SmackDown results: Del Rio cheats Sheamus out of victory; Referee suffers The Great White’s wrath

BY MIchael Burdick April 06, 2012

Alberto Del Rio def. World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus by Disqualification

On Monday’s Raw SuperShow, Alberto Del Rio revealed that if he could defeat Sheamus on SmackDown, Raw and SmackDown General Manager John Laurinaitis would grant him a World Heavyweight Title opportunity. With such high stakes on the line, Friday night’s main event could not have been more powerful.

In the heat of the action, The Great White looked ready to overcome his aristocratic opponent. That was until Ricardo Rodriguez jumped up on the ring apron. Sheamus turned his attention to Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, leaving the devious employer free to grab a chair.

The Celtic Warrior stopped his opponent from using the chair, as the referee got Rodriguez out of the ring. But, when the official spotted the weapon in Sheamus’ hand, Del Rio made out like he had been hit with the chair, and the ref called for the bell and disqualified the World Heavyweight Champion. Therefore, it appears as if Del Rio got himself the title opportunity he came looking for.

An infuriated Sheamus could not contain his anger, Brogue-Kicking the official into next week as SmackDown went off the air.