Raw results: Punk battles McMahon and receives a ‘Hell’-ish ultimatum

October 08, 2012

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No def. Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler

Team Hell No continues to be a holy terror for their opponents as, despite their trademark bickering, Kane & Daniel Bryan racked up yet another win, this time against the duo of Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler on Monday Night Raw.

The infighting amongst the champions started before the match even began, when Bryan interrupted Kane’s entrance to proclaim himself the Tag Team Champions. But, even with the occasional spat, Kane & Bryan’s odd-couple efficiency as a team was on display against Del Rio & Ziggler, who were unable to find their groove for much of the contest. It was Bryan who started things off, grounding Ziggler and then Del Rio with his trademark technical proficiency before Kane tagged himself in to pummel The Showoff with a sequence of power moves that saw Dolph thrown airborne multiple times in the span of a few moments.

Ziggler & Del Rio rallied, though, eventually forcing Kane to tag Bryan back in and allowing the “No!” man a window to attack The Showoff. Bryan’s flashiness nearly cost the champions, though, when Ziggler rolled up a risky top-rope maneuver for a near-fall and reached Del Rio for a tag in against the former World Heavyweight Champion. Del Rio and Ziggler traded strikes on Bryan for the next few minutes, keeping the submission technician at bay while blocking any opportunity to tag in Hell No’s monstrous other half.

The plan seemed well on its way to working, too, as Del Rio & Ziggler left Bryan dazed and confused after a long-form beatdown that seemed to spell the end for Team Hell No’s chances in the match. But after withstanding the beating at the hands of Del Rio & Ziggler, Bryan eventually found his opportunity, hauling Del Rio into the turnbuckle and finally summoning The Devil’s Favorite Demon into the match. Del Rio & Ziggler seemed again to have the match in hand, though, when they foiled a double-chokeslam from Kane. But the oddly contentious teamwork by Kane and Bryan came in handy when all was said and done; each time one the twosome tagged themselves into the match, it left Del Rio & Ziggler unable to rally and counter, and a missile dropkick from Bryan, followed by a Chokeslam from The Big Red Monster, finally spelled the end for Team Hell No’s latest challengers.