SmackDown results: After the returning Mysterio helped Sheamus rise above Del Rio & Ziggler, things quickly became all about the ‘Money’

BY Michael Burdick July 20, 2012

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus helped Rey Mysterio fend off Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio

SAN DIEGO – In his first match back in action after nearly a year away, Rey Mysterio teamed with World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus in what resulted in a main event disqualification victory over Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. And when Del Rio’s post-match assault on The Great White inspired The Showoff to try and cash in his Money in the Bank contract, The Ultimate Underdog halted the opportunistic Superstar’s efforts with the power of the 619.

After a surprise return to Raw SuperShow four days ago — following an injury at the hands of Alberto Del Rio that kept him out of action for almost a year — Rey Mysterio came home to San Diego and to SmackDown. While the city was already a very special place for the former World Champion, it was also the very location where he was put out of action.

The Ultimate Underdog was soon interrupted by The Mexican Aristocrat, who proclaimed Mysterio made a big mistake by coming back and picking a fight with him — before ordering the “little Chihuahua” out of “his ring.” When the masked Superstar refused, Del Rio promised everyone in the sound of his voice that Rey’s comeback would be short.

“Mr. Money in the Bank” Dolph Ziggler joined the party, upset with Del Rio for messing up his plans to cash in the Money in the Bank contract during Sunday’s pay-per-view. However, when both grapplers looked ready to turn their venom on an interrupting Mysterio, Sheamus emerged to welcome Rey back.

As tension built to a boil, Del Rio ducked out on Ziggler, leaving The Showoff to face his formidable foes alone. Though The Great White clocked Ziggler, his bleach blond target managed to escape — with a little help from Vickie Guerrero — before Rey could follow up with the 619.

Vickie Guerrero and Ricardo Rodriguez got in a heated exchange

Following the events in the ring earlier in the evening, Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer and WWE’s Queen Diva got into a very heated, bilingual exchange.

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus & Rey Mysterio def. Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio by Disqualification

After enduring an absolutely brutal offensive by his two opponents Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler — in his first match back in action in nearly a year, mind you — a completely war torn Rey Mysterio managed to tag Sheamus into the explosive main event.

The Great White quickly cleaned house. But just when he was looking for the Brogue Kick on the Mexican Superstar, Ricardo Rodriguez grabbed his leg from outside the ring. This forced the referee to call for the bell and give The Celtic Warrior and his heroic masked partner the win by disqualification.

However, when Sheamus turned his attention to Rodriguez, Del Rio seized the opportunity to launch a painful, post-match strike. He hit the first-ever Irish-born World Heavyweight Champion with an earth-shattering kick to the side of the head, before locking him in the Cross Armbreaker. He refused to let go as a figurative sea of officials worked to get his the titleholder loose.

Del Rio finally relented, leaving the ring on his own treacherous terms. At that moment, seeing The Great White writhing in pain, Ziggler looked poised to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. But, just when he was about to make use of his opportunity, a revived Mysterio burst into the ring and blasted The Showoff with the 619. Regaining his bearings, Sheamus followed up with the Brogue Kick that finished off the bleach blond threat … for now.