By Richard Trionfo on 2012-04-20 22:00:57

We are live on tape from London, England and your announcers are Booker ‘Kevin Costner’s British Accent from Robin Hood was better’ T, Michael ‘Remember when I was knighted’ Cole, and Josh ‘What did I do to deserve this assignment’ Mathews.

Match Number Four: Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez versus Big Show in a Non Title Match

Show with a side head lock and punches to send Del Rio to the mat. Show misses a punch in the corner and Del Rio kicks Show in the leg. Show pushes Del Rio away and then he chops Del Rio in the corner. Del Rio backs into the corner and Show chokes Del Rio with his boot.

Show with the shhhh chop to Del Rio and then he slams Alberto. Show with an elbow drop and he gets a near fall. Show chokes Del Rio in the ropes and then he punches Alberto. Show misses a clothesline and Del Rio goes for the knee and Show falls hard into the mat. Del Rio with a series of kicks to Show to keep him on the mat. Del Rio jumps onto Show’s chest and gets a near fall.

Del Rio works on the bicep and shoulder area to set up the cross arm breaker. Del Rio with a key lock on Show but Show holds on to the ropes and Del Rio releases the hold. Del Rio with kicks to the arm. Del Rio returns to the key lock. Show pushes Del Rio off and he returns to his feet. Show tries for a choke slam but Del Rio escapes and he kicks Show in the back of the leg and then the back before getting a near fall.

Del Rio with an arm breaker on the knees and then he sets for the float over into the cross arm breaker but Show does not go over and Show with a single arm suplex and both men are down. Show blocks a kick and he chops Del Rio. Show with a few clotheslines followed by an Irish whip into the corner and a running butt splash and a spear.

Show gets up first and he signals for the choke slam. Ricardo gets on the apron and Cody Rhodes hits Beautiful Disaster and Del Rio gets the three count.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Cody attacks Show and kicks him to the floor. When Show recovers, Cody retreats into the crowd.


WWE Smackdown Results: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Justin Watry (Senior Writer) on April 20, 2012

SmackDown was a decent show tonight. The Blue Brand did not do much of note, but it was an enjoyable two hours. If I had to give them a grade, it would fall in the C range.

The Good

The Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio was a decent match. I didn’t pay very close attention, but two big stars facing off is usually entertaining.

Del Rio picked up the well-deserved win after Cody Rhodes interfered. His feud with Show will continue, while Alberto gets closer and closer to his World Title match.

The Bad

Alberto Del Rio is now a member of the SmackDown roster. It was quietly announced, and the move was not treated like a major deal at all.

Can we just ignore the Draft now? I know the brand extension has been laughable for awhile now, but this is just getting ridiculous. Please just stop the “supershow” concept and try something else that may actually work.


411’s WWE Smackdown Report 4.20.12

Posted by Tony Acero on 04.20.2012

Alberto Del Rio battled Big Show, who later teamed with Sheamus and Randy Orton against Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, and Cody Rhodes, Antonio Cesaro made his Smackdown debut and more! Check out 411’s full WWE Smackdown report for all the details!

Non-Title Match: Big Show © vs. Alberto Del Rio

Rights and a head butt by Show to begin. Del Rio battles back with kicks, gets tossed down and then slammed to the corner. Chops follow, Del Rio begs off and Show stands on him in the corner. Shhhhhhhhhhh…CHOP by Show. Slams Del Rio down, off the ropes and an elbow drop follows and Show covers for 2. Show now chokes out Del Rio, rights to the gut by Show, misses a clothesline, and Del Rio chop blocks him. Del Rio lays the boots to Show now, looks for the arm breaker, but Show fights it off. Del Rio continues to work the arm, and then more kicks to Show. Back to the arm goes Del Rio. Show fights back, Del Rio counters the chokeslam and chop blocks the leg again. Single arm DDT by Del Rio, looks for the arm breaker but Show escapes and slams down Del Rio. BOTH men are down, the ref counts, Show with chops from one knee and then clotheslines to Del Rio. To the corner, backsplash by Show and then the spear. Show looks for the chokeslam, goozle, Rodriguez on the apron, Cody Rhodes in with the beautiful disaster and Del Rio steals the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Alberto Del Rio @ 5:00 via pin


411’s WWE SmackDown Report 4.20.12 [2]

Posted by Colin Rinehart on 04.20.2012

Randy Orton, Sheamus, and the Big Show defeated Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, and Mark Henry in our main event while we saw the SmackDown debuts of Antonio Cesaro as well as Titus O’Neill and Darren Young. All of that and much more in our 411 report, click here for all the details!

Welcome back everyone to another edition of 411mania’s Friday Night SmackDown coverage by yours truly. Tonight we’ve got a bit of a special show (and not just because it’s 4/20 you stoners) as we’re emanating from the O2 Arena in London, England which usually means the WWE tries to step up their game a little bit for their British fans. We’ll see if that trend continues tonight, let’s hop right into things.

Alberto Del Rio (11-8) vs. Big Show (21-6)

This is a non-title match apparently, though I have no clue why other than to protect Show. Del Rio tries to take his kicks to Show at the bell, but the giant just mauls him like a child and slaps him with a big open palm chop. Elbow drop from Show gets him a two count and then Del Rio cuts him off with a big chop block, taking Show down to the mat and laying in some kicks and punches. Del Rio tries working a headlock for a bit and then takes the giant down with an armbreaker. Show counters the cross-armbreaker attempt though and slams Del Rio down to the mat in a feat of strength reminiscent of some of the antics of one Bob Backlund in his old MSG title defenses. Show hits him with a forearm and then takes Del Rio down with the spear. He goes for the chokeslam, but Ricardo Rodriguez distracts the ref long enough for Cody Rhodes to run down to the ring and give Show the Beautiful Disaster kick, which is enough to get Del Rio the cheap win at 5:17. Decently worked match considering the size differential between both men, Del Rio picks up a cheap win, Cody gets some revenge on Show, and everyone hates the heels. Perfectly booked match and segment. **