WWE Live Event Results From Des Moines, IA (9/1) - Orton Vs. Ziggler, Sheamus Vs. Del Rio

By Raj Giri September 02, 2012

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Alejandro Blanco for sending in these results from last night’s Smackdown live event in Des Moines, IA:

Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus (2 out of 3 falls World title match): Del Rio is down first, Ricardo Rodriguez introduces him and of course a lot of heat is on them both. Sheamus comes out to very loud pop and the match is started.

Sheamus is on the attack early and Del Rio runs outside for a breather. Ref starts to count him out, as Del Rio milks the count all the way to 9, and jumps in, and jumps right back out. Sheamus chases him this time frustrated and is lured into some kicks from Del Rio. He continues to work the arm of the champion. Del rio gets the first fall with a cross body off the top, while Rodriguez holds Sheamus’ legs down. Ref misses it, and we are at Del Rio one, Sheamus nothing.

They continue as Del Rio is getting cocky and tries for the flying armbar, but misses and is rolled up for a 3 count. We are all tied up, as the action spills outside.

Del Rio throws the champ into the stairs and works the crowd for a bit. They reenter the ring and Sheamus takes the advantage, throwing Del Rio over the turnbuckle to the outside, very nice bump by Del Rio. Sheamus gets him back in and hits the celtic cross back breaker, and his 10 chest punches to the delight of the crowd. Del Rio turns the tables with a quick back stabber off of a Rodriguez distraction and locks in the arm bar. Sheamus rallies up and picks up the challenger and slams him down breaking the hold. Sheamus applies a Texas clover leaf which was fun to see. Del Rio escapes with yet another distraction from Ricardo, and goes over to attack, Del Rio sneaks up from behind and throws a head kick which misses and hits Rodriguez by mistake, sheamus delivers the brogue kick and gets the final pinfall, and retains the title.


WWE House Show Results 9.1.12 - Des Moines, Iowa

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 09.02.2012

World Hvt. champion Sheamus beat Alberto Del Rio in a 2/3 Falls match to retain the World Title. The stipulation was chosen via crowd text.

Afterward, Cody Rhodes signed autographs for 10-15 minutes, which was very gracious of him. But, Del Rio and Jinder Mahal did not sign anything for people. Overall, a decent crowd, but not close to sold out.