SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Oct. 19, 2012

BY Jake Grate October 19, 2012

Will there be another sneak attack between The Viper and The Mexican Aristocrat prior to their match at Hell in a Cell?

On Raw, it was announced that Randy Orton will face two-time WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell. Things between the two have exploded, and it would not be surprising if the cunning combatants cannot wait until the upcoming pay-per-view and simply decide to throw down on SmackDown. After all, their rivalry has been an extremely bitter and personal one, filled with sneak attacks on both sides

Del Rio has performed his best Orton impression in recent weeks, mocking WWE’s Apex Predator. That might not be the best idea, as his target is not only a nine-time World Champion, but also as brutal a Superstar as there is on the WWE roster. It’s hard to imagine that they won’t come to blows yet again on the road to “Hell.”