By Richard Trionfo on 2011-11-14 23:02:17

We are live from Boston, Massachusetts and your announcers are Michael ‘A No Win Situation for the fans’ Cole and Jerry ‘Will Rog and Rerun be out there with Dwayne tonight’ Lawler.

Zack Ryder is with the Bellas again and they are being asked by Zack to sign the online petition. They better deal Ryder for Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. They say that they didn’t believe anything that Punk said last night or last week. The Bellas want to party with Del Rio after Survivor Series but Ryder tells them that they can party in the LI. Ryder invites Ricardo to join the party. Del Rio and Ricardo leave while the Bellas are fed up with Ryder.

Alberto enters the room and he says that he is on the cover of Hombre Magazine. John tells Alberto that CM Punk has made him a laughing stock. One cheap shot does not mean that he is getting the upper hand on CM Punk. John says that he is impartial and then he says that CM Punk can cause more trouble if he is the champion. Alberto says that he does not think that Punk will even make it Survivor Series. Alberto says that he will be WWE Champion longer than John is general manager.

It is time for Michael Cole to make himself the focus of things and he says that he will not be unbiased and he is going to root for Alberto Del Rio.

We run through the card for Survivor Series.

Matt Striker is with Miz and R Truth. Matt asks if they feel overshadowed for their match at Survivor Series. They don’t answer. He asks if they feel disrespected even after winning in the main event last week. They don’t answer. Matt asks them what will they do to get the attention of Rock and John Cena at Survivor Series. They walk away without answering.

CM Punk is walking in the back but Alberto Del Rio attacks him. Del Rio with punches and kicks but referees try to break things up.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Alberto Del Rio and Mark Henry versus CM Punk and Big Show

Show and Del Rio start things off and he chops Del Rio and slams him. Show with a chop in the corner and then he does it in the opposite corner. Show with a slam and Punk is tagged in. Punk with a series of kicks and the referee pulls him out of the corner. Punk with more kicks and the referee warns him. Punk with a suplex for a near fall.

Show tags back in and he punches Del Rio in the ribs. Henry is tagged in and they lock up and Henry pushes Show into the ropes. They lock up again and Henry pushes Show again. They lock up a third time and Show sends him down to the mat. Show with head butts and then he tries to slam Henry but Show falls under Henry’s weight and Henry gets a near fall.

Henry with head butts to Show and Del Rio tags in and he kicks Show. Del Rio gets a near fall but Show with a powerful kick out. Del Rio with a drop kick and then he tags Henry back in. Show with punches from his knees to Henry followed by head butts that stagger Henry. Show with a shoulder tackle and then he signals for the punch but Henry sees it and he tags in Del Rio.

Del Rio wants to know what Henry is doing. Henry tells Del Rio that he tagged him. They continue to argue as we go to commercial.

We are back and Punk and Del Rio are down. Henry tags in and he kicks Punk in the arm before he can make the tag to Big Show. Henry with head butts to Punk followed by punches. Henry stands on Punk’s chest. Del Rio tags in and he kicks Punk and gets a near fall. Del Rio charges into a boot in the corner but Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall.

Henry tags in and Punk with kicks but Henry regains control with a head butt. Del Rio is tagged back in and the problems from before the commercial appear to have disappeared. Del Rio with an arm bar. Punk and Del Rio with kicks and then they exchange punches that lead to boos and yays. Punk with a leg lariat and clothesline followed by a swinging neck breaker and then he kicks Henry in the head and Show with a savate kick to Henry that knocks him down.

Punk goes to the apron and Henry pushes Del Rio out of the way. Henry catches Punk and hits the World’s Strongest Slam. Show with a Pounce to Henry that sends him to the floor. Show runs into the ring post when Henry moves and Del Rio gets the three count.

Winners: Alberto Del Rio and Mark Henry

After the match, Del Rio puts Punk in the cross arm breaker but Punk does not tap. Show comes into the ring and Del Rio and Ricardo run away.