2005-10-14, I translated a much exited essay - Un Hamlet lleno de estrellas . It said that JEA would take part in Hamlet ,could you believe how happy I was? From that time, I told myself I must read Hamlet out and out, I must understand all the roles in that book, so in many ways, I did my best to reach my dream. I downloaded the MP3 from BBC, and also the cartoons about Hamlet. I think, I was ready now, though not so enough. The play will on show in March this year.

Just a few days ago, I wrote a new log - 哈姆雷特的新悬念-2006-02-17 here . At that time I still didn’t know the bad news, though it seemed a little abnormality. And today, I saw a almost 100% bad news from Martha ( JORGE ENRIQUE ABELLO - FORO- :: View topic - HAMLET COLOMBIA)

Les cuento que esa foto que viene en la nota ya es muy viejita, por ahora Jorge Enrique está concentrado en su trabajo en Merlina, por el momento la obra no es seguro porque se le cruza con los horarios de grabación. Esperemos que luego se de la oportunidad de tener a Jorge Enrique en teatro.

It means: The photo of 哈姆雷特的新悬念-2006-02-17 is old, and now JEA is recording the TV Merlina Mujer Divina , so the schedule of him is crossing, and she thought whether JEA would in the theater to play Hamlet that was rather impossible. Oh, that’s a super bad news to me. Why such things happen??? I’m standing by now, and the bad news came! Input “Jorge Enrique Abello Hamlet” in Google, you can find Historia del festival iberoamericanos, that’s the news which is in English talks about the Theater Festival of Colombia, and you can see the big show Hamlet. The cast of Colombia and the director of Mexico that means it must be a play contain a great deal of Latin style. The player will say Spanish, and the scenario has carefully rewritten in Colombia Spanish. That must be a excellent job. So no matter JEA will take part in or not, if I can, I will download and watch.

The good news is I spend a lot of time in Hamlet , and reaped a lot that I didn’t know before. Having the courage to read the book of Shakespeare is very good enough. Though most of its words I don’t know at all, and now I still can’t be accomplished in this play, I have satisfied. Because I have exerted myself in doing such a thing.

And today also the first time of my badminton classes. I was playing with my partner, and then my teacher threw a ball to me, and asked me to test it. I didn’t know what happened at all, and just did it. And then, after a test, she asked me what I thought about that ball. I had no idea at all, instead she said that seemed the same as the old one, and then left away. Till now, I haven’t known what happen?! Why she chose my partner and me to test the new badminton. How can I classify this thing?

Bad news or good news, that’s the question, and both of them can change unconsciously, it’s the art of our life.