Raw SuperShow results: AJ sends Punk and Bryan for the plunge

July 02, 2012

Alberto Del Rio attacked Sin Cara before their match could begin

After months of dismay stymied his quest for the World Heavyweight Title, Alberto Del Rio finally got his wish on Raw SuperShow when he was named No. 1 contender by the WWE Board of Directors. Interim Raw General Manager Teddy Long, however, claimed that Del Rio “hadn’t earned anything,” and decreed that The Essence of Excellence would have to prove his mettle against a mystery opponent.

The “Teddy Long Surprise” turned out to be Sin Cara, but the international icon never even had a chance to get going (PHOTOS | VIDEO). The Mexican Aristocrat floored Sin Cara with a swift kick to the head before the masked man could finish his entrance. He then forcibly tossed the lucha legend and continued his beatdown near the announcer’s table. Del Rio mercilessly locked Sin Cara in the Cross Armbreaker before finally releasing him in an attack Michael Cole referred to as a “message.”