SmackDown results: The Great White and Big Red Monster triumphed, as AJ “hammered” the competition.

BY Michael Burdick June 22, 2012

Alberto Del Rio def. Intercontinental Champion Christian in a Non-title Match

As a result of missing his World Heavyweight Title opportunity at No Way Out due to a concussion – and with John Laurinaitis getting fired at the same event – Alberto Del Rio returned to SmackDown looking to once again work his way back to the top. That quest would set him on a collision course with Christian.

In the height of the fast-paced battle that followed, a distraction by Ricardo Rodriguez allowed Del Rio to catch Captain Charisma on the top rope with a fierce kick, setting up the Cross Armbreaker and a huge victory for The Mexican Aristocrat.

Moments after the bell, Cody Rhodes – who Christian successfully defended the Intercontinental Championship against in their explosive pay-per-view rematch five days earlier – attacked his war torn adversary from behind. In an absolute frenzy, Rhodes hurled the titleholder into the steel ring post, dropping him to the canvas before accusing his foe of “stealing [his] time” and that he himself “was SmackDown.”