WWE House Show Report 9.09.12: Kingston, Ontario

Posted by Larry Csonka on 09.10.2012

Results from the WWE Smackdown House Show report in Kingston, ON on Sunday September 9th.

Not a great crowd. I remember 6 years ago when people were camping out for 8 blocks to get tickets. You could still get front row seats at showtime.

Also via video, Booker T asks you to tweet whether you want a street fight or a 2/3 falls fight using hashtags. I was curious so after the event I searched, and only SIX people tweeted.

Match #8: Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio in a street fight. They wrestled in the ring for the most part, and the street fight aspect consisted of them hitting each other with a kendo stick a few times, and the finishing sequence involving a chair(Del Rio whipped Sheamus into corner, ran from one corner to the other with the chair and hurt himself, and Sheamus slammed him for the win).

It was still an enjoyable show, despite so many matches featuring the generic heel stalling at the opening. Got really tiring after awhile.