By Richard Trionfo on 2012-06-08 21:56:05

We are live on tape from Columbia, South Carolina and your announcers are Booker ‘Spurier’ T, Josh ‘Ear Plugs’ Mathews, and Michael ‘Slow and Low’ Cole.

Booker asks Cole about what happened to him at the end of Raw against John Cena and Cole is not happy.

Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring but he is not introduced by the usual voice of Destiny.

Alberto tells everyone that just because he can, he wants to see what he did to Sheamus on Raw. We see the footage of Del Rio attacking Sheamus after Sheamus’ match.

Alberto has a smile on his face and he tells Sheamus that is a lesson for him. Sheamus said never trust a hooligan and he tells Sheamus not to mess with him because if Sheamus thought that was bad, at No Way Out, he is going to break his arm and then . . .

Sheamus’ music plays and he looks a lot shorter and trollish. It is Ricardus and Alberto has a laugh about it.

Alberto asks ‘Sheamus’ what he wants. Alberto wants to be honest with everyone and he tells the people that it is not Sheamus. Alberto says that anyone can be Sheamus. All you have to do is pound your chest like a caveman. Anyone can spike their hair. Anyone can act like a common hooligan. There is only one Alberto Del Rio. He asks ‘Sheamus’ what is he going to do. Is he going to hit Del Rio with a Brogue kick. He asks Sheamus to show everyone what makes him so dangerous. ‘Sheamus’ falls on his rear end when he tries for a Brogue kick.

Sheamus’ music plays again and this time Alberto found a Sheamus lookalike who could be the real thing. Sheamus attacks Del Rio and Ricardo and he takes care of Ricardo first. Ricardo climbs on top of Sheamus but Sheamus sends Ricardo to the floor again. Del Rio with a kick to the midsection and arm but Sheamus takes care of Del Rio.

Sheamus follows them up the ramp, fella and Del Rio is sent into the giant ‘W’. Sheamus looks at the edge of the stage but Ricardo grabs the legs and he Van Gundys Sheamus to protect Alberto. Alberto attacks Sheamus until referees come out to separate them.

Teddy Long comes out and he does not have his dress on, but he has his name tag. Teddy is going to act on John’s behalf tonight. They will not come out and turn this show into chaos. Teddy says that per John, in the spirit of fairness, excitement, and people power, Kane will face Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio will face this man . . .

The Great Khali comes to the ring.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Great Khali versus Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ Rodriguez

Del Rio with a kick to the leg and punches but Khali with a chop to the head and sends Del Rio into the turnbuckles. Khali with kicks and a chop. Khali sends Del Rio into the turnbuckles and then he chops Del Rio again.

Khali with an Irish whip and he misses a boot in the corner. Del Rio kicks the leg and then he works on the knee. Del Rio with a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Del Rio with another kick to Khali and he gets another near fall. Del Rio tries to hyper extend the knee and then he kicks Khali in the shoulder. Khali with a chop to Del Rio as Del Rio comes off the turnbuckles.

Khali with clotheslines and a chop to the top of the head. Khali signals for the choke slam but Ricardo gets on the apron and he distracts Khali. Del Rio with an arm breaker and then he punches Khali and he applies the cross arm breaker and Khali taps out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Match Number Seven: Sheamus versus Kane

They lock up and Sheamus backs Kane into the corner and gives a clean break. Sheamus with a side head lock but Kane with a shoulder tackle and Sheamus backs up into the corner for a moment. Sheamus works on the arm but Kane with punches to Sheamus. Sheamus with punches of his own.

Kane grabs Sheamus by the throat and sends him into the corner. Sheamus with punches but Kane with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner followed by an uppercut. Kane chokes Sheamus with his boot. Kane wraps the injured arm in the ropes. Kane with an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow from Sheamus. Sheamus with kicks to Kane but Kane sends Sheamus over the top rope to the apron. Sheamus with a shoulder but Kane with a boot that knocks Sheamus off the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kane gets a near fall. Kane works on the head and neck. We see footage from the commercial break when Sheamus was sent into the ringside barrier by Kane. Sheamus gets back to his feet and he gets out of the hold. Kane with a side slam for a near fall. Kane punches Sheamus in the head. Sheamus with shoulders but Kane with a punch and Irish whip.

Sheamus gets his boots up and then he pulls himself up to the turnbuckles despite a bad arm and he hits a shoulder tackle but he connects with the injured arm. Sheamus with punches to Kane and the referee warns him. Sheamus with a running shoulder into the corner followed by a running knee lift and a running double sledge to the head for a near fall.

Sheamus with a kick and a power slam for a near fall. Sheamus gets Kane on his shoulders but Kane escapes. Kane with a drop kick to the head and he gets a near fall. Kane with a head butt, but Sheamus with a uranage back breaker for a near fall. Sheamus with knees to the head and Kane goes to the apron.

Sheamus with the forearms across the chest to Kane. Sheamus tries to suplex Kane back into the ring but Kane blocks it and he drops Sheamus on the top rope. Kane goes up top for the flying clothesline but he takes too long and Sheamus stops him and punches Kane. Sheamus sets for a superplex but Kane holds on to the top rope. Kane knocks Sheamus off the turnbuckles. Kane misses the clothesline and Sheamus gets Kane up for White Noise and hits it.

Sheamus looks around and he thinks about what to do next. Sheamus turns and signals for the Brogue Kick. Kane blocks the Brogue Kick and gets Sheamus up for a choke slam but Sheamus escapes and both men hit clotheslines and both men are down.

From out of nowhere, Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio run to the ring and Alberto stops short. Ricardo goes after Sheamus and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Sheamus by disqualification

After the match, Kane with a clothesline and before he can get Sheamus up for the choke slam, AJ Lee makes her way to ringside. Kane takes too much time and Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Kane. Sheamus sees Ricardo Rodriguez in the ring and it is Brogue Kick time.