By Richard Trionfo on 2011-11-07 23:03:45

We are live on tape from Liverpool, United Kingdom and your announcers are Michael ‘Can I just stay here through Friday since Smackdown is in the same building’ Cole and Jerry ‘Look kids . . . Big Ben . . . Parliament’ Lawler.

We see how CM Punk got his match against Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series even though the only way he could get the title match earlier in the show did not take place.

Match Number Three: Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez versus Kofi Kingston

Del Rio with a kick and then he tries for the cross arm breaker but Kofi with a kick. Del Rio walks into a drop kick and Del Rio goes to the floor. Kofi misses a suicide dive and Del Rio takes advantage with a kick to the ribs. They return to the ring and Del Rio gets a near fall. Del Rio with punches to the arm as he takes Kofi to the mat.

Del Rio with an arm bar. Kofi with a punch but Del Rio with a head butt. Del Rio runs into a pendulum kick and Kofi with a cross body from the top for a near fall. Kofi with a forearm and then he tries for Trouble in Paradise but Del Rio sends Kofi shoulder first into the ring post. Del Rio with a single arm breaker and then he applies the cross arm breaker and Kofi taps.

El Ganador: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Del Rio reapplies the cross arm breaker and the referee wants him to release the hold but CM Punk’s music plays.

Alberto immediately releases the hold and he waits for Punk to come to the ring. Punk stands on the stage as we go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio asks Punk if he has the cajones to meet him face to face like a man. Del Rio says that Punk was supposed to ask him for a title shot at Survivor Series. Instead, Punk waited until Big Show knocked him out and like a coward, Punk forced him to give Punk the opportunity.

Del Rio tells Punk to look at him because the people and this country do not matter. He calls them a joke, pathetic, and ugly just like Punk. Del Rio says that nobody cares about them like nobody cares about him. Del Rio reminds Punk that he is the WWE Champion and Punk knows how dangerous he is. Del Rio tells him that he got a message from David Otunga from John Laurinaitis. Del Rio says that he can ask Punk to cancel the match. Del Rio tells Punk to cancel the match or he will force him.

Punk says that he thought that was how you do things around here. Nobody punches someone in the face when they have a problem. Punk says that he didn’t know that he had to politely get in line to ask for a match. Punk apologizes. Punk wants to remind Del Rio how he became the WWE Champion. Del Rio cashed in the Money in the Bank after Kevin Nash power bombed him. Then Del Rio beat him with a lead pipe at Hell in a Cell. Punk says that maybe he should have asked politely but to be a slimy, greasy, cheap shot artist, it works so that is why he did it.

Del Rio reminds Punk that he is the WWE Champion and he will receive the respect that he deserves.

Punk says that Del Rio is a hell of a competitor but Del Rio is one dimensional on the mic. Punk talks about all of Del Rio’s Destinies. What does Del Rio have to say that is interesting. Punk says that people fast forward through what he says and they don’t miss a damn thing.

Del Rio starts to talk but Punk cuts him off and he tells Del Rio to listen to him. He says that he has heard about Del Rio’s destiny. At Survivor Series, he will not only win the WWE Title, he is going to make the WWE Championship interesting again.

Del Rio says that he doesn’t care what Punk or the people think, but being the WWE Champion, he is the best in the world. He asks Punk if he is going to cancel the match at Survivor Series.

Punk thinks about it for a moment and he shoots back with an emphatic no. Del Rio punches and kicks Punk. Del Rio tries for the cross arm breaker but Punk gets Del Rio into the Anaconda Vise. Rodriguez saves Del Rio and Punk gives Ricardo a Go To Sleep for his troubles.

Punk gives Otunga a gallon of unleaded before Del Rio comes from out of nowhere to send Punk through a table.

Officials come to break things up and in the end, popcorn has been spilled.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Alberto Del Rio’s attack on CM Punk.