By Richard Trionfo on 2011-07-17 22:49:59

Welcome to’s live coverage of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Money in the Bank pay per view. The pay per view comes to you from Chicago, Illinois and your announcers are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Booker T.

Match Number Four: Raw Money in the Bank Match: (Alberto Del Rio, Alex Riley, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Miz, R Truth, and Rey Mysterio)

Everyone brings their own ladder to the ring and everyone goes after Del Rio and Del Rio is sent to the floor. Miz goes after Riley while Rey and Bourne battle with their ladders. Swagger throws a ladder on Del Rio followed by Bourne, Kofi, and Rey. Miz hits Rey with the ladder and then he sends Rey onto Del Rio.

Swagger throws a ladder but misses and then Riley sends Swagger to the apron. Riley throws a ladder at Swagger and it knocks Swagger to the floor. Truth and Miz battle with their small ladders but Swagger comes in and takes care of both men. Kofi and Bourne climb onto the ladder Swagger brought in but it isn’t big enough to reach the case. Truth does a split under the ladder but they hit Truth with it. Rey leaps off the ladder and he sends Swagger over the top with a head scissors. Riley with an atomic drop to Truth onto the side of the ladder followed by a kick to the head.

Riley gets the small ladder and he sets it up but he is about six feet too low. Miz stops Riley but Riley hits Miz with the ladder and it sends Miz to the floor. Riley with a plancha onto Miz and Swagger. Truth does a split followed by a flip dive onto Miz, Riley, and Swagger. Kofi and Rey go up top onto the four men on the floor and both hit cross bodies.

Evan Bourne climbs a ladder on the floor and he hits a shooting star press onto the six men on the floor while Alberto Del Rio is still nowhere to be found. Evan Bourne sets up a larger ladder in the ring and he climbs the ladder but Miz stops Bourne on top. Bourne with a round kick to the head but Miz stays on the ladder. Miz and Bourne have their hands on the case and Del Rio knocks them both off and Miz holds his knee in pain.

Miz is being checked on by the trainers while Del Rio climbs the ladder. Truth is behind Del Rio and he pulls Alberto off the ladder. Truth climbs the ladder and so does Del Rio. They exchange punches and Bourne and Rey climb over Del Rio and Truth. Bourne has the ladder but Rey stops him. Truth and Del Rio pull Bourne and Rey off the ladder but Bourne and Rey with stereo hurricanranas. Swagger with a clothesline to Rey and Kofi leap frogs over Swagger onto the ladder. Swagger puts Kofi in the ankle lock while Kofi is on the ladder.

Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, Riley climbs the ladder and Swagger stops him. Truth pushes the ladder over and Swagger and Riley hit the rope and they go down. Truth grabs a ladder and he wedges it in the corner. Rey slams Truth’s head into the ladder. Rey punches Truth and then Truth with a drop kick into the ladder that pins Rey in the corner. Truth goes on top of the ladder in the corner and he picks up Rey but Truth falls off the ladder. Kofi slams Rey’s head into the ladder in the corner and then Kofi hits a Boom Drop off the top turnbuckle onto Truth and he pushes Truth out of the ring. Kofi pulls himself up to avoid a dive by Alberto Del Rio and Alberto goes to the floor. Rey hits a 619 using the ladder on Kofi.

Swagger hits Rey with a ladder. Truth climbs the ladder and he kicks it into Swagger’s face. Rey hits a traditional 619 on Truth. Rey sets up another ladder next to the one in the center of the ring and this one is a big larger. Riley and Rey climb the ladder and then Bourne uses the other ladder. Riley and Rey knock Bourne off the ladder. Rey and Riley have their hands on the ladder but they stop each other. Del Rio kicks Swagger off the apron.

Bourne climbs another ladder and he kicks and punches Riley. Del Rio climbs another ladder and Swagger pulls Del Rio off. Everyone has their hands on the case as seven men fight for the case on their own ladders. Rey knocks Del Rio off and he hits the ladder in the corner. Swagger is the next one knocked off.

Riley pushes Bourne off and he hits the floor. Rey punches Riley and so do Truth and Kofi. Riley falls off the ladder and goes to the floor. Rey and Kofi knock Truth off the ladders. Kofi knocks Rey off the ladder. Swagger stops Kofi from unhooking the case. Kofi knocks Swagger off and Kofi falls off the ladder as well and he inadvertently hits a leg drop on Swagger.

Miz hobbles to the ring and he climbs the ladder but Rey stops him and slams his leg into the ladder. Rey with a sunset flip power bomb to Miz off the ladder. Rey climbs the ladder but Del Rio grabs Rey before Rey can unhook the case. Rey kicks Del Rio off but Del Rio climbs the other side of the ladder and he punches Rey. Rey hits Del Rio in the head with the case but Del Rio stops Rey and he pushes Rey off but Rey lands on another ladder, but Rey has been unmasked.

Del Rio falls to the mat and then he throws the mask out of the ring. Del Rio climbs the ladder and he unhooks the case to win the match.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

We see a video for Wrestlemania 28 in Miami.

We have a video package for the World Heavyweight Title Match between Randy Orton and Christian.

Alberto Del Rio is interviewed by Josh Mathews. Alberto says that he does not know why he was in Money in the Bank because he won the Triple Threat Match to become the Number One Contender. Del Rio says that he proved to everyone how great he is. Josh asks Alberto if it was his destiny. Alberto says this was just a formality and his destiny is to become the new WWE Champion.

After the match, Punk celebrates with the WWE Title belt while Vince McMahon is stunned at the result.

Vince McMahon comes to the announce table and he tells them to cut the music. Vince wants Alberto Del Rio to come out.

Del Rio comes to the ring and Punk punches Del Rio before he can cash in the case.

Punk goes into the crowd with the title belt and Vince has no idea what to do. Punk holds up the title belt at the top of the concourse as we go to credits.