WWE House Show Results 8.11.12: Shanghai, China

Posted by Joseph Lee on 08.11.2012

I traveled all the way to Shanghai from Hong Kong to watch my first live show, so I was really excited, especially since it was my first live event, and I missed out on two Raws when I was living in Boston. Pretty packed house in Shanghai. About 25 percent of the arena was taped off (behind the entrance ramp and nosebleeds opposite entrance). I came into this expecting weird crowd reactions. My friends Craig, Phil, and my dad had seats by the entrance ramp, which made for good photos.

There were a lot of Cena t-shirts. They’ll be disappointed that he’s not here. Daniel Bryan is way over. There was a whole section of Bryan fans with “Yes!” signs. I was a little disappointed in two things: no pyro at all for the show and the security guards kept telling people to sit down during the matches. People always stood for the good spots, but security kept yelling at the crowd. Also, buying shirts was a mess. People in Shanghai don’t like to line up for things.

(1) Justin Gabriel beat Jack Swagger. Long match. Justin is over, Swagger not so much. Gabriel won with the 450 splash in about ten minutes. Oddly slow-paced match.

(2) Yoshi Tatsu beat Jinder Mahal. Mahal came out and did a promo in Punjabi and English, challenging anyone from the back before Yoshi Tatsu came out. Quiet crowd and dead most of the match. Yoshi won with his finisher, though, he might have hurt his arm. The ref was checking on him a lot after the match.

(3) Wade Barrett beat Ted DiBiase. A loud “Welcome Back” chant started and Barrett shushed everyone. Huge pops for DiBiase’s t-shirt when he teased throwing it into the crowd. Very good match with Barrett using a newer finisher, which looked something like a swinging Rock Bottom as he catches a guy running into him (Winds of Change). Definitely better than Wasteland.

(4) Kelly Kelly beat Natalya. Huge pops for Kelly’s entrance. Snoozefest except for Natalya’s heel antics, which were pretty funny. Kelly won with the leg drop in about five minutes

(5) Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio & Zack Ryder beat Primo & Epico & John Laurinaitis in a six-man tag match. Orton got the pop of the night. Huge pops for all the faces throughout the match. A brawl ended in Johnny taking all of the finishers and Orton pinning him after a 619 into an RKO. The faces stayed a while after the match to pose for pictures and sign autographs into the intermission. Orton also got everyone into a Ryder chant and held up his arm for the crowd.

When they were leaving, a guy hopped the rails and ran towards Orton and was tackled by security. Orton brushed his shoulders and smiled more for the crowd.

(6) WWE tag champion Kofi Kingston beat Daniel Bryan. Bryan is way over, with both pops and heat. He teased leaving the ring when the crowd started A.J. chants. They both played to the crowd great with the “Yes / No” chants. This was easily the match of the night lasting over 20 minutes with Kofi winning clean.

(7) U.S. champion Santino beat Cody Rhodes to retain the U.S. Title. Cody came out and gave a really good promo on how he was the Royal Rumble MVP. He ven threw in some Mandarin at the end (couldn’t hear all of it, but I believe it was “I’m not scared of the Cobra.” The crowd loved Santino’s comedy act, and he won with the Cobra.

(8) World Hvt. champion Sheamus beat Kane, Alberto Del Rio, and Big Show in a Fatal Four-way match to retain the World Title. Sheamus won with the Broge Kick on Del Rio in a very good match with a lot of good nearfalls that lasted about 15 minutes. Del Rio was particularly good in the match.

Overall, this was a very good show and I advise everyone to go out of their way to watch a house show if they like longer matches, with the wrestlers clearly playing more toward the crowd.

