By Richard Trionfo on 2012-09-14 21:57:25

This week’s show starts off with a look at the devastation of the Brogue Kick and the attempts by Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga, and Ricardo Rodriguez to get Booker T to ban the Brogue Kick. We then see Booker interrupting a match to tell Sheamus that the move he was about to use was banned. Then we go to Monday night when we saw the ‘deposition’ that David Otunga took of Sheamus. Then we go further into the show when Booker T stepped on A.J. Lee’s authority on Raw to ban the Brogue Kick completely and announce that Sheamus would be stripped of the title.

We are live on tape from Kanata, Ontario, Canada and your announcers are Michael ‘Hart Trophy Winner from Monday Night’ Cole and Josh ‘At least I didn’t get Brogue Kicked by Sheamus’ Mathews.

Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Mr. Coffee Otunga. Alberto is the only one without a neck brace, so he will talk. Alberto gives Booker T credit for banning the Brogue Kick at all times. He cannot talk about how his friend Ricardo Rodriguez feels now so he will let Ricardo tell everyone.

Ricardo thanks everyone around the world for their support. Ricardo starts to cry uncontrollably so David Otunga takes the mic.

David says that he would like to take a moment to bring up the irresponsible actions of Raw General Manager A.J. Lee. David says that he is an officer of the court and Sheamus is a brute. . . a reckless hooligan. It was a poor decision from an unbalanced individual. David says that his vertebrae might be ruptured. Just like his client, he will recover handsomely.

Alberto says that Ricardo and David are not the only ones suffering from the Brogue Kick.

We see footage from last year when Sheamus demanded a title match against Christian at Night of Champions, only to see Sheamus connect with a Brogue Kick to the head.

Alberto introduces Christian . . . via satellite.

Christian says that he wants to get this over with. David welcomes him and he asks Christian about his shoulder surgery. He mentions that Christian has not been working at 100% for a while.

Christian says that everyone knows that he is one of the toughest guys. He tells Del Rio that he does not like him and he calls Del Rio a sniveling weasel and he hopes that Del Rio loses on Sunday. Christian says that he is not doing this for Del Rio or himself. He is standing up for the superstars in the back who will not stand up for themselves. Christian says that he was on his way to becoming a three time champion before the Brogue Kick. He has not been the same since that kick. Christian says that he finally needed surgery for the nerve damage. Christian says that he has lost about a year of his career as a result of the injuries.

If he is being 100% truthful, he says that the Brogue Kick should continue to be banned.

Otunga cuts off Christian before he can say anything else.

Alberto says that the Brogue Kick is dangerous and there are serious ramifications. Booker made the right decision. At Night of Champions, he will take the World Title away from that peasant.

Daniel Bryan’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Bryan says No a few times. He came out here to thank everyone and he does not want people to say yes.

Daniel says that he wanted to thank Alberto for bringing this case to light. Daniel says that he has been a victim of the Brogue Kick. David Otunga said that he would recover handsomely. Daniel says that people say that he has a goat face. It is not true, but if it happened, it was because Sheamus kicked him in the face so many times. Daniel wants to thank Booker T for granting him a Wrestlemania rematch tonight of the most embarrassing moment of his entire life when Sheamus used that illegal maneuver to beat him in 18 seconds.

He says that he did not ask for a rematch because the Brogue Kick has been banned. He asked for this rematch because he wanted to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that when Sheamus beat him in 18 seconds was because he beat him by surprise.

It makes sense that the man who had his finisher banned would come out and Sheamus moves to the stage. He asks goat face that if the Brogue Kick had been banned at Wrestlemania, he wouldn’t have lost in 18 seconds. Sheamus says that Bryan did not lose because of the Brogue kick but because of Sheamus. After he beats Bryan tonight and Bertie on Sunday, people will find out that if you don’t learn about history, you are doomed to repeat it.

Otunga goes to the ropes to confront Sheamus and Sheamus rips off Otunga’s neck brace and he throws it into the crowd.

Match Number Five: Sheamus versus Daniel Bryan in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Bryan works on the arm but Sheamus reverses. Sheamus with a side head lock and shoulder tackle and Bryan retreats to the corner. We see Rodriguez, Otunga, and Del Rio watching in the back.