Randy Orton的heel角色我觉得比他的face要好,RKO给我的感觉一直是不正不邪的。至于Del Rio,如果heel演不好,face就更难,PG受限很多的说!现在的face=超人,除了开挂就是开挂。没有多少人能演出SCSA和Edge那种face的味道了。这两人角色对掉,将是一场赌博!成了的话,那毋庸置疑是伟大的,但如果不OK,噢~~~

令人欣喜的是WWE已经在为Randy Orton和Alberto Del Rio的feud试水了!

WWE over the Limit: Fatal Four-Way Ending Should Turn Orton Heel; Del Rio Face

By Sammy Sucu (Featured Columnist) on May 8, 2012

If Randy Orton turned heel and Alberto Del Rio turned face, it would bring out some great potential feuds going into the summer.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, John Laurinaitis announced that there will be a fatal-four way match among Del Rio, Orton, Sheamus and Chris Jericho at Over the Limit. This match was supposed to be between Del Rio and Sheamus, but instead, the WWE is going to provide their loyal fanbase a match that they really want to see.

However, only half of the work has been done. Although the WWE loves to give their fans the matches they want, it’s the results that truly matter to the WWE Universe.

Many fans have been known to call both Orton and Del Rio stale as of late. Some call the Viper a “robot” or “Super Orton” because of how predictable and boring his matches have been. On the other hand, when Del Rio returned from injury, not too many people were very excited about the result.

What is the best way to maximize the potential out of both of these WWE superstars?

By having Del Rio and Orton successfully complete a double-turn.

Now, if you are new to the wrestling world and you don’t understand half the things us writers or fans are saying, then you might not now what a double-turn means. A double-turn, as defined by Wikipedia is:
The rare occurrence when both the babyface and the heel switch roles during an angle or a match. An example of this is the Bret Hart/Steve Austin match at WrestleMania 13 and the Powers of Pain/Demolition at Survivor Series 1988.

Both Orton and Del Rio could easily pull off the turns. We know how successful Orton was as a heel. It actually suits him a lot more to be a heel than to be some stale face that just beats up on jobbers. On the other hand, Del Rio was a face while wrestling in Mexico. If he was able to pull off a face in Mexico, he could easily pull off a face gimmick in the WWE.

If Del Rio turned face and Orton turned heel, then both of them would be given a fresh look which would then open the doors to newer and more exciting feuds.

For starters, the Viper and the Mexican Aristocrat would feud with each other after the Over the Limit PPV. For this double-turn to be successful, Orton would have to win the match dirty over Del Rio, so it only makes sense to put the belt around Orton’s waist.

The night after on Raw, Sheamus would get his re-match against Orton and lose because of an interference from Jericho. Both Sheamus and Jericho would then get into a nice feud with each other as well. Del Rio would then be given a chance at the belt because he won the battle royal that same night on Raw.

After their feud, Del Rio could then move on to face a heel like a Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan or if he sticks around, Jericho.

It’s time to finally push the newer faces in the WWE because this bringing back former WWE superstars for a year or two will finally catch up to the company and leave all the true talent behind.

If you have Orton as a heel, he could put over some up and coming faces and also be featured in PPV’s against the big time faces. Hopefully, this won’t produce a Cena vs. Orton match for the 88th time, but it could produce other great feuds.

If you have Del Rio as a face, he could be put over by veteran heels and finally become the household name the WWE wanted him to be.

If the double-turn were done right with Orton and Del Rio at Over the Limit, the WWE would see a massive spike in overall crowd interest and satisfaction. However, it is very important that it is done right, because if it is not, the crowd won’t buy it and the creative team would look like complete fools.

The WWE has a grand opportunity of producing the first double-turn since WrestleMania 13, and if they do pull it off, not only will the crowd react positively, but the Internet Wrestling Community would go into a frenzy.