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我很想看Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Oton / Dolph Ziggler / Cody Rhodes….

Alberto Del Rio: Breakdown of WWE Star’s Upside, Direction & Long-Term Potential

ByMike Chiari (Featured Columnist) on June 27, 2012

There have been several cases over the years of wrestlers receiving huge pushes upon debuting in the WWE, but perhaps nobody has ever gotten as much as quickly as Alberto Del Rio has. He was an extremely popular wrestler in Mexico, so the WWE trusted Del Rio enough to make him a major player from the very start when he debuted in late 2010.

Del Rio went on to win the Royal Rumble as well as the Money in the Bank ladder match in 2011 before becoming a two-time WWE Champion. He hasn’t had as much success as of late due partially to a severe groin injury, but there is also a thought that Del Rio was pushed too hard and too fast, so he may have a difficult time recovering.

Keep reading for the latest edition of my daily WWE superstar breakdown in which I am analyzing the upside, direction and long-term potential of the 25 most-talked-about wrestlers in the company. Today, I will focus on Del Rio and whether he can get back to the main-event level he reached last year.


Del Rio was essentially born into the wrestling business, as his father is the famous luchador, Dos Caras. Del Rio was initially an accomplished Greco-Roman wrestler prior to entering the professional wrestling scene. Del Rio first started wrestling in Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion in 2000 under the ring name of Dos Caras, Jr., which he would keep throughout his tenure in Mexico.

Del Rio moved on to Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre in 2005, where he competed as a tecnico, or babyface. Del Rio had a ton of success in CMLL, as he won the Copa Jr. tournament in 2006 and eventually become the company’s World Heavyweight Champion as well. Before and during his run in CMLL, Del Rio also competed in mixed martial arts and holds a career record of 9-5.

His time in Mexico came to an end in 2009 when he signed a contract with WWE. Del Rio wrestled some dark matches as Dos Caras while under the guise of a mask, but he eventually became known as Alberto Banderas. When his character was ultimately refined and his name was finally changed to Alberto Del Rio, the WWE began to air vignettes featuring him in June of 2010. Del Rio made his debut in August of 2010 and beat Rey Mysterio in his first WWE match, launching him to stardom immediately.

Current Storyline

Del Rio suffered a torn groin back in December, which caused him to miss Royal Rumble as well as WrestleMania. Del Rio made his official return in early April, and he immediately went after Sheamus and the World Heavyweight Championship. Del Rio beat Sheamus in a match by disqualification in order to become the No. 1 contender for his title. Since Sheamus was feuding with Daniel Bryan, though, Del Rio’s title shot was delayed.

He got his chance at Over the Limit in a Fatal Four Way match, but was unsuccessful. Del Rio became the sole No. 1 contender once again and was scheduled to take on Sheamus in a singles match at No Way Out, but he suffered a concussion a week before the event and was taken off the card in favor of Dolph Ziggler as a precaution. Del Rio has also been involved in a side feud with Santino Marella, as his personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, has had several run ins with the United States Champion.

Del Rio got yet another chance to become No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship on Raw when he faced Ziggler in a contract on a pole match, which was ultimately ruled a draw. Because of that, Del Rio and Ziggler will face Sheamus in a triple-threat match on Smackdown. If Del Rio fails to win again, then it will be interesting to see where he goes from there.


Del Rio’s strengths and weaknesses have been debated by many, but I believe that his biggest strength is his in-ring work. His detractors like to cling to the blanket statement that he’s boring, but I find Del Rio to be a top-five pure wrestler in the company currently. He has deceptively good size at 6'5” and 239 lbs., he is capable of brawling, mat wrestling or even some aerial maneuvers and he has a very diverse and entertaining move set to boot.

Regardless of how you feel about Del Rio’s gimmick, he is perfectly capable of putting on a great match with anyone, and that makes him very valuable. Speaking of his gimmick, though, I’m personally a big fan of it. Many like to say that Del Rio’s character is stale and has been done before, but that isn’t really the case. He gets compared to Eddie Guerrero because he is Mexican and comes to the ring in a car. Many also call him the Mexican JBL since he is billed as a wealthy aristocrat.

Clearly parts of Del Rio’s gimmick have similarities to some past ones, but it isn’t as if he’s a blatant ripoff of anyone. I really enjoy the fact that he comes out in expensive cars and that he wears silk scarves, and even that he has a personal ring announcer. Del Rio has all the tools needed to be a main-eventer, but perhaps he only needs to refine things a bit.


One of the main things that Del Rio has to work on in order to cement his status within the company is his speaking ability. I totally appreciate that it can’t be easy for him to come out every week and speak English in front of thousands of people when Spanish is his first language, but my gripe has nothing to do with how he sounds. In fact, I feel like he actually talks quite well. His true issue is that he is simply too repetitive on the mic and he doesn’t have nearly enough variety.

