WWE Superstars Arriving at Madison Square Garden!!! (2012)

Uploaded by adizzle615 on Mar 18, 2012

Fantastic clips of a few WWE Superstars/Talents arriving at the MSG Arena (2012)

The Order:

1.Arn Anderson
2.Primo & Epico
3.Mark Henry
4.Theodore Long
5.Alberto Del Rio
6.CM Punk
7.Kofi Kingston
8.Y2J Chris Jericho
9.Mick Foley

Sorry I didn’t get everyone, some either arrived earlier or went through other entrances.

The main person I wanted to see was Chris Jericho (who appeared out of nowhere lol) a few seconds later and i would not have seen him.
…….Im not sure how much money Mark henry gave the taxi driver, but it was probably enough to get Ringside seats LOL.

The show was fantastic!!! i definitely appreciate the hard work and dedication of each superstar,staff etc. that participate in these events on a regular basis.