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We are live from Detroit, Michigan and your announcers are Michael ‘Why are people asking me if I want to see Clarence Boddicker’ Cole and Jerry ‘I’d buy that for a dollar’ Lawler.

Match Number Three: Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez versus Big Show and Great Khali

Del Rio lets Cody start against Khali and Cody reluctantly gets into the ring. Cody tries for a kick but Khali blocks it and chops the knee. Khali sends Cody into the corner and hits a clothesline. Khali blocks another kick and he chops the knee again. Cody goes to the floor and Del Rio wants to talk strategy but Cody limps away.

Del Rio is tagged in and he kicks Khali in the leg but Khali with a chop to the head. Khali with a chop in the corner and Del Rio heads to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio and Khali are on the mat. Show tags in and he clotheslines Del Rio a few times. Show with an Irish whip and running butt splash into the corner. He tries for the running shoulder tackle but Cody pulls down the ropes and Show goes to the floor. Cody attacks Show on the floor.

Show rolls back in at the last moment and Del Rio with kicks before Cody tags back in. Cody with a clip from the turnbuckles and then he kicks Show. Cody with knee drops to the leg and then he tags Del Rio back in and he kicks Show. Del Rio with kicks to the head followed by an elbow drop and gets a near fall but Show with a powerful kick out.

Rhodes tags in and he kicks Show in the leg. Cody with boots to the leg and then he tags Del Rio back in. Del Rio with a boot to the leg and then he applies a knee bar. Show with a leg drop to escape the hold. Cody tags in and Show grabs Cody by the throat and tries for a choke slam but Cody escapes and clips Show. Cody with a figure four leg lock on Show.

Show with a chop to escape and then Cody with a knee drop for a near fall but Show kicks out and sends Rhodes into the air. Show with a chop to Del Rio and then Cody wants to tag in but Del Rio and Ricardo leave.

Show with clotheslines and a back body drop. Khali with a chop and then Show with a choke slam for the three count.

Winners: Great Khali and Big Show


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- Tonight’s three-hour RAW Supershow opens up with the pyro going off inside the Joe Louis Arena. Michael Cole welcomes us to a sold-out RAW from Detroit, Michigan.

Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show and The Great Khali

We go to the ring and out comes Alberto Del Rio followed by his partner Cody Rhodes. Out next is the team of The Great Khali and Intercontinental Champion Big Show. Khali is limping after being attacked by Rhodes on Friday’s SmackDown.

Khali starts out and he wants Cody. Cody tries to kick the knee and Khali catches him. Khali beats Cody to the corner nd clotheslines him. Khali catches another kick and chops Cody down. Cody tags in Del Rio and he goes for Khali’s leg. Khali grabs him and drops him with a big shot to the head. Khali hits a big chop on Del Rio in the corner now. Del Rio goes to the floor to recover as we take a commercial break.

Back from the break and in comes Show. Show goes at it with Del Rio. Cody pulls the ropes down and Show lands on the floor. Cody and Ricardo Rodriguez stomp away on Show. Show makes it back in at the 9 count and Del Rio attacks him before tagging back in Cody. Cody goes to work on Show’s injured knee.

Cody and Del Rio take turns tagging in and working on Show’s injured knee. Show finally comes up and goes for a chokeslam but gets taken back down. Cody applies a Figure Four on Show. Show breaks the hold but Cody decks him for another 2 count. Del Rio runs in but Show knocks him out of the ring. Show with clotheslines on Cody as Del Rio and Ricardo leave the ringside area. Khali reaches in and drops Cody with a big chop. Show nails a big chokeslam on Cody for the win.

Winners: Big Show and The Great Khali


411’s WWE RAW Report 4.23.12

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CM Punk takes a field sobriety test, we crown a NEW WWE Divas Champion, Chris Jericho and Kofi Kingston face off, the contract signing for John Cena and Brock Lesnar goes down, and more! Check out the full report for details!

Ricardo Rodriguez is introduced!!

Match 3: Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes vs The Big Show and The Great Khali

Why are they allowing these two to team again?! We’re starting with Del Rio and Kjali, but Kjali asks for Rhodes specifically. Del Rio obliges and Rhodes is in the ring. Cody with a kick, but Khali catches and drops a hard right on Cody’s leg. Khali sends Cody to the ring and hits him hard, but Cody kicks. Khali hits the knee again, though, sending Cody to the outside. Cody is back in after talkin it up with Del Rio for a bit. He tags Del Rio quickly, and Del Rio slides under a kick and kicks the back leg of Khali. Khali blocks another hit, though and sends Del Rio to the corner. A hard chop takes us to commercial break.

WE’re back, and Khali is reaching for a tag to Show. He gets it, and Show hits a few clothesline before sending Del Rio to the corner. Show runs to the ropes, and Cody pulls the ropes, sending Show over. Cody with a few kicks to Show’s knee, and Ricardo sneakily gets one in. haha. The ref turns around and starts to count Show out. The ref is at 6 before Show shows struggle to get in. He gets to eight and Show rolls in. Del Rio kicks Show in the head quickly then tags Rhodes in. Rhodes goes to the second rope and clips the knee of Show .He continues the attack and Show is selling it as the worst moment in his life. Del Rio is here and he gets sk e bkkts tk the face before dropping an elbow and pinning. Show powers out and Del Rio tags in Cody. Cody stomps the knee a bit and Cody tags Del Rio back in. Del Rio with an elbow drop to the knee, then he locks the leg and drops some rights. Show uses his other leg to get in a scissors then drops it on Del Rio’s head. Del Rio tags Cody and Show goes for the chokeslam, but Cody floats out and kicks the leg, then locks in the Figure Four. Show is struggling. Cody is locking it in hard. King calls the Figure Four the “most painful hold” he’s ever been in. Show reaches across and slaps Cody in the corner after while, but Cody reaches across and drops a knee. Pin for 2 as Show tosses him across the ring. Del Rio goes in and gets slapped in the chest. Cody is calling for the tag, but Del Rio decides he’s better than this. Show slaps Cody, cody turns into a chop from Khali, and Show calls for the chokeslam. He hits it and pins for 1….2…3!!
Winner: The Big Show and The Great Khali (**)

Glad Khali wasn’t in the match long. It was a bit faster paced than their Mania match, but it’s a damned shame Cody is still stuck in this feud.