By Nick Beckner on 2012-06-24 16:19:24

I went to see the Smackdown World Tour in Springfield, IL last night. It was a very fun experience. I was seated right next to the entrance ramp and had a great view of what was going on in the ring.

The ring announcer told the crowd to text a number to vote on the stipulation for the World Heavyweight Championship match: Street Fight or 2 out of 3 falls.

Alberto del Rio cut a promo on the mini-trons as well talking about taking the WHC from Sheamus.

Teddy Long comes into the ring to announce the stipulation for the World Heavyweight Championship match. The match ended up being a Street Fight. He makes like he is going to announce the entrants for the match but Ricardo Rodriguez runs out and interrupts him.

Sheamus def. Alberto del Rio. for the World Heavyweight Championship

The match spilled into the crowd several times as well as having action up and down the ramp. Several spots with kendo sticks and chairs. Afterwards, Sheamus spent a lot of time with the fans on the Ramp and the areas surrounding it.

Other notes:

The arena was only 3/4ths full and tickets were still for sale when I entered.

I was expecting the promos on the mini-trons on the main stage because of earlier house show reports on the website, but I wasn’t expecting the “choose the stipulation” for the WHC mach. Maybe they are testing for the interactive portions for the 3 hour RAWs. Evidently WWE also did this at the RAW house show because Ziggler was trying to get people to vote for 2 out of 3 falls for his match on Twitter.

Overall, it was a fun experience and I will probably come back to see the house show the next time they are in Springfield. Of course, if they keep bringing all the people I want to see and leaving John Laurinitis and Cena on the other house shows, it’s not going to be a hard choice to pull the trigger on the tickets.


WWE House Show Results 06.23.12 - Springfield, Illinois

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 06.24.2012

Pretty good crowd on-hand. Way more people than last year and way more loud. The new house show set is sweet, and makes it seem like you’re actually at a televised show.

(5) World Hvt. champion Sheamus beat Alberto Del Rio in a Street Fight to retain the World Heavyweight Title. Really good match. The finish came when Ricardo was distracting Sheamus and as Del Rio went to hit Sheamus with a chair, he hit Ricardo instead. Sheamus then hit the Brogue Kick for the win.

Overall, pretty good show as all the title matches were really good and the mid-card wasn’t all that, but still a very good show. Raw and Smackdown come here every summer and the fans always show up. This was just a tune-up for me before going to Raw 1,000, which should be awesome.

Biggest Pops:

- C.M. Punk
- Sheamus
- Christian/Kane

Most Heat:

- Alberto Del Rio
- Cody Rhodes
- Daniel Bryan


WWE Live Event Results From Bloomington, IL (6/24) - Punk Vs. Bryan Vs. Kane, Sheamus Vs. Del Rio

By Raj Giri June 25, 2012

It was a solid show. The crowd was small with a good amount of empty seats left in the arena. WWE continued the trend of fan engagement by texting match stipulations. You could also send in text messages to be displayed on the video board. The matches were good, especially the headliners. Here is the rundown:

Teddy Long came out and introduced the World Heavyweight Title match between Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. The match stipulation was a street fight after fan texting in the arena chose street fight by a large margin over 2 out of 3 falls. The interactive moves seem to be working with the fans - there was a large buzz about it by fans in our section. Del Rio and Sheamus was probably the best match of the night. Del Rio controlled the majority of the match and really embraced the heel treatment from the fans. Sheamus retained the title after he ducked a chair shot from Del Rio that hit Ricardo Rodriguez standing on the apron. Del Rio turned around and was hit with a Brogue Kick from Sheamus for the win. Sheamus got a large pop and signed some autographs on the way backstage.

Good show. Fans saw a solid lineup despite the decimated Smackdown roster, and got their money’s worth.