Raw results: Punk crashes J.R. appreciation night; Team Hell No finds its groove

October 01, 2012

Alberto Del Rio def. Kofi Kingston

Alberto Del Rio was a man on a mission Monday night when he clashed with the Ghanaian dynamo, Kofi Kingston, in a hotly contested battle on Raw that saw The Essence of Excellence make yet another statement by brutalizing an opponent past the final toll of the bell.

Kofi, perhaps riding the wave of his thrilling battle with Dolph Ziggler last week, was unfazed by The Mexican Aristocrat’s aggression, executing a highlight-reel worthy crossbody off the turnbuckle that left Del Rio sprawled about the entrance ramp. Del Rio rallied against The Boom Squad General’s high-octane offense, though, locking Kofi up in a torturous abdominal stretch and dodging Trouble in Paradise before decimating Kofi’s midsection with a series of vicious kicks, finally locking in the Cross Armbreaker and refusing to break the hold after Kofi tapped. It was only after R-Truth ran in to make the save that The Essence of Excellence finally let up, his point made and his mean streak continuing.