By Michael Specian on 2012-06-19 20:10:14

Del Rio’s MITB commercial airs.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian is next.

Daniel Bryan says in 1000th Raw moments video that the HBK vs. Jannetty match was one of his favorite matches. Good choice Bryan.

WWE Intercontinental champion Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo) - An early enzigjuri gives Alberto control, but Christian suplexes him over the top and splashes him all the way to the floor. Del Rio dodges a charges and Christian goes flying into the ring steps. Christian makes it back in at 9. Alberto starts working over Christian’s left arm with moves Daniel Bryan would do better. Alberto goes to the top rope, but Christian counters into a top rope hurricanrana. He jumps to floor, hits the punch, misses a top rope splash, dodges running enzigjuri. A few moves later Christian has the clap going, but Alberto does an over the shoulder arm breaker. He misses a second rope SENTON. Christian sets up he spear, gets superkicked, gets hit with Del Rios top rope enzi. and taps to the cross arm breaker in 8:40. Cody hits he ring and clotheslined Christian from behind. He locks on a cross arm breaker of his own. He fights back but is launched shoulder first into the ring post. Cody walks out to his own music.

Overall, I think this was a strong show that, live, had a number of nice surprises. There are at least two matches you must see with the Christian Del Rio match being good as well.

**** SPOILERS ** WWE SmackDown Results For Friday**

By Raj Giri June 19, 2012

Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian in a long match. After the match, Cody Rhodes attacked Christian.

Another Detailed Set Of Results From Tonight’s SmackDown Taping

By Raj Giri June 19, 2012

Alberto Del Rio beat Christian in one hell of a match. The crowd didn’t really care about Del Rio, but then again who does? Lots of close falls and false finishes, and Del Rio won when Ricardo distracted Christian on the top rope, where Del Rio was able to kick him off and execute an Armbar. After the match, Rhodes came out and beat up Christian and attacked his arm.