By Richard Trionfo on 2011-12-05 23:05:57

We are live from Tampa, Florida and your announcers are Michael ‘Big Cheddar’ Cole and Jerry ‘Six Seasons and a Movie’ Lawler.

John Cena makes his way to the ring and he might not be in a good mood because there are some people in the crowd who are booing him. John says hello to his current hometown crowd and he says that it is that time again. Cena says that last Monday was kind of interesting. He reminds us that he was on Piper’s Pit last week and he thanks Roddy for being a friend, for being a WWE Hall of Famer, and for being part of the WWE Universe. John points out that everyone tells him how they feel about him every week. Cena says that Piper told him how he felt last week.

Cena says that there is no show without all of the people in the stands. He says that it is pretty cut and dry. If they don’t watch, they don’t work. He says that everyone has the right to tell him what they think about him. Cena respects the people who boo him and he thanks the people for cheering for him.

Cena says that on certain circumstances he has heard people chant things like ‘Fruity Peebles’ and they oblige. Cena says that is the energy that Roddy Piper talked about. Cena says that he has been dealing with reactions like that since he got to the company. He says that what matters to him was the slap. Not Piper’s slap, but the slaps on the mat when CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio to retain the WWE Championship.

Cena says that he has respect for CM Punk, but he needs a number one contender. Cena says that the only thing that will be bigger than Cena versus the Rock at Wrestlemania is Cena versus Rock for the WWE Championship.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and he is without his music, his car, or his Ricardo. Alberto tells Cena that the title match is his.

Cena wants to know what part of ‘You Lost’ did Del Rio not get.

Del Rio says that the fans do not matter and they do not count. Last week, John Laurinaitis said that if CM Punk got intentionally disqualified he would be the WWE Champion. Alberto says that he has something to show to everyone.

We see footage from last week when Punk gave Del Rio snake eyes onto the exposed turnbuckle without the referee seeing it.

Del Rio points out that CM Punk cheated last week and he did it on purpose. Del Rio says that it is not his fault that the referee did not see it. Del Rio claims that he should be the WWE Champion.

Vickie Guerrero comes to the ring with Dolph Ziggler and she throws out a few excuse mes. She says that neither Cena nor Del Rio deserve a WWE Championship match. Vickie says that she is with the only person who deserves a title match and that is Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph asks Alberto and John if they disagree. Dolph asks them which one of them beat Randy Orton last week on Raw. Dolph asks which of them is the longest reigning champion. He asks which one of them will be the simultaneous WWE and US Champion.

Cena calls Dolph ‘The Show Off’ because of what he heard Cole say. Cena has a new name for Dolph. Cena suggests changing ‘show’ with ‘jerk’ and we have it done.

Dolph says that it is not showing off if you back it up every night.

Cena wonders why Dolph is not giving a title shot to the man who deserves a US Title Shot and he brings up Zack Ryder.

Dolph says that he wonders if beating a dead horse or overrated are trending now. He says that he is getting the next title match.

In case we needed another person to claim that they deserve a title match, Miz makes his way to the ring as we see what he has done to R Truth and John Morrison.

Miz throws out a few reallys and then he says that he has some news for everyone. Miz says that next week is the Slammys. He points out that he beat John Cena at Wrestlemania, his title reign lasted longer than a month, and he doesn’t need Vickie Guerrero to get a reaction. He also took care of R Truth and John Morrison. He is the 2010 Superstar of the Year and the man who should be the next WWE Champion.

John Laurinaitis comes out and he introduces himself to the people who fall asleep when he shows up on the screen. John says that he has been falsely accused of being a boring executive figurehead who cannot make creative decisions. John says that each of them will face a Smackdown superstar and if they win, they will be in the WWE Championship match at TLC. There is going to be a live contract signing tonight on Raw.

John says that he has a special match for Cena tonight. It is the ‘Social Experiment’. He tells John to see who his opponent is.

John wishes them all luck.

