill Anita, but Luis Eduardo is able to save her though he must risk his own life to do so. Anita forgives him and reconciles with her life, as Ariana dies of anorexia. All of her new friends and loved ones go to her wedding and Anita realize that it is a perfect moment for forgiveness and rejoicing, for thanking God at having taught her to never give up on life; to never give up on love.