By Richard Trionfo on 2010-10-18 23:03:00

We are live from Calgary, Alberta Canada and your announcers are Michael ‘Why wasn’t I offered the lead role in Knucklehead’ Cole and Jerry ‘Stretching People in the Dungeon’ Lawler.

The invasion starts early and Teddy Long says that he is going to take over Raw tonight because he can.

The CyberBoss is communicating with Michael Cole and Cole gets on his booster seat to see his computer. He quotes, Get out of my ring. Get out of my ring now. You have no business being in this ring.

Teddy says that Smackdown versus Raw takes place this Sunday at Bragging Rights. Teddy ha a referee bring out the Bragging Rights Trophy. Teddy tells the computer to eat its heart out because the trophy belongs to Smackdown. They laid the Smackdown on all of the Raw superstars.

The computer tells Teddy to get out of the ring or else. Teddy wants to know if he is being threatened.

Teddy goes out of the ring and Cole argues with Teddy. The computer gets impatient and Teddy assumes the captain’s chair position.

Teddy has an announcement to make. Right now, the Raw General Manager is going to be disconnected. Teddy pulls the plug on the Raw computer.

Teddy introduces the winning team at Bragging Rights. First, he brings out The Big Show. Out next is Edge, followed by Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Tyler Reks, and Rey Mysterio.

Cole tells Teddy to go back to Friday and then Cole’s demeanor gets a lot better when The Miz comes out and he is joined by his lapdog, Alex Riley. Miz says that it looks like Smurf Village lived next to a nuclear power plant. He runs through the Smackdown team members.

Miz reminds everyone that he was the sole Raw superstar who won last year and he is the team captain. He will lead Team Raw over Team Smackdown. All of the bragging rights associated with it will come to the A Show. Miz brings out the other members of his team.

Out first is CM Punk followed by John Morrison, Santino Marella, Ezekiel Jackson (who is Miz’s personal pick), Sheamus.

Miz tells them to get out of his ring or they will make them get out.

We have a fourteen man brawl in the ring as there is no authority in the ring.

Team Raw eventually gets out of the ring.

Show tells Miz not to go to the back and start any ruckus. Show says that this is the Raw ring. They will leave the ring on one condition. Show wants to face Miz tonight in a one-on-one match.

Team Raw tells him to do it and they push him to the ring.

Show calls Miz a chicken.

Cole talks about how great Miz is for accepting a challenge from Big Show and then he tells Teddy Long to leave.

It is time to go back to last week’s Raw when John Cena met the Miz to see who would be the captain of Team Raw. Then we see the footage from after the match when Randy Orton came out.

Match Number Six: Bragging Rights Since We Have Everyone at Ringside why not let them do something Battle Royal featuring almost everyone on the two rosters

Everyone starts fighting and people are being eliminated left and right while Raw wrestlers try to eliminate Smackdown wrestlers. While the battle goes on in the ring, Hornswoggle attacks Michael Cole and he takes Cole’s headset. It looks like MVP has been eliminated from the match.

Chris Masters is the next person eliminated and Rey is almost eliminated but he holds on to the ropes. Tyler Reks has been eliminated. Show works on Mark Henry while Del Rio goes after Primo. Morrison tries to suplex someone to the floor while Henry is eliminated by Luke, Cody, and Show. Morrison eliminates Chavo with a back body drop. Regal is the next person eliminated by Big Show. Cody goes after Ezekiel Jackson when he tries to eliminate Drew McIntyre. Primo has been eliminated and so is Kozlov. Santino is the next person eliminated and then Luke is eliminated by Sheamus . . . fella. Punk kicks Rey while Show chops Sheamus. Del Rio is sent to the apron by Morrison and then they fight on the apron. Del Rio punches Morrison on the turnbuckles and then they knock each other off the turnbuckles to eliminate them. Swagger and a few others are eliminated. Swagger pulls Edge out of the ring and he puts Edge in the ankle lock. Referees try to pull Swagger off Edge.

Miz punches Drew McIntyre while Kofi leaps into the corner and he punches Sheamus but Sheamus eliminates Kofi. Jackson has Rey on his shoulders and he eliminates Rey. Miz is on the ground but he was not eliminated. Jackson eliminates McIntyre and Rhodes.

It is down to Sheamus, Ezekiel Jackson, Daniel Bryan, and Big Show. Show fights them off and he eliminates Bryan. Sheamus and Jackson with forearms to the back and then they hit a double suplex on Show. Jackson with a splash into the corner and then Sheamus is sent into an elbow from Show. Show eliminates Jackson and then Miz and Sheamus try to eliminate Show. Show stays on the apron and then Edge comes back in and he spears Sheamus and Big Show eliminates Miz. Edge clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope to win the battle royal.

Winners: Smackdown