Raw results: CM Punk demands respect, Bret Hart returns to Montreal

Sheamus gave his deposition to David Otunga at WWE HQ

It’s safe to say that the legal system has never seen quite anything like the deposition that Sheamus was ordered to give to Harvard-educated David Otunga at WWE HQ in Stamford, Conn., concerning his attack of Ricardo Rodriguez and the subsequent ban of the Brogue Kick by SmackDown General Manager Booker T. First, The Celtic Warrior nearly had Otunga convinced that his last name was “Lipschitz” (it nearly worked) and that his St. Paddy’s Days were full of raucous partying (“Danny Boy” and “Hava Nagila” included) followed by a period of crushing guilt. Then, he managed to insult Daniel Bryan and Rodriguez within the span of about five minutes, all while belittling the legal system in general.

Otunga, to his credit, would not be dissuaded, attempting to parade the injuries of Rodriguez, referee Chad Patton and other Brogue Kick victims as a tool to lead Sheamus into an admission of guilt, but the jolly Great White would not be fooled.

Then, when Otunga’s attacks got personal, implying that the Brogue Kick could only be used by a “vile human being,” Sheamus simply got up and, following some threatening words toward Otunga, Brogue Kicked the camera.

Then, of course, he sang “Hava Nagila.” Case dismissed.


Alberto Del Rio def. Tyson Kidd

Six nights before his Night of Champions clash with World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio was determined to make an example out of Canada’s own Tyson Kidd in the Hart Dungeon graduate’s home country. From the onset, it was clear that The Mexican Aristocrat would given a clear size advantage in this international encounter, but that didn’t stop Kidd from at one point locking Del Rio in the Sharpshooter — much to the delight of Kidd’s incredibly vocal countrymen.

In the end, however, those same WWE Universe members were silenced when Del Rio overpowered the ring technician with a vicious application of the Cross Armbreaker. Not content with merely defeating his foe, The Mexican Aristocrat took the opportunity to boast that not only has Sheamus been stripped of the use of the Brogue Kick thanks to SmackDown General Manager Booker T’s ongoing investigation, but come Sunday, he’ll be stripped of the World Heavyweight Title as well.