Backstage, Alberto Del Rio was screaming at Ricardo that he has one job and that’s to get Del Rio’s car and food ready. He yelled at Ricardo to get his food. Miz showed up and said they worked together to weaken Punk but when the bell rings…Alberto cut him off and said that there was never any alliance. He said he was just using Miz. Miz said “Really?” several times. He said that Del Rio’s title run was as unineresting as the Ravens’ Superbowl reign. Miz bragged that he beat John Cena at Wrestlemania while Del Rio couldn’t beat Edge while Edge’s neck was hanging on by a thread. Del Rio started mocking Miz in Spanish and Miz told him he didn’t comprende, mocking Alberto. Alberto said he was a real man while Miz was a pretend badass from a reality show. He said that Miz couldn’t take Ricardo, much less Alberto. Ricardo came back with food and Miz shoved it in his face. Ricardo stood there shocked and Del Rio shoved him down as well. Good segment.

WWE champion CM Punk vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio - TLC Match

Big CM Punk chant when he hit the ring. Punk went right after both of his challengers but they doubled up on him. They beat him down against the ropes and whipped him in for a move. Punk ducked and dropkicked both men. He snapmared Miz and kicked him in the back. They quickly overcame Punk and snapped him over the top rope, then beat him with stomps.

Miz and Alberto nailed a double suplex and continued the assault. They went to the outside for weapons. Miz was distracted by Ricardo, allowing Alberto to attack him from behiind with a chair. Del Rio pulled a ladder to the ring but Punk nailed a suicide dive into Alberto, who was holding a ladder. Punk slammed the ladder down on him and tossed Miz into the ring. He grabbed a chair but Miz cut him off as he returned to the ring. Miz nailed him in the gut with a chair. He went for a diving move off a chair but Punk nailed him. He nailed the high knee and went for a bulldog on the chair but Miz turned it into a back suplex on the open chair.

Miz went to the outside and tried to nail Alberto with the Skull Crushing Finale but was fought off and backdropped onto a ladder on the floor. Del Rio went to bring a ladder into the ring but Punk charged him. Del Rio lifted the ladder and tried to nail Punk with it but Punk ducked and kicked the ladder into Alberto. He set up Alberto for a suplex through a table on the floor but Alberto slipped out. Punk nailed a neckbreaker on the floor but was attacked by Miz with a chair. Miz missed a shot towards the ringpost and hurt his hand, dropping the chair. Punk beat the hell out of his back with the chair on the floor. Punk sat Miz on the top of the ring barrier and placed a chair in front of him. He charged and leapt off the chair, nailing the kneelift in the corner. Miz fell into the first row.

With everyone down, Punk pulled a ladder into the ring. He climbed to the top but Ricardo handcuffed Punk to the ladder. That allowed Del Rio to kick the hell out Punk. Alberto began climbing the ladder but Punk kicked the strut he was cuffed to, then kicked the other strut, destroying the ladder. Del Rio bumped off of it. Punk set up the ladder against the ropes and flapjacked Alberto onto the ladder.

Miz returned to the ring with a ladder as Punk retrieved another from the outside. Miz caught him with the ladder and nailed him with a number of shots. Miz made it to the top but Punk pulled him down onto his shoulders and went for the GTS. Miz fought off the move before it could be nailed. Punk tossed Miz to the outside but Miz stayed on the apron. Punk went for a superplex off the top through a table to the floor but Alberto returned to the ring and drilled Punk with a hard enziguiri to the head and Punk fell backwards off the ropes through the table on the floor. The crowd chanted, “Holy sh**.”

On the outside, Del Rio drlled Miz with a ladder, then with a chair. The crowd began chanting for Punk. Del Rio locked Miz’s arm inside a ladder, then locked on the cross armbreaker. Miz screamed in pain. Ricardo started screaming in Spanish for Alberto to forget Miz and return to the ring. Del Rio slammed a chair down onto the out of it Punk, then beat another chair over the champion several times. He locked Punk’s arm in a chair and locked in the cross armbreaker on Punk.

Del Rio set up the ladder in the center of the ring and began climbing. Miz and Punk were able to return and tipped the ladder. Del Rio flew off and was crotched on top, then crashed to the outside. Punk and Miz, both hurting, battled back and forth with right hands. They clotheslined each other. Ricardo set up a ladder in the center and climbed to the top as the announcers questioned what he was doing. He got to the top but Miz and Punk tipped the ladder over and Ricardo took this insane bump off the top of the ladder down through two tables set up at ringside. He sailed past the one closest to the ring and crashed through the other one. Referees began checking him immediately as it was a scary as hell bump.

Punk and Miz began battling back and forth in the ring. Punk missed a charge in the corner and nailed his shoulder in the ringpost. Miz grabbed the open handcuff and locked it on Punk agaun, this time to the outside of the turnbuckle that connects to the ringpost. Miz started mocking him, so Punk nailed a roundhouse kick to the head, KOing him. Punk began trying to unhook the turnbuckle as Aberto and Miz began setting up ladders, trying to get to the belt. The building began chanting for Punk. As Alberto and Miz made it to the top of the ladder, Punk snapped the turnbuckle free from the ring and attacked Miz from behind with a series of shots . All three battled on top of the ladders. Miz was knocked to the floor. He and Del Rio battled on top and Del Rio was punched off.

Punk nearly had the belt but Miz pulled him down. Miz scrambled up but Punk pulled him onto his shoulders and nailed the GTS. Punk climbed to the top and grabbed the belt.

Your winner and still WWE champion, CM Punk!

Punk sat on the top of the ladder holding the belt to close the show. He held the belt up and screamed, “Best in the world!”

A hell of a hard hitting main event to close the show. This was a really physical war and while the handcuff stuff could have been really campy, it worked really well as a false finish because the crowd was so into Punk as a top guy. There were some really great bumps and all three, as well as Ricardo, have to be applauded for this performance. A hell of a way to end the WWE PPV calendar. Loved this.