Raw SuperShow results: AJ and Bryan propose; the Anonymous GM is revealed

July 09, 2012

Sheamus def. Jack Swagger; Alberto Del Rio taunted Sheamus from the TitanTron

The World Heavyweight Champion came out swinging against his ill-fated opponent on Raw SuperShow. Still smarting from his attack at the hands of Alberto Del Rio at Super SmackDown LIVE: The Great American Bash, Sheamus made quick work of The All-American American Jack Swagger, reversing the Swagger Bomb into a White Noise-Brogue Kick combo that sent quickly Swagger to the mat.

Of course, Del Rio wouldn’t let Sheamus off that easily, appearing on the TitanTron and taunting The Great White from behind the wheel of his Ferrari. The Essence of Excellence sneered that he had embarrassed Sheamus on SmackDown and would relieve him of the title at Money in the Bank. While Del Rio’s insults washed over The Celtic Warrior, Swagger lurched to his feet and was promptly met with a second Brogue Kick that sent him off to the showers.