Most Pops:

Randy Orton (by far) Rey Mysterio Daniel Bryan Santino

Most Heat:

Daniel Bryan Alberto Del Rio Laurinaitis



8月11日house show结果,地点中国上海

8月10日(译者注:原文如此,但比赛是11日)WWE house show结果,地点中国上海,报道者Garron Chiu:

我从香港来到上海收看我的第一场现场秀,因此我真的非常兴奋,因为这是我最爱的赛事,而 我居住在Boston时错过了两场RAW。上海精美的场馆,大约有25%的空座(在入场斜坡的后面和 另一侧)。我进入到了可以预计的热烈反应的观众群中。我的朋友Craig、Phil和我的父亲坐 在擂台斜坡旁边,这里可以更好的拍照。

有很多人穿着John Cena的T恤。他们对于他没有来这里而感到失望。Daniel Bryan也很受欢迎 ,有一整片Bryan的拥趸们带着yes的标语(译者注:说的就是摔迷之家的团队)。我对于两件 事有一些失望:根本没有烟火(不知道是不是house show就是这样),另外保安们不停的告诉 大家在比赛中坐下。人们经常在精彩的地方站起来,但保安会不停地对观众喊。买T恤也是一 团糟。在上海的人们做事情并不喜欢排队。

1.Justin Gabrielle战胜Jack Swagger。很长的比赛。Justin受到欢迎,Swagger则没有太多 。Gabrielle使用the 450 splash,用时大约10分钟获胜。一场慢节奏的比赛。

2.Yoshi Tatsu战胜Jinder Mahal。Jinder Mahal出场,并使用旁遮普语(Punjabi)和英语讲 话,挑战任何一名后台选手,而Yoshi Tatsu出场。观众很安静。比赛大部分时间都很沉寂。 Yoshi使用他的finisher获胜,但他可能伤到了胳膊。裁判在赛后对他进行仔细检查。

3.Wade Barrett战胜Ted DiBiase。很大的“welcome back”喊声出现(译者注:这说的又是 我们,这是由钢铁长城内斯塔提出来的,就在Barrett出场的时候,他从第六排跑到前面,让 大家一会音乐停止后一起喊welcome back),Barrett对观众发出嘘声。DiBiase在把衣服扔向 观众时开起了玩笑,获得很大的欢呼。非常好的比赛,Barrett使用新的finisher,看起来相 类似swinging Rock Bottom。无疑要比Wasteland更好。

4.Kelly Kelly战胜Natalya。Kelly入场时获得巨大欢呼声。无聊的想让人睡觉的比赛,除了 Natalya的heel类型的滑稽表演有些意思。Kelly使用the leg drop,用时大约五分钟获胜。

5.Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, and Zack Ryder战胜Primo, Epico, and John Laurinaitis 。Epico and Primo显然再次变成了heel,而Orton获得当晚最大欢呼。所有face们在比赛中都 获得巨大欢呼。比赛以Johnny被使用所有finisher,一个619之后Orton使用RKO并压制而告终 。face们在赛后待了一会,拍摄照片,签名,并进入中场休息。Orton还让大家为Ryder欢呼, 并向观众们举起了他的胳膊。当他们离开时,一个人翻越栏杆冲向Orton。他被保安拦住。 Orton碰了碰他的肩膀,对这位观众笑了笑。

6.Koffi Kingston战胜Daniel Bryan。Bryan很受欢迎,包括欢呼和反对声。在观众们开始高 喊A.J.时(译者注:又是摔迷之家的团队首先喊起的),他离开了擂台。他们都引来了观众“ yes/no”的喊声。这显然是当晚的最佳比赛,超过20分钟,Kofi干净地获胜。

7.Santino战胜Cody Rhodes,保留the U.S. Title。Cody出场,并进行了非常精彩的讲话,说他是Royal Rumble MVP。他甚至在最后说了一些汉语(我没听清,但我认为是“我不害怕the Cobra”)(译者注:我也没听清,但很多人说他说的是“眼睛Cobra”)。观众们喜爱 Santino的喜剧表演,而他使用the Cobra获胜。

8.Sheamus战胜Kane, Alberto Del Rio, and Big Show in a Fatal Four Way,保留the World Hvt. Championship。Sheamus对Del Rio使用Brouge Kick获胜,非常好的比赛,很多精 彩的几乎成功的压制。大约进行了15分钟。Del Rio在比赛中特别出色。

后记:总是,这是一场非常好的秀,我建议大家都去看看house show,如果他们喜欢更长的比赛并且有摔角手与观众更多的互动的话。

最大欢呼: 1. Randy Orton 2. Rey Mysterio 3. Daniel Bryan 4. Santino Marella

最大反对声: 1. Daniel Bryan 2. Alberto Del Rio 3. John Laurinaitis