Ricardo Rodriguez将是WWE'13里仅有2个经理人角色的其中一个!Paul Bearer是经典的代表,而Ricardo Rodriguez是当代的唯一!

WWE ‘13 to feature Paul Bearer and Ricardo Rodriguez as managers!

Submitted by THQAubrey on Oct 2, 2012 9:59AM PDT in News

It just wouldn’t be a WWE Games release without managers. That’s why when WWE ‘13 hits stores on October 30, 2012, it will come complete with two of our favorite managerial talents: Ricardo Rodriguez and the legendary Paul Bearer.

On present-day managers

There are none now. I guess Ricardo Rodriguez could be considered a manager now, but he certainly wasn’t when he first started. But as time has gone by, he has evolved and he’s asked me for pointers. And I’ve given him pointers that he didn’t even ask for, like facial expressions. He would just have a stone face, and I would say go back and look at some of the old stuff like Bobby Heenan and Lou Albano, and the real old-school managers that I grew up on. They’re all gone, except for Jimmy Hart and me and Jim Cornette, as far as old school managers there is no such thing anymore. At this point in the game, I will concede that Ricardo Rodriguez is a manager and will get involved in the matches, and he took a ****hard bump the other night [Ricardo had recently been hit with a Brogue Kick from Sheamus].

There are certain parts of the match where the wrestler needs some kind of escape and the manager can provide that. Like what Ricardo did the other night, there are spots in the match where they need a third party, which doesn’t have to be a wrestler. That was the manager’s position, where you would sometimes take a bump.