Alberto Del Rio def. Big Show

BY Kara A. Medalis June 19, 2011

WASHINGTON D.C. – Hungry for payback, Big Show only had one thing on his mind entering Capitol Punishment – not only defeating, but decimating Alberto Del Rio. Despite his fierce determination, The World’s Largest Athlete lost to The Mexican Aristocrat after a fuming mad Mark Henry shockingly attacked Big Show, leaving him unable to fully compete when forced to face a merciless Del Rio.

Tired of being mocked, taunted and still seething – after Ricardo Rodriguez “accidentally” hit him with one of Del Rio’s luxury automobiles, which sidelined him for weeks Big Show entered Capitol Punishment with a ferocious intensity. Less than a week after he destroyed Rodriguez on Raw, the giant sought retribution against Del Rio – the payback he wasn’t able to attain on SmackDown.

Before their match at Capitol Punishment even began, Big Show viciously attacked The Mexican Aristocrat from behind, dragging him toward the ring, tossing him into the barriers. Just when it seemed Big Show would get his retribution, Henry emerged and surprised Big Show with an attack from behind. The World’s Strongest Man sought revenge for the beat down he suffered during Big Show’s rampage on SmackDown.

Next, Henry viciously splashed Big Show through the announce table as Del Rio watched, then returned to further punish him, focusing on the knee that was injured when he was hit by Del Rio’s automobile. The Mexican Aristocrat asked for his hand to be raised in victory, begging the official to start the count as Big Show tended to his knee outside of the ring. However, when asked by the official if he was willing to compete, the fallen giant bravely complied.

The attack by Henry left Big Show somewhat able to compete, but he favored his knee throughout the match, never allowing him to fully focus on his opponent. Del Rio locked in a brutal kneebar on Big Show’s leg, causing more pain to the giant. The official ended the match due to Big Show’s inability to compete in the match, allowing Del Rio to steal the victory.

Will an incensed Big Show dare seek retribution again against Del Rio? Will The Mexican Aristocrat find a way to fend off The World’s Largest Athlete another time? Tune in to Friday Night SmackDown on Syfy at 8/7 CT.