Raw results: Big Show KOs his foes; Shawn Michaels backs Triple H at SummerSlam

BY Tom Herrera August 06, 2012

Alberto Del Rio def. Christian

Despite cruising into the arena in a magnificent Ferrari, Alberto Del Rio was forced to leave the luxury car in the back as he had only minutes to prepare for an impromptu match after he insulted Raw General Manager AJ Lee. The Mexican Aristocrat tried to take his aggression out on Christian in the ring, but Captain Charisma was fully ready for the challenge. Christian hit a flying crossbody off the top rope on Del Rio and pulled off a couple of nice reversals before Ricardo Rodriguez eventually swung the momentum of the bout with a timely distraction. With the ref’s eyed peeled away from the action, Del Rio smacked Christian in the head with his boot and made him quickly submit to the Cross Armbreaker. If you’re keeping track, that makes two weeks in a row where we’ve seen a shoe used as a surprisingly dangerous weapon. Watch out for fearsome footwear on Raw!

Sheamus drove off in Alberto Del Rio’s Ferrari As Del Rio celebrated his victory, Sheamus appeared on the TitanTron next to a familiar luxury automobile. With the keys still in Del Rio’s Ferrari backstage, The Great White told his SummerSlam opponent he’d be taking his prized possession for a “sightseeing tour” around San Antonio. Del Rio could only watch in utter disgust as Sheamus sped off in the pricey sports car.