Match Number Two: Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez versus Daniel Bryan in an Alberto Del Rio has his chance to join Miz and CM Punk in the WWE Championship Match at TLC Match

They lock up and Del Rio backs Bryan into the corner and he kicks Bryan in the ribs and connects with shoulders in the corner and Bryan goes down to the mat. Del Rio with kicks to the ribs. Del Rio with a hard Irish whip and then he kicks Bryan in the ribs again. Bryan flips over Del Rio and then hits a flying forearm and both men are down. Bryan kicks Del Rio in the chest but Del Rio blocks a kick and then he punches Bryan.

Bryan with a boot and then he applies a guillotine choke but Del Rio is able to drop Bryan across the ropes to escape the hold. Del Rio with the float over into the cross arm breaker and Bryan taps.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

We go to commercial, but are you ready for the most electrifying thing in WWE, the contract signing?

We are back and Miz, Alberto Del Rio, and Ricardo Rodriguez are in the ring. John Laurinaitis makes his way to the ring (but he has no entrance music).

John says that it is exciting to be part of the WWE Universe and he talks about the excitement about the introduction of Brodus Clay, the Slammys, and Mark Henry versus John Cena which will take place next week on Raw.

It is time for CM Punk to make his way to the ring so he can do something inside the arena other than talk to Evan Bourne.

Punk moves the chair out of the way and he stares at his two opponents for the WWE Championship. Punk then moves the table and John wants to know what he is doing. Punk mentions that this is the biggest cliché in WWE because they always end up in a pier six brawl (which he hopes will trend on Twitter). There has not been a peaceful contract signing since Wrestlemania 3 so he tells John to play the part of Jack Tunney and then they can sign the contract and get fighting.

John says that he is all about excitement and the WWE Championship will be defended in a Triple Threat Table, Ladders, and Chairs Match.

Punk says that means he has to beat the guy he pinned last week and the guy who lost at Survivor Series, he is okay about that.

Miz wants to talk about what has happened since Survivor Series. He has taken out R Truth and John Morrison.

Punk asks if he took them out on a date. He wants to know where Miz took them. He suggests that he took them to see the new Twilight flick . . . not that there is anything wrong with that.

Miz says that he took them up to the stage and face planted them on the steel stage. Miz says that Morrison was even released as a result.

Laurinaitis wishes Morrison the best in his future endeavors.

Miz points out that those were friends of his at one point. Now he gets to face two people he does not like in a match where the WWE Championship is on the line. Miz says that he is the Most Must See WWE Champion of all time. At TLC he is going to take back what is his.

Punk says that was a lot of information and he agrees that they are not friends. He says that he does not have TMZ on speed dial to make sure that they meet him at LAX. Punk says that he concerns himself with being the best wrestler in the world.

Del Rio says that he is tired of hearing these two crying like little girls. He says that he has won everything in 2011. He won the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank, and the WWE Title. He is going to beat Punk again and there is nothing that Punk or Miz can do again.

Punk says that if Del Rio says that it is his destiny, he is going to start drinking.

Miz says that he might not like Del Rio and they are going to tear each other apart, but there is one thing that they can agree upon. It is that Punk will not be walking out WWE Champion.

Miz signs the contract, then Del Rio signs the contract. Del Rio tells Punk that he is going to lose.

Punk looks at the contract and wonders if they can get to fighting after he signs it. Punk signs the contract.

John says that the match is official. He wishes each of them good luck and then he is looking forward to the match so he wants a WWE photographer to capture the moment.

Punk refuses to join in and he says that even John’s contract signings are boring. They are supposed to be violent. Punk says that if you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself. Punk hits Miz and then Del Rio. Punk gets Ricardo up for the Go To Sleep but Del Rio attacks Punk. Del Rio picks up the chair and he throws it to the floor (instead of hitting Punk with it). Del Rio sets up the table and Miz hits Del Rio from behind. Punk with a knee to Del Rio and then he bulldogs Del Rio through the table. Punk gets Miz up for the Go To Sleep.