Honor and glory

BY RYAN MURPHY December 22, 2010

FORT HOOD, Texas – More than 50,000 members of the WWE Universe made their way to Fort Hood, Texas to help World Wrestling Entertainment honor the proud men and women of the United States Armed Forces during the eighth annual Tribute to the Troops celebration.

John Cena, Rey Mysterio & Randy Orton def. WWE Champion The Miz, Alberto Del Rio & Wade Barrett

John Cena has always had a special bond with the troops, so the Legendary star was even more charged than usual going into tonight’s huge main event. Forming a veritable dream team with Rey Mysterio & Randy Orton, Cena made sure that the crew of The Miz, Alberto Del Rio & Wade Barrett received a beating that would make the military proud. Working together like a tactical squad, The Viper and Cena set up Del Rio and Barrett for a double dose of Mysterio’s 619 before simultaneously nailing an RKO and an Attitude Adjustment on their hapless opponents for the win.

Following the victory, the Massachusetts native grabbed the microphone and delivered some heartfelt words to the soldiers he respects so much, bringing an emotional end to the most patriotic show of the year.