Second WWE House Show Report 7.21.12 - Souix City, Iowa

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 07.22.2012

This was my second WWE show in Sioux City after a Raw house show last year. I’d estimate the attendance at tonight’s show was about 3,000, which is maybe 1,000 fewer than the 2011 show. There were plenty of C.M. Punk and John Cena shirts in the crowd, even though Cena wasn’t booked for the show.

The show promptly began at 7:30 p.m. with an introduction from Tony Chimel, as well as the Smackdown TV intro on the new house show set.

(5) World Hvt. champion Sheamus beat Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing Match to retain the World Heavyweight Title. I was excited to see Ricardo Rodriguez, as he didn’t accompany Del Rio at last year’s show. Pretty good heat on Del Rio during his entrance. A funny moment happened when a former colleague who was dressed up as Sheamus got into a shouting match with Del Rio when he was walking down the aisle. Del Rio cut a promo about the audience being peasants, which drew the first (and only) “You suck” chant of the night. Big pop for Sheamus during his entrance. As it was essentially No DQ, the match quickly spilled out of the ring and into the crowd, which drew some excitement. Both men used an over-sized trash can, a steel chair, and a kendo stick on several occasions. Both also made it to a nine-count a couple times, adding to the sense of excitement during the match. The crowd definitely stayed involved throughout. Del Rio went to hit Sheamus with a chair, but hit Ricardo instead, which led to a Brogue Kick, and a ten count for the win. Easily the best match of the night.

The show clocked in at about two hours and 40 minutes, which was about 20 minutes shorter than last year’s show. This was a fun show, especially with having both a WWE and World Title match, which is rare. It was also a very different line-up from the show last year, which was nice too. One note: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth were advertised for the show locally, but were not on the card, having been part of the Raw tour. Tony Chimel thanked us for attending and did not announce a return date. Overall, I had a good time, and other fans around me seemed to enjoy the show as well.

WWE Live Event Results From Sioux City, IA (7/21) - WWE Title & World Title Defended

By Raj Giri July 22, 2012

Thanks to reader Brian Miller for sending in these results from last night’s SmackDown live event in Sioux City, IA:

World heavyweight championship “Last Man Standing” match: Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez