By Mike Johnson on 2011-05-01 22:49:00

They showed Alberto Del Rio trying to get Ricardo to announce him as the new champion just right.

Ladder Match to determine new World champion: Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

They battled back and forth at the bell. Del Rio got the better early. Big “Let’s go Christian” chant. Del Rio drilled Christian with a headbutt. He slammed Christian and went towards the outside. Christian stopped him and nailed a series of rights. Cole was giving Alberto credit for ending Edge’s career.

Christian went to the middle rope and came off with a flying back elbow. He went to the outside for a ladder but was cut off and slammed into the apron. Del Rio kicked Christian and kicked him under the ring. He grabbed a ladder but Christian emerged on the other side of the ring and nailed dropkick through the ropes on Del Rio.

Christian set the ladder up and began climbing it but Del Rio pulled his legs out from under him and Christian crashed to the mat. Del Rio started climbing up but Christian tipped the ladder. Del Rio landed on his feet and nailed an enziguri on Christian and worked him over with kicks.

Del Rio grabbed a ladder to nail Christian but as he lifted it overhead, Christian popped him in the face and backdropped him over the ropes. Christian grabbed a ladder but Del Rio tripped him up. Christian fell to the mat. Del Rio pulled him to the outside. Del Rio bridged a ladder between the ring and the announcing table. Del Rio tried to suplex Christian onto it but Christian slipped out and tried to catapult Del Rio. Del Rio kicked him off, sending Christian into the ring steps. You could see blood coming from the scrape on Christian’s back.

They battled back and forth. Christian went to the top but was shoved off by Del Rio, who was on the apron. Christian landed on a ladder set up on the outside and came off with a bodypress. Nice sequence. Christian started climbing a ladder in the middle but was cut off by Del Rio. Alberto slammed him head-first into the ladder.

Del Rio set up a ladder in the corner, wedging it under the top turnbuckle. He went to grab Christian, who fired back with a series of rights. Del Rio went for the Cross armbreaker but Christian slipped out and went for the Tomakaze. Del Rio slipped out but was flapjacked onto the ladder.

Alberto pulled himself up on the apron. Christian charged at him with a ladder, sending Alberto to the floor. Christian set up a ladder in the center of the ring and began pulling himself up. Del Rio threw another ladder at Christian, nailing him in the back. Ouch. Alberto drilled Christian off the ladder and began stomping the hell out of him. He locked in an armbar and yanked backward, trying to set him up for the cross armbreaker. He then slammed Christian’s arm into a ladder. Del Rio grabbed a smaller ladder and broke it down over Christian’s arm.

Del Rio set up the larger ladder in the corner and whipped Christian into it. He charged Christian with a smaller ladder but was drop toehold-ed into the corner, eating ladder. Christian set up the ladder and climbed up. Del Rio followed but was fought off. Christian tried to grab the belt but Del Rio grabbed him in a powerbomb attempt. Christian turned it into a rana and Del Rio ended up on the outside. He nailed Christian and tried to grab Christian to pull him out but was instead backdropped into the ring on one of the ladders.

Christian set up a ladder in the corner to drive it down on Del Rio but was instead nailed with a leaping enziguiri. Christian fell forward off the top, tumbling down with the ladder. That looked nasty. Del Rio set up the ladder and started ascending it. Christian shoved the ladder off but Del Rio landed on his feet and immediately took out Christian. Christian was sent to the floor. Ricardo grabbed a chair and handed it to Del Rio. He went to place it on Christian’s arm but was kicked off and hit his head on the ring post.

Inside the ring, Christian waited for Del Rio to recover and speared him. The place went nuts for the homage to Edge.

Christian set up the ladder and climbed up but Del Rio grabbed his legs and pulled him through, trapping him inside one of the rungs. Del Rio almost reached the belt but Christian pulled himself through and tipped the ladder. Del Rio crashed into the corner. Del Rio nailed Christian with a ladder as he charged him in the corner.

Del Rio set up Christian on the ladder that was bridged on the outide. He went for a back senton splash off the ropes but Christian moved. That was sick.

Christian made it to the top but Brodus Clay hit the ring and tipped the ladder. Christian was left dangling with the belt. Clay pulled him down. Clay tried to send Christian into a ladder but Christian slipped out and Clay ate the ladder. Christian nailed him with the smaller ladder, sending him to the floor. Christian then turned into a kick from Del Rio and was locked into a rolling armbreaker. Christian was bleeding at this point and went to the floor. I think they were cleaning him up as it wasn’t a planned deal.

Del Rio set up the ladder and made it to the top only to be distracted by Edge driving a jeep into the Arena, honking the horn. Del Rio was distracted and Christian tipped him over, sending him into Clay and Ricardo on the floor. Del Rio almost got caught up in the ropes, which could have been a disaster. Edge ran to ringside. Christian climbed to the top and pulled down the World title.

Your winner and new World champion, Christian!

An excellent ladder match.

Christian looked like the happiest man in the world when he won the belt. He celebrated on the top of the ladder and then embraced Edge when he made his way back to the ring. Edge left to allow his best friend to have the moment. Christian was crying in the ring as he celebrated.;=2