Old school, new tricks

November 15, 2010

HERSHEY, Pa. – Who needs a DeLorean that can hit 88 mph to travel back in time? Instead, Raw kicked off Old School night with a battalion of WWE Alumni and Hall of Famers. And although the classic Raw graphics and ring ropes were evident, there was still a lot of brand new developments leading up to this Sunday’s Survivor Series.

Alberto Del Rio def. Sgt. Slaughter

A Superstar badmouths the good ol’ U.S. of A. long enough and they’ll have Sgt. Slaughter raining down shock and awe. After being introduced by Tito Santana and accompanied to the ring by Chavo Guerrero Sr., Alberto Del Rio began spouting yet another anti-American tirade. Sarge was quickly all over him like camo on a corporal, challenging the Mexican elitist to a match. Although Slaughter ran him through an obstacle course of hurt, the moneyed Mexican still managed to overcome and emerge victorious. In the wake of Del Rio’s win, MVP rushed in to aid Sarge and chase off the Mexican menace.