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We begin with a look at the way that Kane has been put in the middle of the feud between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Tonight, Kane will get a shot at the WWE Title, which will be defended on Smackdown for the first time in four years (down from eight as announced on Monday). Will this be the end of Kane’s run against Punk or Bryan?

We are live on tape from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and your announcers are Michael ‘Red Stick’ Cole, Booker ‘I’ll show you where to put that red stick, it is one of my fave five’ T, and Josh ‘Please help me’ Mathews.

Since this is a wrestling show, we start off with a promo and it is from the World Champion, Sheamus.

Sheamus says that after Alberto became the new number one contender, he decided to come out and congratulate him the best way he knew how. We see the footage from last week when Alberto took advantage of Randy Orton and pinned Kane. Then Sheamus attacked Del Rio from behind on the stage.

Sheamus says a lot of people questioned what he did, but he was showing Alberto what he has in store for him. Since people have waited on Del Rio his entire life, he wanted to show Del Rio that he is not going to kiss Del Rio’s rear end, he is going to kick it.

Del Rio thinks money can buy you what you want and that having money makes him better than everyone else. Money can’t buy you everything. Money can’t buy you the World Championship.

There is an objection and David Otunga, with his bow tie, sweater, and travel mug makes his way to the ring.

Sheamus introduces David to everyone in case they forgot who he is. Sheamus says that it is great to see David and he wonders how David’s head is after being kicked off his shoulder.

David says that he is not out here for jokes and he is out here for John Laurinaitis. David has some video evidence from two weeks ago when Sheamus hit John Laurinaitis on his way to the ring on Raw two weeks ago. Otunga says the footage speaks for itself. Last week, Sheamus refused to apologize to John through Eve. David says that he is not asking Sheamus to apologize, he is ordering him.

Sheamus asks David if he is ordering him. Sheamus tells David that this isn’t Starbucks where he orders a triple mocha chino or whatever he drinks. He tells David if he orders him around, David will be picking that coffee cup out of his arse for a few weeks. Sheamus tells David if Johnny wants an apology, he better get on his scooter and come to the ring to say it to his face.

David says that Sheamus might be the whitest bulb, but he is not the brightest bulb. He implores Sheamus to reconsider his defiant course of . . .

We will never know what Otunga was supposed to say because Alberto Del Rio interrupts and he drives into the arena and Alberto has something to say.

Alberto tells everyone to be quiet. He tells David that he is wasting his time and breath because he will not get an apologize from this peasant. This guy is nothing but a street hooligan. He is so stupid that he wears it on his shirt. Alberto says that is why people like Sheamus end up working for people like him and Otunga.

Alberto tells David that Sheamus will be sorry . . . very very sorry because after No Way Out, he will be the new World Champion.

Otunga thanks Alberto and he says that he has no doubt that will happen. He feels that Sheamus needs some immediate retribution. Tonight, John Laurinaitis is allowing Alberto Del Rio to select Sheamus’ opponent.

Alberto thanks David.

Sheamus says that he is sorry. He is not sorry about what he did to John Laurinaitis . . . and he gives Otunga a Brogue Kick and the impact sends Del Rio to the floor. Sheamus says that he is sorry about what he is going to do to Otunga. He tells Del Rio never to trust a hooligan.

Ricardo Rodriguez is talking to Alberto but Alberto tells him to be quiet. Dolph Ziggler is in the room too. Dolph tells Alberto that he needs to be in the match tonight against Sheamus so Alberto has no problem winning at No Way Out.

Alberto tells Dolph that he has something in his eyes and he has that passion. Dolph will face Sheamus tonight.


411’s Instant Analysis 06.01.12: WWE SmackDown

Posted by Michael Ornelas on 06.01.2012

SEGMENT ONE: Never trust a hooligan!

Sheamus explains his post-match attack on Del Rio last week by saying he’s setting the tone for their match. Otunga comes out and demands an apology from Sheamus for pushing Laurinaitis a couple weeks ago. Del Rio makes his presence felt and chats with Otunga about commoners like Sheamus. I feel like Del Rio’s character sorely needs to develop as he’s cut basically the same promos since his debut. Otunga’s a great goon. I hate to say it, but he’s perfect in his role (when he’s not wrestling). The episode is set in motion as Otunga allows Del Rio to pick Sheamus’ opponent tonight and eats a Brogue Kick for his troubles. The champ stands strong to end the segment. This was run-of-the-mill, but nothing offensive.

Rating: 5.0 out of 10.

SEGMENT FOUR: Ziggler wants to be Sheamus’ poison

A quick backstage segment saw Ziggler state his case to Del Rio and get chosen to face the World Heavyweight Champion later in the show. This was quick, but puts a stamp of approval on Ziggler – a man who deserves to escalate the ladder back into the world championship scene.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10


411’s WWE SmackDown Report 6.1.12

Posted by Colin Rinehart on 06.01.2012

Your hosts are Michael Cole, Booker T, and Josh Matthews

We open the show with the World Heavyweight champion Sheamus making his way out to the ring for a bit of promo time. He cuts right to the chase, talking about how rich and arrogant his opponent at the PPV Alberto Del Rio is. He says you can’t buy the title when suddenly David Otunga decides to come out to interrupt. Otunga shows the clip of Sheamus mowing down Johnny Ace on RAW two weeks ago again and orders him to apologize yet again. Sheamus refuses of course and now out comes Del Rio to call Sheamus a peasant and a hooligan before promising to win the title. Otunga says that Del Rio can pick an opponent for Sheamus later tonight when Sheamus gives Otunga a Brogue Kick out of nowhere. Del Rio bails unscathed though and takes off up the ramp as Sheamus tells him to “never trust a hooligan.” Sound advice.

Backstage Dolph Ziggler approaches Del Rio and volunteers to wrestle Sheamus for him tonight, and Del Rio obliges him, setting our match for later.