Alberto Del Rio Interview on the Abe Kanan Show


Published on Aug 30, 2012 by abekanan

Check out this full length interview with Alberto Del Rio on the Abe Kanan Show done bt Abe Kanan and Ryan Manno on 8/30/2012. Topics covered were…

  1. Alberto’s MMA days
  2. Current state of Mexico
  3. Partying and gambling
  4. Alberto wearing a mask when he started
  5. The difference between his wrestling character and real life
  6. Ricardo Rodriguez eventually doing his own thing
  7. Ric Flair and Alberto both being in the Hangover 3
  8. Alberto’s first meeting with Vince Mcmahon
  9. Current PC guidelines in wrestling
  10. Alberto not having a Twitter

All that and tons more!! Alberto was a really cool guy. Enjoy this 22 minute interview, with a little insight into the life of one of the best!