Raw results: Cena and Foley challenge Punk; Kane & Bryan get a team name

September 24, 2012

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara def. Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga & Ricardo Rodriguez

They couldn’t get it done in the courtroom, but Raw General Manager AJ Lee gave the Brogue Kick victims, Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga and Ricardo Rodriguez a chance to vent their frustrations in the ring with a six-man tag team match against Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, and the architect of their recent misery: World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus.

Despite the seeming mismatch against the formidable trio, Del Rio, Otunga & Ricardo proved themselves a highly crafty trio, keeping their opponents at bay while trying to keep Sheamus out of the competition. Ricardo in particular proved himself to be a surprisingly efficient brawler, throwing his body into each attack he leveled against Mysterio & Sin Cara and even earning enough admiration from his boss to convince Del Rio to tag him in at one point. He announces, he competes, he does it all: Ricardo Rodriguez.

It was Mysterio who found himself in the biggest trouble when Del Rio, Otunga & Ricardo pinned him in their corner and took turns teeing off on The Ultimate Underdog, keeping him at bay until Mysterio managed to get Del Rio to the middle of the ring, kicking The Essence of Excellence in the face and opning the door for a tag to the World Heavyweight Champion. Del Rio managed a tag of his own to Otunga, but the Harvard-educated muscleman quickly tagged in Ricardo Rodriguez. Despite his heart, poor Ricardo found himself the recipient of Sheamus’ forearm clubs, a 619, and Sin Cara’s moonsault in quick succession, as the masked Mexican marvel’s final, leaping attack spelled defeat for Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer.

Of course, Otunga had the biggest mistake of the night when he failed to clear the ring immediately following the match, becasue he found himself on the business end of a Brogue Kick