Raw results: The chaos after ‘The Perfect Storm’

August 20, 2012

Randy Orton def. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio came to Fresno State demanding a rematch against World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. Del Rio believed he was robbed at SummerSlam and wanted another opportunity to fulfill his destiny. As The Mexican Aristocrat demanded The Celtic Warrior, Raw General Manager AJ made her way to the ring and announced Del Rio would face WWE’s Apex Predator Randy Orton.

Seconds before the opening bell, the World Heavyweight Champion made his way to ringside and joined Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler on commentary. Even with his archrival looking on from ringside, Del Rio kept his focus primarily on The Viper. The former WWE Champions traded blows and neither could mount an offensive strong enough to maintain momentum.

Finally, after a series of counters from both Superstars, The Viper managed to take down Del Rio with a powerful DDT. Preparing for the RKO, Ricardo Rodriguez tried to distract WWE’s Apex Predator, but Sheamus sent Del Rio’s personal ring announcer cowering from ringside. With Orton’s back turned, The Mexican Aristocrat pounced and executed a perfect Backstabber. As the official counted the pinfall, Sheamus made sure he saw that Orton’s foot was on the ropes, breaking the pinfall.

Irate, Del Rio screamed at The Great White and the official, only to be caught with a massive and match-ending RKO.