Destined for greatness

OAKLAND, Calif. – The arrogant Alberto Del Rio believes that it is his destiny to win the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVII. Tonight, the Mexican aristocrat took another step toward making this vision a reality by defeating Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston in the opening bout of WWE Elimination Chamber.

Although Kingston’s title was not on the line in this contest, Del Rio’s victory is proof that the privileged Superstar has what it takes to defeat a skilled champion on a major stage. It was a huge win for the 2011 Royal Rumble winner, but his triumph was nothing if not tainted.

From the opening bell, the underhanded competitor shamelessly avoided Kingston’s blistering offense, slipping out of the ring and running behind his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez at every turn. Only when the official was distracted would Del Rio strike with his typical illegal maneuvers, including grabbing handfuls of hair and slamming Kofi into the ring post. But in the end, the confident competitor stopped the Intercontinental Champion with his dangerous cross armbreaker and showed the WWE Universe that he belongs in the main event at WrestleMania.

Tonight’s loss was a disappointing one for Kingston. In the weeks leading up to this bout, the Intercontinental Champion had been antagonized by Del Rio time and again. The last straw came on Friday night when the Mexican aristocrat’s distraction caused Kingston to lose to The Miz. The explosive Superstar was primed to put Del Rio in his place tonight and came close on multiple occasions, but his opponent’s underhanded tactics were simply too much for him to overcome.

This anything-to-win mentality that Del Rio has displayed since his WWE debut in August of 2010 has made him a very dangerous — and successful — contender. But will it be enough for him to capture the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVII on Sunday, April 3? Win or lose, it will definitely be a match to remember — but you already knew that.