Del Rio arrives in style

August 20, 2010

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – In his WWE debut, Alberto Del Rio caught the attention of the entire WWE Universe by making Rey Mysterio tap out! And, World Heavyweight Champion Kane explained the attack on his own brother, The Undertaker.

Alberto Del Rio def. Rey Mysterio

Alberto Del Rio arrived in grand style by driving into the Rabobank Arena in a Rolls Royce. And as he approached the ring, he was introduced by his very own personal ring announcer. Leading up to the big night, Del Rio touted himself in a series of videos.

When all the hype and talking were over, and Del Rio finally stepped in the ring, he backed up his words with a huge win over veteran Rey Mysterio by making him tap out with a cross armbreaker. Adding insult to injury, Del Rio locked Rey in the same hold after the match was over to deliver more punishment.

What’s next from this potent 6-foot-5 Superstar?

Alberto Del Rio felt Rey Mysterio’s wrath

At the start of the night, Alberto Del Rio interrupted Rey Mysterio’s address to the WWE Universe to tout himself. After taunting The Master of the 619, Del Rio accepted Mysterio’s challenge to go one-on-one. After he got in a few more insults, Del Rio felt Mysterio’s wrath with a slap to the face and 619.