By Richard Trionfo on 2010-10-29 21:58:11

On Sunday night, the Undertaker was buried alive. Will we ever see the Dead Man again? A door opens . . .

We are live on tape from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and your announcers are Matt ‘Shotz Brewery’ Striker, Todd ‘Schlemiel’ Grisham, and Michael ‘The Bud Selig of announcers’ Cole.

Kane and Paul Bearer are at the gravesite for the Undertaker and Kane says that the saga is over. He has proven his dominance over the Undertaker for the final time. He says that his brother is never coming back. It is because he buried Taker. Kane starts to walk to the ring and he says that there is going to be talk in the coming days and months about plots and conspiracy theories. The Undertaker is gone because of one person and one person only. That person is him.

Now that his brother is truly one with the dark side. Now that he is condemned to an eternity of agony, he wants everyone to thank him. He wants everyone to thank him for removing the false hope that he provided to each and everyone’s meaningless lives. He says that he knows that everyone is clinging to a futile shred of hope that the Undertaker will return. He says that will never happen. The Dead Man is six feet underground. While he is rotting and decomposing, like his legacy, Kane says that he is the champion.

Kane says that he is the pulse of everyone. He is the heartbeat of every insect in the audience desperate for a patriarch. He says that he is the devil’s favorite demon. Kane says that the time for mourning is now so he demands that everyone stand up and bow your heads to observe a moment of silence for the man you will never see again. His fallen and so to be forever forgotten brother, the Undertaker.

The moment of silence is interrupted by Alberto Del Rio, who drives into the arena. Kane cannot believe what Alberto did and he talks to Paul about it.

Alberto says that this is a tragedy and he is not talking about the Undertaker. The only tragedy is that he never had a chance at the World Title. He tells Kane that he is handsome, rich, and powerful. He says that the only funeral we are going to have is for the World Title.

Kane wants to know if Alberto is out of his mind for interrupting this ceremony. He says that the last thin that Alberto should be worried about is the title.

Alberto knocks the urn out of Paul Bearer’s hands and then Kane tries to punch Del Rio but Alberto ducks him and then Alberto hits a step up enzuigiri that sends Kane into the already dead flowers.

Rey Mysterio comes out and he trips Del Rio, sending Alberto into the ropes. Before Rey can hit the 619, Alberto goes to the floor. Paul Bearer is in the ropes doing something and Rey sees this as an opportunity to give Paul a 619. Kane kicks Rey off the apron to the floor.

Edge comes to the ring and he gives Kane a spear.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Alberto Del Rio is in the back with Teddy Long and Teddy wants Alberto to speak in English. Alberto demands a World Title match tonight. Teddy refuses to give him the match. Alberto then demands to be named the number one contender because there is no one better than him. Teddy says that there are two men who would disagree with Alberto.

Teddy tells Alberto that tonight there is going to be a match to determine the number one contender for the World Title at Survivor Series. Alberto will be in the match, but he will be facing Edge and Rey Mysterio. Teddy tells Alberto to prove that he is the top commodity on Smackdown. Alberto says that he will prove it.

We are back with a look back at the funeral for the Undertaker that saw appearances from Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, and Edge; but none of them were out to pay their last respects to Undertaker.

Match Number Five: Alberto Del Rio versus Rey Mysterio versus Edge in a Number One Contender Match

The bell rings and Rey goes after Del Rio while Edge watches. Del Rio with an Irish whip but Rey with boots. Alberto with a clothesline to Rey but Edge with a running heel kick to Del Rio. Edge with kicks to Del Rio and Edge throws Rey under the bottom rope. Edge goes to the floor while Rey returns to the ring and Rey with a baseball slide to Edge. Rey with a kick to Del Rio’s leg but Del Rio with a knee and punches. Del Rio with an Irish whip and Rey floats over as Del Rio charges into the corner, but Del Rio recovers and he sends Rey into the ring post. Edge with a rollup on Del Rio for a near fall.

Del Rio with a kick and elbow to Edge. Edge with a running forearm and then he clotheslines Del Rio over the top rope and Edge goes to the floor as well. Rey goes up top and hits a cross body onto both men as we go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio is kicking Rey in the corner and then he chokes him with his boot. Rey rolls to the apron and he is against the ring post and Albert with a version of a bow and arrow using the ring post. We see footage from the commercial break when Del Rio Irish whipped Rey into the ringside barrier. Del Rio gets a near fall on Mysterio as we wonder where Edge went. Alberto with an Irish whip but Rey with a drop toe hold that sends Alberto into the turnbuckles. Rey kicks Del Rio and then he hits a baseball slide into Del Rio in the corner.

Edge gets on the apron and Alberto Irish whips Rey into Edge. Del Rio with a waist lock on Rey as they fight by the ropes. Edge with a sunset flip on Alberto and Del Rio with a German suplex on Rey as Edge gets a near fall on Del Rio. Edge kicks Rey to the floor and he turns his focus to Del Rio. Edge with kicks to Del Rio followed by a forearm. Edge tries to suplex Del Rio back into the ring but Del Rio blocks it and drops Edge on the top rope. Edge goes to the floor as Rey slides between Alberto’s legs and he drops Alberto on the apron. Rey with a rana to Edge that sends him into the ring steps and all three men are down.

Rey rolls Edge into the ring and he goes up top for a frog splash but Edge kicks out at two. Rey with a drop kick that knocks Alberto off the apron. Edge with a kick but Rey escapes a power bomb attempt. Rey sends Edge into the ropes and Rey sets for the 619 but Alberto trips Rey and pulls him out of the ring. Alberto stands over Rey and that allows Edge to recover in the ring and Edge with a flapjack for a near fall.

Alberto with a kick and slam attempt but Del Rio is able to hit a German suplex and gets a near fall. Edge with a big boot to Del Rio and then he punches Rey on the apron. Edge goes up top but Rey crotches Edge. Rey goes up top as well for a super Hurricanrana, but Edge pushes Rey off and Rey lands on his feet. Alberto puts Rey in the cross arm breaker but Edge with an elbow drop to break up the hold and Edge gets a near fall on Alberto.

The crowd chants for a spear but Rey with a kick and then everyone goes down from clotheslines. Edge and Rey pepper Del Rio with punches and kicks while Del Rio tries to fight back. Del Rio pushes Rey into the corner and then he connects with an elbow to Edge. Edge sends Del Rio into Rey in the corner but Rey with boots to Del Rio. Rey charges at Del Rio but Alberto tosses Rey over his head and Rey with a seated senton on Edge.

Del Rio with a kick to Rey and then he tries for a power bomb but Rey counters with a rana and Alberto is sent to the ropes. Rey hits a 619 but Edge spears Rey off the apron. Edge covers Alberto but can only get a two count. Alberto wit a knee to Edge and then he gets Edge on his shoulders but Edge escapes and hits the Impaler DDT. Edge pulls his hair to signal the spear, but Ricardo Rodriguez grabs Edge by the leg. That distraction allows Del Rio to hit the step up enzuigiri and Edge goes down. Rey goes up top for a leg drop on Del Rio to break up the cover. Rey gets a near fall on Alberto. Del Rio punches Rey and then connects with a head butt. Rey with a drop toe hold and Alberto falls into the ropes. Rey with a drop kick to Edge’s back and Edge falls into the ropes. Del Rio recovers and he tries for a spinebuster on Rey but Rey gets to Del Rio’s shoulders. Edge with a spear on Del Rio and then he pins Del Rio to win the match.

Winner: Edge

After the match, Kane comes out and he signals the hellfire from the ring posts as we go to credits.