JR的意思是,Del Rio的强势有了,但他还不够坏,不足以让大家咬牙切齿地恨他。他需要做更多的“坏事”、让人刻骨铭心的东西。一个墨西哥贵族,在那个不仇富的国度,他什么都有,一切都是很优越的,该怎么继续改进呢?


Alberto Del Rio还有很多进步空间的,努力吧,少年!不要让大家失望!!!

Alberto Del Rio has found a new level of aggression and it suits him well. If Del Rio was missing something in his repertoire it was more of a pronounced mean streak. Don’t get me wrong, the Mexican aristocrat is damn tough and was an excellent amateur but he’s so smooth and seamless at times that he doesn’t look nasty. Trust me, he is and the more he shows it the more successful ADR will be.