John Laurinaitis came out with David Otunga. Laurinaitis was speaking when Alberto Del Rio’s music hit and returned, driving a Rolls Royce into the Arena. Basically, they were trashing Teddy Long and saying he was corrupt. Del Rio said that Ace should be the permanent General Manager for both Raw and Smackdown. Out came Mark Henry, who was suspended by Long. He said that Long was a bully and physically assaulted him. Henry said that just like the good guy that he is, he fell for it and was suspended for it. He told Ace that they’ve never seen eye to eye but Ace isn’t a bully and never threw his weight around or abused his power. He agreed Laurinaitis should be in power. Christian then came out, making his return from his ankle injury, walking to the ring in street clothes. Christian said that he would have been competing for the World title tonight had it not been for Long. He sad that unlike Randy Orton faking a concussion, his injuries were legitimate and said that Long forcing him to work while hurt was an unsafe working environment. He asked the Board of Directors to make Ace the Smackdown GM.

Ace said he was touched and wanted everyone to take a photo. They posed, although Henry didn’t want to do it. The fans chanted for HHH. Whatever segment that wasted two returns and took too long.