SmackDown results: After unleashing a fierce sneak attack on Alberto Del Rio, The Viper tabled Rodriguez with the devastating RKO!

October 12, 2012

Alberto Del Rio def. WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan

Two weeks ago, Alberto Del Rio attacked Randy Orton twice during SmackDown. The first assault was a sneak attack, just before Randy Orton’s World Title No. 1 Contender’s Match against Big Show — a crafty move that ultimately contributed to WWE’s Apex Predator losing that match. Then, once The World’s Largest Athlete emerged victorious, Del Rio continued his onslaught when SmackDown went off the air.

But after The Viper tweeted earlier this week that he would return to SmackDown, The Mexican Aristocrat sent Ricardo Rodriguez looking for The Viper, putting the personal ring announcer on pins and needles the entire night. This included a run-in with another snake, Santino’s Cobra.

Despite this intimating atmosphere surrounding the expected emergence of WWE’s Apex Predator, Del Rio was able to overcome WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan in an action-packed main event showdown — making the submission specialist tap out with the Cross Armbreaker.

Following the bell, Del Rio grabbed the microphone, claiming that Orton’s tweet was misleading and that he was not on SmackDown, before branding him a coward. But, he was proved wrong in one-second’s time, as The Viper suddenly appeared from seemingly nowhere. Orton moved in for the attack, unleashing an assault on the shocked Mexican Superstar outside the ring.

However, before the nine-time World Champion could RKO his adversary onto the SmackDown announce table, Del Rio threw his personal ring announcer to the dogs. As a result, Rodriguez would instead feel the sting of The Viper.