A lot of fans get upset by his continual harping on “destiny” and I can see where they’re coming from. Even the best promo guys the business has ever seen have had catchphrases, but they also had plenty of substance to back them up. Del Rio needs to add more substance when he is on the mic, and although some of that may be out of his hands since the creative team writes the promos, his entire character is about flair and panache, so he needs to have some in his promos.

The only other problem I have with Del Rio involves what he does outside of the ring. There have been a lot of rumors regarding Del Rio being cocky and arrogant in real life, and I feel like that could hold him back in the business. You never know what to believe when it comes to wrestling, but Del Rio said himself in an interview that he hated The Miz and disliked most of the wrestlers in the company. Also, there are constantly reports that he is squabbling with the WWE brass and threatening to quite. Maybe those things aren’t true, but unless Del Rio learns how to play the game, he may never get back to the lofty status he once reached.

Greatest Match

Seeing as Del Rio has only been in the WWE for two years and has missed a decent amount of time due to injuries as well, you might think that he hasn’t had the opportunity to compete in many big-time matches. Del Rio has actually been in so many entertaining bouts, though, that it was tough for me to narrow it down to just one. After thinking it over, Del Rio’s ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship against Christian at Extreme Rules 2011 has to be the pick, however.

Edge had to vacate the title due to a legitimate, career-ending neck injury, so Del Rio and Christian battled for the belt in this particular match. Christian ultimately won and accomplished his career-long dream in a great moment, but Del Rio’s performance shouldn’t be dismissed. Christian is considered to be one of the best in-ring workers in the business over the past 15 years or so, and Del Rio proved that he could more than hold his own against him.

I have found that Del Rio is at his best in matches that have some sort of a stipulation such as ladders, or matches that involve multiple people. That isn’t a knock on his ability to have a good one-on-one match because he can definitely do that, but he seems to raise his game during big moments. His wrestling skills have never been a question mark from my perspective, and putting on a match-of-the-year-caliber contest with Christian just reinforces that.

Career Potential

Del Rio has already won the WWE Championship on two occasions, so he can’t technically achieve any more than that, but he has yet to establish himself as one of the unquestioned main-event heels. I liken Del Rio’s situation to Sheamus’ in a lot of ways. Sheamus was given two runs with the WWE Championship early in his tenure, and he didn’t immediately get over with the fans. It wasn’t until he went through some time in the mid-card and ultimately turned face that he became the top guy that he is today.

I wouldn’t suggest that Del Rio turn face since he is a natural heel and has a perfect character to be an antagonist, but perhaps he should spend some time in the mid-card. He is technically in the main-event scene now, as he is chasing Sheamus and the World Heavyweight Championship, but nobody really believes that he’s going to beat Sheamus, so it isn’t doing him any good. The creative team would be much better off letting him build himself back up rather than continually losing to the top guys.

There is a lack of established main-event heels currently, and guys like Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett appear to be ahead of Del Rio when it comes to being a future champion, so Del Rio is in a bit of a tough spot. He has all the tools necessary to be one of the best in the business, though, as long as he makes strides on the mic. I’m not sure when it will happen, but I’m pretty confident that he will be world champion again if he sticks it out in WWE.

How He Gets There

Del Rio is currently stuck in the status quo, and there aren’t really any signs of him getting out of his funk any time soon. Like I said before, I feel like the best thing for him right now would be a complete departure from the main-event scene. When Sheamus was knocked from his perch initially, he won the United States Championship, paid his dues and eventually got back to the top. Del Rio could really benefit from a short feud with Santino and a nice run with the US title himself.

It may not seem ideal for a guy who was pushed to the moon so quickly, but Del Rio needs wins, and he needs to look credible in the eyes of the fans. He isn’t anywhere close to credible right now, though, because in typical WWE fashion, all the hard work that was put into making him a star has been undone. That isn’t entirely the company’s fault since Del Rio’s injury played a part, but he hasn’t been booked very well either.

Since Del Rio has already feuded with Sheamus and CM Punk, I don’t see a great route for him back to the main event currently, but I could possibly see a rivalry between Del Rio and a face Ziggler in the future. Ziggler has been getting a ton of cheers lately, and with Del Rio seemingly moving in on Vickie, perhaps Vickie will turn on Dolph and Ziggler will become a face. That could prompt Ziggler to win Money in the Bank, win one of the world titles a few months down the line and eventually have a proper feud with Del Rio. It will take a lot of development, but if done right, it should be great for Del Rio’s character.